SB 0163 Public school instruction on sexual education and civil rights issues
LR Number:L0272.11T Fiscal Note:0272-11
Last Action:07/01/99 - Signed by Governor Journal page:
Title:HCS SS#2 SB 163
Effective Date:August 28, 1999
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SS#2/SB 163 - SEXUAL EDUCATION AND ABSTINENCE - Public school instruction in sex education shall present abstinence as the preferred choice of sexual behavior for unmarried pupils, provide accurate information regarding sexually transmitted diseases and health effects of contraception, discuss the consequences of adolescent sexual activity and adolescent pregnancy, discuss the advantages of adoption and the process of planning an adoption, teach conflict management, responsibility and self-esteem and advise pupils regarding state laws pertaining to statutory rape.

School districts may separate students by gender for sex education. Each school district shall ensure that instruction in sex education is appropriate to the age of students instructed.

Parents shall be informed of the content of the district's sex education curriculum and of the parent's right to remove the student from any part of the district's sex education program.

This portion of the act is similar to SB 647 from 1998. Similar provisions are included in the perfected version of SS/SCS/SBs 347 et al.

CIVIL RIGHTS INSTRUCTION - This act provides that American history courses at the elementary and secondary levels shall include specific referrals to the details and events of the racial equality movement that have changed United States and Missouri laws and attitudes.

This portion of the act is similar to SB 40 from 1999.