Missouri State Senate
Senate Summaries on House Bills
HB 0893 - Modifies provisions relating to the filing of reports with the Missouri Ethics Commission
HB 0898 - (Truly Agreed) Uniformed employees of Highway Patrol may purchase weapon and badge upon retirement
HB 0922 - Revises requirements of lawful fences
HB 0927 - (Truly Agreed) Pertaining to the regulation of lobbying
HB 0931 - (Truly Agreed) Allows for disposal of hazardous materials and other property seized in criminal investigations
HB 0944 - (Truly Agreed) Deletes language allowing removal of county clerk by county commission
HB 0948 - (Truly Agreed) Historic Route 66 shall be renamed as such
HB 0950 - (Truly Agreed) Production of wine grapes eligible for agricultural development loans
HB 0955 - (Truly Agreed) Changes procedures for selecting school district banks
HB 0957 - (Truly Agreed) Merchandising practices by distributors of intoxicating liquor
HB 0964 - Requires insurance coverage for services provided by certain medical personnel
HB 0968 - (Truly Agreed) State teacher training colleges shall offer courses in first aid and CPR
HB 0971 - (Truly Agreed) Affects Juvenile Court personnel, MOHEFA and certain retirement systems
HB 0976 - St. Louis City: Teacher and principal tenure, student "bill of rights"
HB 0977 - (Truly Agreed) Expands lead abatement and rehabilitation of property
HB 0986 - (Truly Agreed) Disposition of certain nonmaterial public records
HB 0987 - (Truly Agreed) Revises marriage procedures
HB 0996 - (Truly Agreed) Architects with valid Candadian licensed may be licenses in Missouri
HB 0998 - Prohibition of the tattooing and body piercing of minors without parent consent
HB 1001 - (Truly Agreed) Public debt appropriations
HB 1002 - (Truly Agreed) Elementary and secondary education appropriations
HB 1003 - (Truly Agreed) Higher education appropriations
HB 1004 - (Truly Agreed) Revenue and Transportation appropriations
HB 1005 - (Truly Agreed) Office of Administration and certain Transportation Dept. appropriations
HB 1006 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources
HB 1007 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for Economic Development, Insurance and Labor and Industrial Relations
HB 1008 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for Public Safety
HB 1009 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for Corrections
HB 1010 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for Mental Health and Health
HB 1011 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for Social Services
HB 1012 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for state elected officials, judiciary and general assembly
HB 1013 - (Truly Agreed) Leasing
HB 1014 - (Truly Agreed) Supplemental Appropriations
HB 1020 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations
HB 1021 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriates money for capital improvements
HB 1033 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies survivor option percentages and deferred allowance provisions under LAGERS
HB 1037 - Changes in ownership of dealerships of agricultural and power equipment
HB 1038 - (Truly Agreed) Regulates gas/electric utilities and entities that sell related equipment in affiliation with utility
HB 1043 - (Truly Agreed) Social security numbers shall be kept confidential
HB 1046 - (Truly Agreed) Allows free criminal background checks for homeless veterans
HB 1051 - Sovereign Immunity
HB 1052 - (Truly Agreed) Revises Workfare Renovation Projects-Kansas City and St. Louis
HB 1055 - (Truly Agreed) Regulates franchising practices of motorcycle and all-terrain vehicles franchisors
HB 1059 - Permits loan fees for financial institutions; surveyors and notaries
HB 1066 - (Truly Agreed) Perfection of security interests under Article 8 of the Commercial Code
HB 1080 - (Truly Agreed) Clarifies commercial casualty insurance law
HB 1084 - Requires proof of selective service registration for state employment or scholarships
HB 1088 - (Truly Agreed) Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education shall assess literacy of blind students
HB 1090 - (Truly Agreed) Allows immediate employment of insurance executive by Dept. of Insurance
HB 1091 - Gives pay raises to the Kansas City police department
HB 1092 - (Truly Agreed) Podiatrists may certify persons for disabled license plates
HB 1095 - (Truly Agreed) Revises provisions of Sunshine Law
HB 1097 - Excludes funeral expenses from asset consideration in public assistance
HB 1102 - Person who murders a child 12 or younger is eligible for death penalty
HB 1103 - (Truly Agreed) Provides exceptions to the 1997 changes to the durable power of attorney laws
