SB 0498 Revises laws relating to the issuance of special license plates
LR Number:L2098.02T Fiscal Note:2098-02
Last Action:07/13/99 - Vetoed by Governor Journal page:
Title:SCS SB 498
Effective Date:August 28, 1999
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Current Bill Summary

HS/SCS/SB 498 - This act makes various changes to the current license plate laws.

This act makes it clear that specialty and military license plates may be acquired for commercial motor vehicles, other than apportioned motor vehicles, licensed for a gross weight not in excess of 18,000 pounds, as well as noncommercial motor vehicles.

All military plates, except the Congressional Medal of Honor, Retired Military and the Prisoner of War license plates, will cost $15 in addition to regular registration fees. This act also exempts certain military license plates from the personalized license plate fee.

This act provides for the issuance of the following specialty license plates: Bronze Star; Combat Medic; Civil Air Patrol; Distinguished Flying Cross; Lions Club; Missouri Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs; professional sports teams; Ducks Unlimited; Missouri Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.); Paramedic or Emergency Medical Technician; Elks Lodge; Conservation Heritage Foundation; Missouri Botanical Gardens; Respect Life; Gulf War Veteran; Fraternal Order of Police; and a plate depicting aspects of conservation of the air, water, land or wildlife resources. Some of these special license plate provisions are also contained in HB 60 and SB 19 (1999).

This act establishes the Missouri Respect Life Commission and the Missouri Alternatives to Abortion Fund. The Commission consists of thirteen members, four appointed from the General Assembly and one member from each of the nine congressional districts. Duties of the Commission are specified, including disbursement of funds from the Alternatives to Abortion Fund which the act creates and which is funded through contributions of $25 or more by vehicle owners who will then receive "Respect Life License Plates." This portion of the act is similar to Senate Bill 217 (1999).

This act authorizes the Missouri State Highway Patrol to inspect homemade trailers. If the Missouri State Highway Patrol conducts the inspection, rather than the county sheriff, the $10 inspection fee will be deposited in the state highway fund. After obtaining a certificate of inspection and paying all applicable fees, the Department of Revenue will issue the homemade trailer owner an identifying number plate. This portion of the act is similar to Senate Bill 500 and HB 60 (1999). This act also contains language that will simplify Department of Revenue procedures including changing affidavit requirements to statements and language clarifying the procedure for the use of preexisting license plate as a historic vehicle plate.