Missouri State Senate
Senate Summaries on House Bills

HB 0773 - Removes the minimum age qualification for admission to the University of Missouri system
HB 0774 - Extends the waste tire fee to 2009
HB 0795 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies various provisions concerning county government
HB 0798 - (Truly Agreed) Allows certain counties use certain moneys collected to be used for courtroom renovation and technology
HB 0822 - (Truly Agreed) Creates requirements for orders and ordinances of political subdivisions relating to amateur radio antennas
HB 0826 - (Truly Agreed) Designates a portion of Highway A the Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Highway
HB 0833 - (Truly Agreed) Creates the Exhibition Center and Recreation Facility District Act
HB 0841 - (Truly Agreed) Prohibits use of glass containers on vessels in navigable waterways
HB 0844 - Establishes the Open Contracting Act for state and public works projects
HB 0852 - Prohibits immunizations and dental restorations containing mercury after January 1, 2005
HB 0855 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies law regarding insurance coverage for mental health conditions, chemical dependency and alcoholism
HB 0869 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies various provisions regarding the licensure of veterinarians
HB 0884 - Permits property and casualty insurers who offer automobile coverage to include comprehensive and collision coverage
HB 0895 - (Truly Agreed) Allows Jasper County, upon voter petition, to disincorporate any special road district
HB 0898 - Establishes the Prescription Drug Repository Program in the Department of Health and Senior Services
HB 0904 - (Truly Agreed) Repeals the Uniform Commercial Code provisions relating to bulk transfers
HB 0912 - Designates the George R. "Buzz" Westfall Memorial Highway
HB 0916 - (Truly Agreed) Revises the crime of identity theft and creates a new crime of trafficking in stolen identities
HB 0923 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies the Missouri Family Trust
HB 0928 - (Truly Agreed) Revises law on intermediate driver's license with respect to effect of expiration on a weekend or legal holiday
HB 0932 - Authorizes the Board of Fund Commissioners to issue water pollution control bonds
HB 0937 - Allows members of Optimist International to obtain specialized license plates
HB 0938 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies the requirements for annuity contracts
HB 0941 - Revises requirements relating to school districts achieving provisional accreditation
HB 0946 - Makes changes to the Transportation Department, billboards, development districts and other transportation issues
HB 0947 - (Truly Agreed) Adds Cameron, Boonville & Kirksville to the cities which may order the abatement of weeds or trash when in violation
HB 0950 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies the classification of counties
HB 0955 - Revises the requirements for licensure of dieticians
HB 0956 - Names "Big Bluestem" as the official grass of the state of Missouri
HB 0959 - (Truly Agreed) Revises banking laws, creates "Missouri Higher Education Deposit Program" and modifies identity theft
HB 0960 - (Truly Agreed) Designates a portion of U.S. Highway 60 as the Trooper Russell Harper Memorial Highway
HB 0969 - Modifies the taxation of income derived from certain transactions involving intellectual property
HB 0970 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies provisions regarding licensure of dentists and dental hygienists
HB 0975 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies certain provisions governing land trusts
HB 0978 - (Truly Agreed) Creates the Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board to serve as liaison between state agencies and small
HB 0980 - (Truly Agreed) Requires DNR to provide a regulatory impact report for certain rulemaking processes and reasons to deny permits
HB 0985 - (Truly Agreed) Revises laws on the practice of real estate
HB 0988 - (Truly Agreed) Increases membership on political party committees in townships in Jackson County
HB 0994 - (Truly Agreed) Extends the expiration date and expands breadth of criminal case surcharge in the 30th Judicial Circuit
HB 0996 - (Truly Agreed) Adds the frame to the list of items that the Missouri State Highway Patrol must inspect annually on school busses
HB 0998 - (Truly Agreed) Lengthens notice to evict mobile home tenants and requires manufactured home installers to be licensed
HB 1001 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriates money for the board of fund commissioners
HB 1002 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for elementary and secondary education
HB 1003 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for higher education
HB 1004 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the departments of revenue and transportation
HB 1005 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the office of administration
HB 1006 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the departments of agriculture, natural resources and conservation
HB 1007 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the departments of economic development, insurance, and labor and industrial relations
HB 1008 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the department of public safety
HB 1009 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the department of corrections
HB 1010 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the departments of mental health and health
HB 1011 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the department of social services
HB 1012 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for elected officials, the judiciary, public defender and the general assembly
HB 1014 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriates money for supplemental purposes for the several departments and offices of state government
HB 1021 - (Truly Agreed) To appropriate money for planning, expenses, and for capital improvements
HB 1029 - (Truly Agreed) Designates a portion of Highway J in Lincoln County as the "Veterans Highway"
HB 1040 - Renders several alternations to the state's education policy
HB 1047 - (Truly Agreed) Allows the city councils of certain third class cities to set their salaries by ordinance
HB 1048 - Clarifies appropriations for community college district maintenance funds
HB 1055 - (Truly Agreed) Increases the punishment for possession of child pornography to a class D felony
HB 1070 - (Truly Agreed) School districts may adopt emergency preparedness plans in order to use school resources during natural disasters
HB 1071 - (Truly Agreed) Authorizes a conveyance of various pieces of state property
HB 1074 - (Truly Agreed) Makes it a crime to burn a cross with the intent to intimidate a person or a group of people
HB 1090 - (Truly Agreed) Allows property insurance for real estate transferred by beneficiary deed to automatically continue with the grantee
HB 1093 - Establishes the rights of persons who utilize service dogs
HB 1098 - Creates gubernatorial and legislative inaugural committees
HB 1099 - (Truly Agreed) Clarifies sales and use tax exemption eligibility for manufacturing and material recovery plants.