HB 1107 - (Truly Agreed) Clarifies that a trustee is entitled to reasonable compensation
HB 1113 - (Truly Agreed) Allows certain counties to impose property tax to improve roads
HB 1117 - Allows cities to authorize local sales tax for law enforcement purposes
HB 1120 - (Truly Agreed) Increases the limit on employees' and officials' business transactions with political subdivisions
HB 1126 - Digital Signatures Act; execution of contracts by facsimile signature
HB 1136 - Requires General Assembly notification of nursing home violations
HB 1143 - Creates wireless service provider enhanced 911 board in the Dept. of Public Safety
HB 1144 - Increases penalties for failure to comply with the federal Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act
HB 1145 - (Truly Agreed) Changes laws on publication of legal notices by newspapers
HB 1147 - (Truly Agreed) Enhances drug laws against methamphetamine and other drugs
HB 1148 - (Truly Agreed) Revises the Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund
HB 1149 - Cities or counties may exempt certain food items from local sales tax
HB 1157 - (Truly Agreed) Allows Community Service Commission to solicit grants and donations
HB 1158 - (Truly Agreed) Governance of and expenditure for local parks
HB 1160 - (Truly Agreed) Exempts motor vehicle rental policies having insurance aspects from insurance regulation
HB 1161 - (Truly Agreed) Enhances protection of drinking water and other water resources
HB 1162 - (Truly Agreed) Creates the Jim Sears Leadership Scholarship Program at Truman State University
HB 1167 - Inmates shall be put in administrative segregation for up to 3 years for assault on Corrections employee
HB 1189 - (Truly Agreed) Fees for loan prepayments and collection actions
HB 1197 - Establishes the Family Development Account Program
HB 1198 - Revises licensing procedures for insurance agents and brokers
HB 1201 - (Truly Agreed) Allows neighborhood assistance funds to be used for trans- portation services for elderly and disabled persons
HB 1216 - (Truly Agreed) Extends reinstatement period for corporations
HB 1226 - (Truly Agreed) Allows a family court administrator to appoint the superintendent of a detention facility
HB 1228 - (Truly Agreed) Non-domestic partnerships' membership in a limited liability company does not constitute transacting business
HB 1229 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies state deferred compensation matching amount for state employees
HB 1237 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies provisions of workers' compensation law
HB 1239 - Victims of certain crimes may attend all proceedings, regardless whether they are also a witness
HB 1240 - (Truly Agreed) Missouri Wine Marketing and Research
HB 1258 - Authorizes different tax credits for child care for both individuals and employers providing child care
HB 1265 - (Truly Agreed) School Building Revolving Fund forfeiture proceeds to be placed in the Agriculture Department
HB 1272 - (Truly Agreed) Springfield school board members to serve three-year terms
HB 1273 - Modifies provisions of election law
HB 1274 - (Truly Agreed) Relates to local authority over Head Start programs
HB 1293 - Prohibits appointment of office holders and county employees to county board of equalization
HB 1299 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies provisions of the Kansas City Public School Retirement System
HB 1300 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies licensing of and liens on motor vehicles
HB 1301 - (Truly Agreed) Changes Revenue Department tax collection procedures
HB 1302 - (Truly Agreed) Relating to certain health care providers, services, and insurers
HB 1304 - (Truly Agreed) Allows board of alderpersons in fourth class cities to set compensation of the park board
HB 1309 - (Truly Agreed) Merger of domestic subsidiary without shareholder election
HB 1315 - Health insurance coverage mandates for cancer, ob/gyns and mastectomies
HB 1317 - Numerous changes for motor vehicle operation and enforcement
HB 1322 - Revises definition of maintenance drugs
HB 1323 - (Truly Agreed) Credit union membership
HB 1352 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies city regulations of use of real and personal property
HB 1357 - (Truly Agreed) Adds ketamine to list of Schedule IV controlled substances
HB 1363 - Governing boards of state colleges and Universities/estab- lishes faculty reps., student reps. may attend all meetings
HB 1369 - (Truly Agreed) Extends liability exemption to negligent acts by a person assisting an oil spill response
HB 1374 - (Truly Agreed) Insurers must notify policy holder of interest due on loan against insurance policy
