Missouri State Senate
Senate Summaries on House Bills
HB 1074 - Authorizes bonds for water pollution and stormwater control; sewer line fees
HB 1076 - Raises minimum teacher salaries, creates a grant program, modifies school testing, affects school financing
HB 1077 - (Truly Agreed) Repeals authorization to the City of Cameron for planning and zoning in unincorporated areas
HB 1082 - (Truly Agreed) Requires approval by the General Assembly of certain federal land acquisitions through eminent domain or condemnation
HB 1085 - (Truly Agreed) Exempts certain mental health facilities and programs from licensure
HB 1097 - (Truly Agreed) Revises civil liability for trespass
HB 1101 - (Truly Agreed) Public debt appropriations
HB 1102 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriates money for the State Board of Education and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
HB 1103 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for Higher Education
HB 1104 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the Departments of Revenue and Transportation
HB 1105 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the Office of Administration
HB 1106 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the Departments of Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources
HB 1107 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the Departments of Economic Development, Insurance and Labor and Industrial Relations
HB 1108 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the Department of Public Safety
HB 1109 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the Department of Corrections
HB 1110 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the Departments of Mental Health/Health; the Bd. of Public Buildings and MO Health Facilities Review
HB 1111 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the Department of Social Services
HB 1112 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations: Public Officers; General Assembly; Judges
HB 1113 - (Truly Agreed) To appropriate money for real property leases, related services, utilities, and systems furniture
HB 1114 - (Truly Agreed) Supplemental appropriations
HB 1120 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriates for planning, expenses and capital improvements
HB 1121 - (Truly Agreed) Reappropriations Bill
HB 1122 - (Truly Agreed) Supplemental appropriations
HB 1142 - (Truly Agreed) Removes fee for a special permit to move oversized loads and requires the repurchasing of certain farm equipment
HB 1144 - Provides certain consumer protections for home owners against home solicitors
HB 1159 - Makes numerous changes to the income taxes
HB 1172 - Regulates unsolicited telephone sales calls and electronic mail messages
HB 1185 - (Truly Agreed) Authorizes conveyance of certain Lincoln University property to Jefferson City and part of Mexico Veterans Home property
HB 1186 - (Truly Agreed) Authorizes Governor to convey certain property in Cole County which is part of Church Farm Correctional Facility
HB 1215 - Changes in statutory provisions dealing with computer crimes
HB 1238 - (Truly Agreed) Numerous changes concerning urban affairs, taxation and economic programs
HB 1242 - Changes various provisions dealing with licensing professions, endowed care cemeteries and personal services
HB 1254 - Regulations for bail bondsmen, surety recovery agents and private investigators
HB 1284 - (Truly Agreed) Fees for ambulance district board members
HB 1289 - (Truly Agreed) Gives local street departments right to copies of law enforcement accident and incident reports
HB 1292 - Makes several changes to insurance law
HB 1305 - Numerous changes to local government, economic development, cemetery, waste-handling and housing law
HB 1321 - (Truly Agreed) Adopts Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision
HB 1326 - Increases penalties for violations of utility laws
HB 1353 - (Truly Agreed) Opens coroner's reports to any person involved in a fatal accident
HB 1363 - (Truly Agreed) Enacts the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Compact and repeals an earlier compact
HB 1374 - Changes rules concerning when local governments may impose certain fees on court cases
HB 1376 - (Truly Agreed) Allows the tour of state facilities by new members of the General Assembly to be any time of the year
HB 1386 - (Truly Agreed) Prohibits financial exploitation of an elderly or disabled person
HB 1396 - (Truly Agreed) Revises higher education laws
HB 1428 - (Truly Agreed) Establishes a memorial on the Capitol grounds for workers killed or injured on the job in the state
HB 1434 - (Truly Agreed) Regulation of amusement ride providers
HB 1443 - Creates several new exemptions; a tax holiday and a Revenue Department Oversight Board
HB 1452 - (Truly Agreed) Payments to Holocaust survivors exempted from tax and from determination of eligibility for public assistance
HB 1454 - (Truly Agreed) Redefines an existing sales tax credit for certain food processors
HB 1464 - Regulates the sale of funeral merchandise
HB 1465 - Points assessed for federal convictions; intermediate license insurance laws revised
HB 1472 - Creates Juvenile Information Governance Commission; authorizes sharing of information
HB 1481 - Revises the Missouri Title Insurance Act
HB 1486 - (Truly Agreed) Allows community colleges to share cost of certain expenses which currently the state must pay
