SB 0234 Establishes the "Department of Labor and Industrial Relations Administrative Fund" and modifies child labor laws
LR Number:L1006.06T Fiscal Note:1006-06
Committee:Labor and Industrial Relations
Last Action:05/13/99 - Signed by Governor (w/EC) Journal page:
Title:HCS SCS SB 234
Effective Date:EC for certain sections
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SCS/SB 234 - This act modifies certain child labor laws establishes a "Department of Labor and Industrial Relations Fund".

This act allows any child 12 years of age and older to participate in a youth sporting event for compensation. A child could be compensated as a player, referee, coach or other position, except concession stand work, necessary to the sporting event. This provision only applies to events where all of the players are under 18 years of age and the event is sponsored or supervised by a public body or not-for-profit entity.

This act also allows children under 16 years of age to work beyond the current hourly and weekly limits, during the school year and in the summer, if the Director of the Division of Labor Standards grants a waiver. The waiver currently only applies to children in the entertainment industry. This act removes this limitation, so that a waiver may be granted for any position approved by the Director.

The fund is established to administer receipts and expenditures of the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. Payments to vendors would be reimbursable from one fund, instead of from four funds as is currently done. The State Treasurer shall be custodian of the fund and shall make necessary disbursements as requested by the Director of the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. A one-time transfer may be made in the first quarter for necessary start-up funds. Quarterly transfers shall be made from the departmental funds and general revenue to the administrative fund. Funds in excess of 1.25 times the appropriations from the fund in the preceding fiscal year revert back to General Revenue. The Department shall report all receipts and expenditures from this fund in its annual budget. This portion of the act is similar to HB 1921 (1998) and the act has an emergency clause.