HB 1107 - (Truly Agreed) Allows adjacent property owners to add their property to transportation development districts
HB 1109 - Exempts motorcyclists age 21 and older from wearing a helmet when operating a motorcycle or motortricycle
HB 1114 - (Truly Agreed) Creates special license plates for relatives of firefighters and peace officers killed or injured in line of duty
HB 1115 - (Truly Agreed) Creates the "Commonsense Food Consumption Act"
HB 1118 - Modifies several commercial driver's license provisions to comply with federal law
HB 1126 - (Truly Agreed) Changes the procedure for detachment from certain watershed districts
HB 1136 - (Truly Agreed) Enacts the "Disposition of Fetal Remains Act"
HB 1149 - (Truly Agreed) Designates a bridge on Interstate 44 in Phelps County as the the "Trooper Mike L. Newton Memorial Bridge"
HB 1150 - Modifies numerous provisions regarding the Missouri Ethics Commission and campaign finance disclosure
HB 1152 - Revises criminal statutes related to terrorism
HB 1160 - Modifies the law regarding health insurance mandate for phenylketonuria and other related diseases
HB 1167 - (Truly Agreed) Allows members of the Missouri Foxtrotting Horse Breed Association to receive special license plates
HB 1171 - (Truly Agreed) Updates statutes to reflect changes with the development of utility projects without additional regulation by the PSC
HB 1177 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies various provisions related to concentrated animal feeding operations
HB 1179 - (Truly Agreed) Allows use of court curcharge to pay for housing and other expenses of prisoners
HB 1182 - (Truly Agreed) Allows payment of quarterly tax payments for certain corporations
HB 1183 - Allows counties to establish by ordinance a County Law Enforcement Restitution Fund
HB 1187 - (Truly Agreed) Changes the procedure allowing Clay County to operate concession stands at privately operated marinas
HB 1188 - (Truly Agreed) Revises various statutes relating to fees and costs in criminal cases
HB 1192 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies state meat inspections to coincide with federal programs
HB 1193 - (Truly Agreed) Revises procedures and requirements for notaries public
HB 1195 - (Truly Agreed) Makes changes to provisions relating to professional registration
HB 1198 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies the criteria used for issuing extraordinary dividends by certain insurance holding companies
HB 1207 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies procedures for formation of certain levee districts
HB 1209 - (Truly Agreed) Names the Hadrosaur dinosaur as the state dinosaur
HB 1215 - (Truly Agreed) Makes it a Class D felony for an individual who has been civilly committed as a sexual predator to escape
HB 1217 - (Truly Agreed) Allows a funeral benefit of $1,000 for special consultants of a certain retirement system of the K.C. police department
HB 1233 - (Truly Agreed) Allows public entities to acquire subrogation rights under a self-insurance plan
HB 1246 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies provisions rearding licensure, recordkeeping and practice of chiropractors
HB 1253 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies insurance laws with respect to reinsurance, liquidation and FAIR Plan limits
HB 1259 - (Truly Agreed) Applies Administrative Hearing Commission procedures to motor vehicle dealer license denials
HB 1268 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies numerous provisions of the Missouri Employment Security Law
HB 1277 - Creates task force for restructuring hazardous waste fees and allows in state waste facilities receiving out state
HB 1278 - Revises health insurance provisions to make them compliant with HIPAA and creates premium tax on certain policies
HB 1284 - (Truly Agreed) Revises the law regarding salvage vehicles
HB 1285 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies law regarding auto insurance with respect to car rental companies and the Transportation Commission
HB 1286 - Limits marine manufacturers ability to terminate or renew a dealership agreement without good cause
HB 1288 - (Truly Agreed) Pertains to contractual agreements between manufacturers and other merchants
HB 1290 - (Truly Agreed) Creates a one dollar check-off for various charities
HB 1291 - (Truly Agreed) Restricts lenders from requiring borrowers to obtain homeowners insurance exceeding the replacment value
HB 1304 - (Truly Agreed) Enacts various measures relating to claims for damages
HB 1305 - Modifies the law regarding medical malpractice insurance regarding the setting of rates, cancellation of policies etc
HB 1317 - (Truly Agreed) Allows members of the Boy Scouts to obtain specialized license plates
HB 1321 - (Truly Agreed) Establishes additional regulations on neighborhood improvement districts
HB 1338 - Regulates the practice of travel clubs and vacation clubs
HB 1339 - Enacts various provisions relating to consent for abortion
HB 1347 - (Truly Agreed) Creates Secretary of State's Council on Library Development
HB 1362 - (Truly Agreed) Authorizes county planning commissions to accept additional forms of security for certain improvements