HB 1489 - Requires children to receive additional immunizations unless appropriate objections are made
HB 1499 - Changes law concerning liquor licenses and payment of license fees and laws governing certain licensed resorts
HB 1506 - Establishes the Missouri Tobacco Settlement Trust Fund
HB 1509 - (Truly Agreed) Technical changes to unlawful merchandising law
HB 1544 - (Truly Agreed) Clarifies a not-for-profit statute that limits corporate distributions
HB 1566 - Revises numerous economic development programs
HB 1568 - (Truly Agreed) Allows tests of certain mothers for syphilis and establishes the Office on Women's Health
HB 1579 - Clarifies the procedure for remittance of fees for liquor licenses
HB 1591 - (Truly Agreed) Allows a nursing home administrator to retire his or her license
HB 1596 - (Truly Agreed) Designates which financial institutions may hold certain assets not exclusively controlled by insurance companies
HB 1597 - Amends the bonding requirements for surplus line insurance brokers' licenses
HB 1603 - Revises the motor vehicle franchise law
HB 1604 - (Truly Agreed) Authorizes the conveyance of certain state property
HB 1615 - Modifies various provisions relating to protection of the elderly
HB 1631 - (Truly Agreed) Pertains to trade practices for the sale of beer and nonintoxicating beer
HB 1644 - Revises Public School Retirement System and Non-Teachers Retirement System
HB 1647 - (Truly Agreed) Allows the city of North Kansas City to establish a reserve fund
HB 1652 - Regulates sale of tobacco products
HB 1659 - (Truly Agreed) Authorizes sales and tourism taxes for certain cities and counties
HB 1677 - (Truly Agreed) Amends or creates various domestic violence and criminal reporting laws
HB 1698 - Increases compensation for St. Louis City Police Officers
HB 1706 - Expands allowable costs under the Brownfield program and provides for a demolition tax credit
HB 1711 - Requires participating pharmacies in the Medicaid program to provide Medicare prescriptions at the Medicaid rate
HB 1728 - Revises how Office of Administration makes purchases and requires agencies to provide services via the Internet
HB 1737 - Requires long-term health care insurers to identify whether policies are tax qualified
HB 1739 - (Truly Agreed) Allows life insurers to invest in federal home loan banks and requires Insurance Dept. to issue life valuation rules
HB 1742 - (Truly Agreed) Authorizes the issuance of $2 billion in bonds to finance road and bridge construction
HB 1762 - Promotes the marketing of Missouri agricultural products
HB 1768 - Allows certain county to have full-time prosecutor
HB 1797 - (Truly Agreed) Creates the Insurance Identification Database Fund and modifies other laws relating to motor vehicles
HB 1802 - (Truly Agreed) Allows mortgage insurance for up to one hundred percent of the market value of the property
HB 1808 - (Truly Agreed) Certain pension benefits and compensation
HB 1811 - Revises various county planning and zoning provisions
HB 1841 - Designates kudzu, cut-leaved teasel and common teasel as noxious weeds
HB 1848 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies provisions relating to the licensing of certain health practitioners
HB 1875 - Allows state to withhold moneys from political subdivisions until costs of an audit are paid
HB 1881 - Includes all principal arterial roads in the City of St. Louis in the state road system for maintenance purposes
HB 1888 - Creates a student loan repayment assistance program for teachers
HB 1923 - Revises National Guard Scholarship Program, creates tax holiday
HB 1927 - Revises water pollution permit requirements and permit fees
HB 1946 - Prohibits the delay or denial of a child's placement in an adoptive home based on race, color or national origin
HB 1948 - (Truly Agreed) Changes law regarding permits for concrete pump trucks, length limits for dromedary units and auto insurance
HB 1961 - Prohibits stealing of pets and creates The Missing and Stolen Pet Registry
HB 1967 - (Truly Agreed) Modification to St. Louis County Boundary Commission statutes
HB 2011 - Calculation of real property tax rates in all counties
HCR 001 - Setting procedure for the State of the Judiciary address
HCR 002 - Setting procedure for the State of the State address
HCR 004 - Establishes a joint interim committee to study an eye disease called macular degeneration
HCR 010 - Directs the department of insurance to promulgate regulations governing the valuation of life insurance
HCR 017 - Renames a Kansas City stretch of I-70 from the Blue Ridge Cut Off to Hwy. 291 the "Derrick Thomas Memorial Highway"
HCR 022 - Approves the state lottery commission's plan to implement the option of lump sum payments for pre-October 21, 1998
HCR 027 - Urges the United States Congress to provide lifetime health insurance benefits to military retirees over the age of
HCR 028 - Declares June 3, 2000, as "KC 150 Day" to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Kansas City
HCR 029 - Denounces the U.S. Department of Energy's decision to route nuclear waste through Missouri on I-70
HCR 034 - Allows the Committee on Legislative Research to prepare the 2000 Session Laws
HJR 043 - Allows approval of school bond issues by simple majority in most elections
HJR 061 - Tobacco settlement funds are not total state revenues; designates uses
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