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In tribute to the memory of distinguished former members of the Missouri Senate who have passed,
the 97th General Assembly of the Missouri Senate conveys its respect on behalf of the people of our great state.
May the memory of these senators' dedicated service remain etched in history.

Dear Family and Friends,

Upon your arrival at the Capitol, please plan to meet in the Senate Lounge (third floor, East end of the Capitol). Staff will be on hand to greet you and answer any questions you may have.

We are honored you will be present on this special occasion
and look forward to seeing you soon.

Due to the observance of Easter Monday, the Missouri Senate's Memorial Service
is scheduled for April 14, 1:30 p.m., in the Senate Chamber.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

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Memorial Service Invite

Memorial Service Program

Video: In Memoriam Slideshow

Video: Missouri Senate's Memorial Service - April 14, 2014

Omer H. Avery
J.B. "Jet" Banks
John P. Barrett
John F. Bass
Paul M. Berra
Frank Bild
Earl R. Blackwell
Keith P. Bondurant
Frank P. Briggs
Paula J. Carter
Hardin Charles Cox
Phil B. Curls, Sr.
Jack S. Curtis
John Dennis
Ronnie DePasco
Marvin L. Dinger
Edwin L. Dirck
John E. Downs
William J. Esely
Floyd R. Gibson
Durward W. Gilmore
Clarence Heflin
David A. Hess
David E. Horn
John Hoshor
A. Clifford Jones
William Kelso Journey
Lawrence J. Lee
Edward T. Linehan
William H. Macon
Charles L. Madison
Donald Manford
Philip Marr
Norman L. Merrell
George H. Miller
Walter H. Mueller, Jr.
Henry A. Panethiere
James F. Patterson
Franklin Payne
Leo J. Rozier
Maurice Schechter
Ike Skelton
E. Richard Southern

George A. Spencer
Albert M. Spradling, Jr.

Danny Staples
James Richard Strong
W. W. Sunderwirth
Lee Vertis Swinton
James M. Taylor
Larry Gene Taylor
Cliff Titus
Irene E. Treppler
A. Basey Vanlandingham
Warren Welliver
Harry Wiggins
Truman E. Wilson
Harriett Woods
Thomas G. Woolsey
Robert A. Young