HB 1363 - (Truly Agreed) Creates an Archival Facility for the preservation of public records
HB 1364 - (Truly Agreed) Makes the filing of parenting plans for children over the age of eighteen optional
HB 1377 - (Truly Agreed) Increases the expense payments for county planning commission members
HB 1398 - (Truly Agreed) Authorizes a bid process for selecting the depositary of city funds in Maryville
HB 1399 - (Truly Agreed) Athletic trainers shall be licensed, rather than registered
HB 1403 - (Truly Agreed) Regulates amusement rides
HB 1405 - (Truly Agreed) Creates the Missouri Association of State Troopers Emergency Relief Society special license plate
HB 1407 - (Truly Agreed) Creates an administrative system for adjudicating certain municipal code violations in St. Louis city
HB 1409 - Makes various changes to economic development law
HB 1422 - (Truly Agreed) Requires permits for dentists administering anesthesia or conscious sedation
HB 1427 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies the provisions regarding forfeiture of controlled substances and drug paraphernalia
HB 1433 - (Truly Agreed) Authorizes the creation of a watershed improvement district in the Upper White River Basin
HB 1439 - Modifies process for selecting leadership positions on the Highways and Transportation Commission
HB 1440 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies the Transportation and Highway Patrol Retirement System and rights of Regional Planning Commission employees
HB 1442 - (Truly Agreed) Designates the Thomas G. Tucker, Jr. Memorial Highway
HB 1444 - (Truly Agreed) Removes the requirement that a resolution be adopted before a legislative committee may visit any state institution
HB 1449 - (Truly Agreed) Creates the Society of Professional Engineers and Operation Iraqi Freedom special license plate
HB 1453 - (Truly Agreed) Enacts and modifies various provisions regarding the state foster care system
HB 1456 - (Truly Agreed) Authorizes a transient guest tax for tourism purposes and infrastructure improvements in Marston and Matthews
HB 1477 - Creates the Missouri Nosocomial Infection Contract Act of 2004
HB 1487 - (Truly Agreed) Revises the crime of kidnapping by including kidnapping of a child under fourteen years of age
HB 1493 - Modifies sections relating to water and electric utilities
HB 1494 - (Truly Agreed) Requires regional recreational district board members in Clay County to be elected
HB 1502 - (Truly Agreed) Revises the laws regarding the Kansas City Public School Retirement System
HB 1504 - Modifies the method property values are determined when the Highways and Transportation Commission condemns property
HB 1508 - (Truly Agreed) Requires emblem-use fees received by the Kansas City Chiefs license plate be forwarded to the "Chiefs' Children's Fund"
HB 1509 - Modifies law regarding insurance coverage mandate for chiropractic care
HB 1511 - (Truly Agreed) Enacts the Missouri Uniform Trust Code
HB 1529 - (Truly Agreed) Requires a minimum reimbursement for emergency services in a tax increment financing district
HB 1548 - (Truly Agreed) Requires state employees be paid at 1 1/2 times their hourly rate for all time worked over 40 hours a week
HB 1566 - Limits eligibility for certain medical assistance benefits to amounts appropriated for such benefits
HB 1572 - Relates to certification procedures for minority and women's business enterprises which are domiciled in other states
HB 1575 - Reenacts sections 416.615 and 416.640 that were found unconstitional because of single subject rule
HB 1599 - (Truly Agreed) Establishes the Joint Committee on Waste, Fraud, and Abuse
HB 1603 - (Truly Agreed) Reenacts and authorizes the republication of section 135.766 (Tax Credit for Small Business Guaranty Fees)
HB 1604 - Modifies the requirements for securing a cotton lien for nonpayment of an assessment
HB 1613 - (Truly Agreed) Authorizes the conveyance of certain pieces of state property
HB 1614 - (Truly Agreed) Creates a sunset date of January 1, 2011 for the Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Insurance Act
HB 1616 - (Truly Agreed) Revises requirements for publishing of administrative rules
HB 1617 - (Truly Agreed) Makes it unlawful to obstruct a securities investigation
HB 1622 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies the definition of cosmetology establishment
HB 1631 - (Truly Agreed) Eliminates requiring county superintendents of public welfare to provide supervision for parolees
HB 1634 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies provisions regarding storage of death records and military discharge records
HB 1660 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies laws pertaining to accident reports and their disclosure
HB 1664 - (Truly Agreed) Several sections dealing with LLCs, LPs, LLPs, etc, and modifying procedures for registration as one of these
HB 1665 - Provides for investor protection in variable annuities
HJR 035 - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring two-thirds majority vote on initiatives relating to fish and wildlife
HJR 039 - Amends Constitution to state that only civil unions between one man and one woman will be valid in this state

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