Missouri State Senate
Senate Bills - 1999 Session
Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed

SB 0001 - (Schneider) - Changes laws on judges, jurors and civil and criminal procedure
SB 0007 - (Banks) - Reauthorizes the Comm. on the Special Health, Psychological and Social Needs of Minority Older Individuals
SB 0008 - (Banks) - Establishes public health programs and; authorizes long-term care tax credits
SB 0010 - (Scott) - Establishes the Mark McGwire Highway
SB 0012 - (Russell) - Allows trainers of guide dogs, hearing assistance dogs and service dogs to enter premises without paying extra charges
SB 0014 - (Mathewson) - Authorizes state income tax credit for prescription drugs purchased by income-qualified senior citizens
SB 0015 - (Mathewson) - Clarifies an existing statutory conflict on appointment of the State Fire Marshal
SB 0017 - (Staples) - Modifies law relating to recreational and abandoned motor vehicles
SB 0019 - (Goode) - Extensive revision motor vehicle and driver's license law, including graduated licenses for those 16 to 18 years of age
SB 0020 - (Goode) - Authorizes and revises community improvement programs
SB 0025 - (Singleton) - Authorizes the release of summaries of autopsy results in sudden infant death syndrome cases
SB 0028 - (Mueller) - Allows political subdivisions to purchase insurance for elderly or low-income housing
SB 0031 - (Howard) - Modifies campaign finance reports and establishes a deadline on Ethics Commission investigations.
SB 0032 - (Howard) - Unemployment insurance and employer reference
SB 0033 - (Johnson) - Eliminates current requirement that textbooks be purchased at on-campus bookstore for sales tax exemption
SB 0034 - (Johnson) - Allows electronic retention of public records
SB 0061 - (Bentley) - Establishes new requirements for billboards and tourism road signage
SB 0071 - (Schneider) - Requires commissioners to be residents of the county in city condemnation proceedings
SB 0076 - (Banks) - Limits penalty/interest rate on property tax delinquencies in city of St. Louis to prime rate
SB 0081 - (Mathewson) - Revises regulation of liquor sales
SB 0083 - (Goode) - Removes termination date on reports of funding received by local agencies for homeless programs
SB 0090 - (Johnson) - Changes residency requirements for aldermen in fourth class cities
SB 0112 - (Schneider) - Removes the exception for boats and vessels from partition suits
SB 0115 - (Russell) - Modifies provisions for issuance of retired military license plates and authorized sports license plates
SB 0139 - (Childers) - Allows certain county treasurers to keep office during change in classification
SB 0152 - (Childers) - Transportation Department must initiate corridor construction within 10 years or dispose of property
SB 0153 - (Childers) - Cemeteries may contract with road districts
SB 0159 - (House) - Authorizes contributions of cash and marketable securities for maternity home tax credit
SB 0160 - (Maxwell) - Allows water bonds, revises water and sewer laws and amends St. Louis Boundary Commission
SB 0163 - (House) - Public school instruction on sexual education and civil rights issues
SB 0169 - (Maxwell) - Gives Missouri National Guardsmen preference over other National Guardsmen for admission to veterans home
SB 0176 - (Rohrbach) - Revises procedures for agency rulemaking
SB 0177 - (DePasco) - Changes criminal code definition of public servant to include appointed or elected personnel
SB 0184 - (Staples) - Removes limitation that only 50% of grants to the Missouri Humanities Council may be used for operating expenses
SB 0188 - (House) - Removes old citation to federal Servicemen's Readjustment Act
SB 0189 - (House) - Repeals outdated or superceded sections relating to children and minors
SB 0193 - (Wiggins) - Authorizes Kansas City to put to vote up to 1/2 cent sales tax to fund flood relief projects
SB 0196 - (DePasco) - Modifies Kansas City Police Retirement System
SB 0197 - (DePasco) - Modifies Kansas City Police and Civilian Retirement Systems
SB 0207 - (Klarich) - A hazardous materials response team member may sit on policy board of multijurisdictional enforcement group
SB 0211 - (Howard) - Establishing and distributing trusts within the Missouri Family Trust
SB 0213 - (Scott) - Changes portions of the Sheriffs' Retirement Plan
SB 0214 - (Mathewson) - Changes the method of filling vacancies of elective offices in certain cities
SB 0216 - (Wiggins) - Extends licensure for distribution of controlled substances from one to three years
SB 0218 - (Caskey) - Revises qualifications of governing board members of certain state colleges and universities
SB 0219 - (Caskey) - Modifies property assessment procedures