HB 1380 - Allows third class counties to adopt and enforce building codes
HB 1381 - Allows certain persons in federal serivce to vote by internet
HB 1385 - (Truly Agreed) Changes election date for Public Water Supply Districts
HB 1405 - (Truly Agreed) Provides for civil commitment of sexually violent predators; amends registration of offender laws
HB 1410 - (Truly Agreed) Issuance of handicapped license plates
HB 1412 - Establishes an advisory committee to study small employer health insurance
HB 1419 - (Truly Agreed) Relates to blood tests for pregnant women
HB 1434 - (Truly Agreed) Revises license plate laws
HB 1441 - Bans partial birth abortions as second degree murder
HB 1444 - Requires court date when summons is issued in certain land- lords and tenants suits
HB 1454 - Modifies description of St. Louis in police and firemen's retirement systems
HB 1455 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies provisions of several public employee retirement systems
HB 1468 - (Truly Agreed) Cities may not impose business fees on insurance professionals without a local office
HB 1469 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies teacher certification/decertification procedures and allows school districts to make certain fund transfers
HB 1473 - Comprehensive Emergency Medical Services Systems Act
HB 1476 - (Truly Agreed) Limits fees charged by Revenue Department collecting contributions to Meals on Wheels
HB 1480 - (Truly Agreed) Specifies how certain funds may be used by the county recorder
HB 1489 - Revises the lead abatement program
HB 1506 - (Truly Agreed) Public Service Commission shall regulate changes of telecommunications services or provider
HB 1507 - Allows Director of Revenue to increase or decrease filing and payment requirements for certain taxes
HB 1508 - (Truly Agreed) Clarifies law regarding calculation of minimum prison terms
HB 1510 - (Truly Agreed) Revises Unclaimed Property Law
HB 1511 - (Truly Agreed) Changes the definition of local log truck
HB 1519 - (Truly Agreed) Revenue in the Gaming Commission Fund to be used for various purposes, including early childhood education
HB 1525 - Access to Conservation records, preparation of wild game dinners
HB 1526 - (Truly Agreed) Revises laws regarding pawnbrokers and secured interests
HB 1528 - (Truly Agreed) Changes duties of sheriffs
HB 1531 - (Truly Agreed) Reduces amount of time county collectors have to collect delinquent personal property taxes from 5 years to 3
HB 1536 - (Truly Agreed) Reporting and licensing of impaired drivers
HB 1537 - Provides employment protection for public assistance recipients
HB 1556 - (Truly Agreed) Expands the child protection system to the entire state
HB 1562 - (Truly Agreed) Authorizes sale of surplus Highway Patrol vehicles to political subdivisions
HB 1564 - Authorization of water pollution bonds
HB 1566 - Allows triple damages for injuries resulting from certain crimes involving controlled substances
HB 1569 - Modifies various shareholder requirements and corporate operations
HB 1571 - (Truly Agreed) Requires fiduciaries to comply with Missouri Prudent Investor Act
HB 1578 - (Truly Agreed) Clarifies certain provisions in metropolitan park and museum district statutes
HB 1586 - (Truly Agreed) Allows certain counties to contract with private attorneys in non-prosecutorial roles
HB 1587 - (Truly Agreed) O'Fallon authorized to impose 5% tourism tax
HB 1588 - (Truly Agreed) Revises amount of insurance premium taxes transferred to the Fire Education Fund
HB 1596 - (Truly Agreed) Applies highway corridor preservation to more counties
HB 1599 - (Truly Agreed) Allows reduced early benefits for surviving spouses and part time work for members in county employees' retirement system
HB 1600 - (Truly Agreed) Technical changes to commercial feed law
HB 1601 - (Truly Agreed) Regulation of certain professions
HB 1607 - Modifies reemployment provisions regarding LAGERS members
HB 1609 - (Truly Agreed) Salaries for St. Louis police
HB 1620 - (Truly Agreed) Division of Tourism Supplemental Revenue Fund
HB 1622 - (Truly Agreed) Revises Public Water Supply District Formation Law
HB 1626 - Shortens the time limit for the release of a lien on a motor vehicle
HB 1627 - Requires Supreme Court to set guidelines for educational programs in divorce proceedings
HB 1636 - (Truly Agreed) Authorizes Community Improvement Districts
HB 1643 - Expands the buyer's guide for long-term care insurance
HB 1656 - (Truly Agreed) Allows various tax credits for small businesses in distressed communities
HB 1668 - (Truly Agreed) Clarifies use of defibrillators by emergency personnel
HB 1681 - (Truly Agreed) Revises the authority of the Missouri Department of Transportation
