Senator Caskey
Bills Sponsored

HB 0026 - Death penalty may apply to murder of child 16 or less, developmentally disabled person or dependent adult
HB 0076 - Trustee cannot use trust to meet trustee's personal obligation to beneficiary
HB 0136 - Emancipated minors may make wills
HB 0201 - Requires each state agency to make information technology available for individuals with disabilities
HB 0242 - Revises setting of court date in landlord-tenant actions
HB 0256 - Prohibits indemnification, or "hold harmless", clauses in certain construction contracts
HB 0265 - Allows Board of Professional Registration to issue inactive licenses to podiatrists
HB 0268 - Exempts central dispatchers from liability for emergency telephone system and giving emergency instructions
HB 0327 - Modifies contitional release requirements for those committed to the Department of Mental Health
HB 0328 - Requires that the criminal ofense be included in judgments of acquittal due to mental disease
HB 0343 - Makes numerous changes in licensing for various professions under the Division of Professional Registration
HB 0348 - Requires registration of juvenile sex offenders
HB 0359 - Allows juvenile court to refer person to prosecutor for endangering welfare of a child
HB 0366 - Allows county collectors in certain counties to have branch offices
HB 0401 - Requires hearing screenings for infants
HB 0487 - Extends statute of limitation for fraudulent child support claims
HB 0499 - Election authorities may confiscate unlawful election material
HB 0661 - Allows disciplinary transfers of Highway Patrol members at the member's expense
HB 0852 - Revises civil commitment of sexually violent predators law
HB 0857 - Exempts Roth IRAs from attachment and execution except for payment of child support and maintenance
HB 0895 - Revises requirements applicable to sheriffs' departments in 1st class noncharter counties
HCR 010 - Creates Joint Legislative Committee on Immigration
HCR 019 - Encourages participation in the "Share the Harvest" program
SB 0218 - Revises qualifications of governing board members of certain state colleges and universities
SB 0219 - Specifies original assessment of distributable property of freight line companies; Director of Revenue to collect tax
SB 0220 - Raises the advertising limit to equal the minimum bidding limit for county purchases
SB 0224 - Prohibits certain indemnification contracts on public and private construction works
SB 0225 - Specific termination date for licensing of Physical Therapists without examination
SB 0262 - Revises laws regarding underinsured motor vehicle owners and operators
SB 0263 - Revises the mandatory limits for motor vehicle insurance
SB 0264 - Amends provisions regarding dual jurisdiction sentencing of juvenile criminal cases
SB 0275 - Revises provisions regarding Missouri Office of Prosecution Services and prosecuting attorneys
SB 0276 - Modifies duties of the Missouri Health and Educational Facilities Authority and county hospitals
SB 0291 - Amends child support enforcement provisions to comply with federal mandates
SB 0320 - Establishes program on blind student literacy
SB 0321 - Trustee cannot use trust to meet trustee's personal obligation to beneficiary
SB 0335 - Revises numerous sentencing provisions
SB 0336 - Insurers may intervene in civil action to determine limits of coverage
SB 0466 - Elections of hospital trustees
SB 0467 - Revisions to the County Employee Retirement System
SCR 005 - Creates a commission to review the proposed international building code
SJR 029 - Constitutional amendment to allow evidence of other crimes

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