SB 0220 - (Caskey) - Raises the advertising limit to equal the minimum bidding limit for county purchases
SB 0225 - (Caskey) - Specifies a termination date for the licensing of physical therapists without examination
SB 0234 - (Stoll) - Establishes the "Department of Labor and Industrial Relations Administrative Fund" and modifies child labor laws
SB 0237 - (Klarich) - Clarifies statutory references for child endangerment
SB 0240 - (DePasco) - Authorizes certain cities to submit issue of tourism tax to voters
SB 0244 (Vetoed) - Corrects a section enacted in two separate bills affecting the licensing of psychologists
SB 0261 - (Howard) - Describes procedures for treatment of tuberculosis
SB 0268 - (Staples) - Makes various clerical changes to law regarding the Department of Transportation
SB 0270 - (Ehlmann) - Establishes the rights of funeral processions
SB 0271 - (Ehlmann) - Allows emancipated minors to make a will
SB 0275 - (Caskey) - Revises provisions regarding Missouri Office of Prosecution Services and prosecuting attorneys
SB 0276 - (Caskey) - Modifies duties of the Missouri Health and Educational Facilities Authority and county hospitals
SB 0278 - (Klarich) - Clarifies procedure for certain holding company reorganizations and other corporate provisions
SB 0291 - (Caskey) - Amends child support enforcement provisions to comply with federal mandates
SB 0294 (Vetoed) - Changes the law relating to the licensing and use of motor vehicles
SB 0295 - (Schneider) - Increases sovereign immunity liability limits of the state and political subdivisions
SB 0308 - (Scott) - Changes various retirement systems
SB 0309 - (Maxwell) - Revises the personnel cap for the State Highway Patrol
SB 0310 - (Maxwell) - Extends the Ethanol Producer Incentive Fund's expiration date to 12/31/2007
SB 0321 - (Caskey) - Trustee cannot use trust to meet trustee's personal obligation to beneficiary
SB 0326 - (Goode) - Modifies the regulation of long-term care facilities
SB 0328 - (Clay) - Creates crime of identity theft and other crimes
SB 0329 - (Jacob) - Allows a judge to order counseling for children involved in divorce proceedings
SB 0334 - (Mathewson) - Regulates contaminated property and groundwater clean-up
SB 0335 (Vetoed) - Revises sentencing provisions, creates new crimes and makes numerous other changes
SB 0348 - (Wiggins) - Authorizes increases in the maximum property tax levys for certain purposes
SB 0352 - (Staples) - Allows license plates relating to the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation
SB 0353 - (Goode) - Extends sunset on hazardous waste disposal and generator fees
SB 0357 - (Klarich) - Authorizes an easement in Babler State Park
SB 0362 - (Westfall) - Amends various provisions regarding licensure of massage therapists
SB 0386 - (Clay) - Allows custodial accounts to be acceptable securities for state treasurer; other banking law changes
SB 0387 - (Clay) - Creates and modifies several public assistance programs
SB 0391 - (Schneider) - Allows wine manufacturers to produce brandy
SB 0394 - (Quick) - Clarifies duties of the county collector
SB 0403 - (Rohrbach) - Abolishes the Budget Stabilization and Cash Operating Reserve Funds
SB 0405 - (Scott) - Allows the creation of a Metropolitan Park District
SB 0410 - (Howard) - Allows a retired LAGERS member to be considered re-employed upon subsequent employment in LAGERS
SB 0414 - (Stoll) - Makes changes in refund claims of motor fuel taxes
SB 0423 - (Westfall) - Modifies definition of grain dealers
SB 0424 - (Westfall) - Revises licensing of veterinarians and related workers
SB 0426 - (Howard) - Extends sunset on tire disposal fee
SB 0434 - (Klarich) - Grants an easement to Laclede Gas in Route 66 State Park
SB 0435 - (Staples) - Grants an easement in Taum Sauk Mountain State Park
SB 0436 - (Quick) - Revises laws on emergency services
SB 0443 - (Jacob) - Starts Missouri College Guarantee Program in fall 1999 term
SB 0460 - (House) - Revises MOSTARS Higher Education Savings Program
SB 0467 - (Caskey) - Revisions to the County Employee Retirement System
SB 0479 - (Singleton) - Allows delivery of LP gas by an out-of-state company if it maintains a storage tank of 18,000 gallon capacity in MO
SB 0495 - (Goode) - Requires Utilicare Energy Assistance Program to obligate all fed. emergency funds before utilizing general revenue funds
SB 0498 (Vetoed) - Revises laws relating to the issuance of special license plates
SB 0518 - (Staples) - Allows new economic development and tourism sales taxes and relates to economic development tax credits
SJR 025 - (Rohrbach) - Creates Budget Reserve Fund to provide moneys for financial emergencies and natural disasters