HB 1683 - (Truly Agreed) Revises alternative education placement hearings
HB 1684 - Establishes the Family Care Safety Registry and Access line
HB 1694 - (Truly Agreed) Creates programs to assist students to obtain a college education
HB 1698 - Allows sales tax in fire protection district, or in any municipality containing such district
HB 1704 - Procedure for University of Missouri to transfer natural resources
HB 1705 - (Truly Agreed) Deliveries to retailer by liquor wholesaler
HB 1707 - (Truly Agreed) State moneys can be invested in standby letters of credit
HB 1718 - (Truly Agreed) State-owned veterans cemeteries to be used by veterans and dependents
HB 1730 - (Truly Agreed) Children of handicapped parents under age 16 may drive with other licensed operators
HB 1734 - (Truly Agreed) Allows counties to permit advance payment of property taxes in installments
HB 1736 - Creates the Family Investment Trust Act
HB 1737 - Provides employers with immunity for providing certain employee information to prospective employers
HB 1744 - (Truly Agreed) Exempts ROTH IRA benefits from execution and attachment
HB 1747 - (Truly Agreed) Conveyance of property to the Fort Zumwalt R-II School District
HB 1748 - (Truly Agreed) Allows children between 14 and 16 years of age to work at regional fairs and expositions
HB 1749 - Revises the inspection requirements for long-term care facilities
HB 1763 - Modifies certain provisions of Public School Retirement System and Non Teacher Retirement System
HB 1779 - (Truly Agreed) Forcible compulsion in rape and sodomy cases includes drugging of victim; prohibits counterfeiting of merchandise
HB 1783 - Signs for museums and attractions to be allowed on highway rights-of-way
HB 1791 - (Truly Agreed) Ratification of Mid-America Port Commission Agreement
HB 1794 - (Truly Agreed) Expands the authorized use of mortgage insurance
HB 1799 - Enhances penalty for prior domestic abusers guilty of 3rd deg. assault/reporting homicides involving domestic violence
HB 1802 - (Truly Agreed) Commercial vehicle inspectors may check for mandatory insurance
HB 1805 - (Truly Agreed) Conveyance of certain state property
HB 1807 - (Truly Agreed) Nominating petition requirements for candidates of certain city offices
HB 1822 - (Truly Agreed) Institutes federal mandates relating to the adoption and placement of children
HB 1834 - Allows Jefferson County to provide office space for its probate division
HB 1836 - Makes various changes to custody, visitation and child support laws
HB 1837 - (Truly Agreed) Allows county collectors to place property tax in escrow upon notification of appeal
HB 1847 - (Truly Agreed) Excludes a certain fire protection district from audit procedures
HB 1856 - (Truly Agreed) Requires uniform measurement for taxi meters
HB 1859 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies cotton growers assessment law
HB 1862 - (Truly Agreed) Prohibits removal or moving land survey monuments or markers except by a Registered Land Surveyor
HB 1869 - Authority of the trustees of a Soil and Water Conservation Subdistrict
HB 1876 - (Truly Agreed) Removes Commodity Merchandising Program from state funds
HB 1880 - (Truly Agreed) Civil immunity given with regard to airbag on-off switches
HB 1891 - (Truly Agreed) Allows carrying of concealed firearms
HB 1905 - (Truly Agreed) Changes composition of a museum district board in Springfield
HB 1907 - (Truly Agreed) Clarifies duty of health care providers to conduct employee criminal background checks
HB 1918 - (Truly Agreed) Removes defense of marriage to charge of sexual assault or deviant sexual assault; revises adoption laws
HB 1928 - (Truly Agreed) Exempts some residential lots over ten acres from state septic tank regulations
HCR 001 - Relating to the State of the Judiciary address
HCR 002 - Relating to the State of the State address
HCR 003 - State Tax Commission proposed agricultural and horticultural land values for the 1999 and 2000 assessment
HCR 008 - Creates the Harry S Truman Commission
HCR 009 - Names Highway 21 "The Veterans Memorial Highway and names a portion of Highway 21 The Korean War Memorial Highway
HCR 010 - State Department of Education promote the use of the Eddie Eagle Elementary Gun Safety Education Program
HCR 020 - Renames the State Information Center The James C. Kirkpatrick State Information Center
HJR 026 - Use of forfeiture proceeds for schools and law
HJR 032 - Issuance of bonds for water pollution and stormwater control
HJR 039 - (Truly Agreed) Authorizes General Assembly to permit raffles and sweep- stakes if conducted by not-for-profit organizations
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