HB 1195 (Truly Agreed) Makes changes to provisions relating to professional registration
Current Bill Summary
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SS/SCS/HS/HCS/HB 1195 - This act modifies provisions relating to the licensing of certain professions.

EXTERNAL DEFIBRILLATORS - Any person or entity which owns an automated external defibrillator used outside of a health care facility must have a physician review all protocols. This provision is similar to SS/SCS/HCS/HBs 946, 1106 & 952 (2004) and SB 1107 (2002).

PRIVATE FIRE INVESTIGATORS - This act provides for the licensing of private fire investigators. The act creates the Board of Licensed Private Fire Investigator Examiners within the Division of Fire Safety in the Department of Public Safety. All persons wishing to act as private fire investigators are required to be licensed by the Board. Certain professions are exempted for licensure requirements. The act sets out membership on the board as well as the powers and duties of the board. All applications must be accompanied by a fee which shall be collected by the Division of Fire Safety and deposited in the general revenue fund. The Board shall develop the form of the license which must be carried and displayed by licensees. The act contains provisions pertaining to advertising, fraud, making false statements, manufacturing false evidence and claiming affiliations with state or federal government agencies. The Board is empowered to conduct investigations, issue subpoenas, deny licensure or take disciplinary action against licensees, and cause complaints to be filed with the administrative hearing commission.

These provisions are identical to SCS/SB 1277 (2004).

LICENSED PROFESSIONAL COUNSELORS and CLINICAL SOCIAL WORKERS - Licensed professional counselors and clinical social workers holding licenses in other states are allowed to make application for a Missouri license if they pass a written examination and meet certain criteria.

MARITAL AND FAMILY THERAPISTS - This act prohibits persons from using the title or saying they are marital and family therapists or provisional marital and family therapists without being duly licensed by the State Committee for Family and Marital Therapists. This provision is identical to HB 1573 (2004).

The act allows marital and family therapists holding licenses in other states to make application for a Missouri license if they pass a written examination and meet certain criteria.

HOSPITAL LICENSES - The Department of Health and Senior Services will not license a facility as a hospital which is devoted primarily to conducting certain specialty procedures until August 28, 2005.

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS - A person holding an electrical contractor license issued by any political subdivision in this state, whose requirements are equal to or exceed the requirements of St. Louis County, will be valid in any political subdivision in this state.

The act contains a severability clause.

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