Senator Howard
Bills Sponsored

HB 0266 - Allows defendants to donate funds to a county law enforcement fund as a condition of probation
HB 0316 - Programs for and protection of the elderly and public safety in the sale of bedding
HB 0409 - Allows for the continuation of a deceased or incapacitated dentist's practice
HB 0464 - Retirees of local government may be reemployed and earn additional retirement benefits
HB 0721 - Describes procedures relating to the treatment of tuberculosis
HCR 029 - The United States Dept. of Justice to enforce the Packers and Stockyards Act of 1921, as amended
SB 0030 - Revises composition and duties of the Soil and Water Districts Commission
SB 0031 - Modifies campaign finance reports and establishes a deadline on Ethics Commission investigations.
SB 0032 - Modifies unemployment insurance and employee benefit laws
SB 0210 - Staggers the elections of the governing body in township counties
SB 0211 - Establishing and distributing trusts within the Missouri Family Trust
SB 0261 - Describes procedures for treatment of tuberculosis
SB 0297 - Allows Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, to prescribe, administer and dispense controlled substances
SB 0317 - Provides for the regulation and licensing of the practice of naturopathic medicine
SB 0337 - Declares certain persons incompetent to testify as witnesses in certain situations
SB 0338 - Requires insurers to provide coverage for mental health and chemical dependency treatment
SB 0339 - Modifies the duties of the Division of Aging
SB 0376 - Establishes additional penalties for financial exploitation of the elderly
SB 0377 - Permits Mental Health Commission to employ three persons in addition to the Director
SB 0384 - Penalizes inmates for filing frivolous complaints against doctors and nurses
SB 0410 - Allows a retired LAGERS member to be considered re-employed upon subsequent employment in LAGERS
SB 0426 - Extends sunset on tire disposal fee
SB 0502 - Encourages the development of rural agricultural value-added businesses
SB 0503 - Allows psychologists to prescribe medications in certain situations
SCR 011 - Requests federal assistance for agriculture-related businesses
SJR 022 - Authorizes counties to create mental health service districts and to impose property tax levy

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