Senator Ehlmann
Bills Sponsored

HB 0528 - Establishes a POW/MIA Recognition Day
SB 0042 - Makes numerous changes in laws affecting the City of St. Louis
SB 0043 - Repeals racial and gender quotas and preferences by state and local governments
SB 0044 - Creates Community Partnership Program for purpose of addressing poverty issues and promoting local participation
SB 0092 - Code of State Regulations to be on internet; Legislative standing to challenge rules
SB 0093 - Attorney General may settle desegregation suit and must defend constitutionality of statutes
SB 0094 - Felony stealing limit to be $450
SB 0123 - Changes operational control of the St. Louis International Airport
SB 0168 - Places restrictions on gaming boat licensees concerning campaign contributions and facility use
SB 0270 - Establishes the rights of funeral processions
SB 0271 - Allows emancipated minors to make a will
SB 0272 - Allows a sewer district to terminate service after three months of non-payment
SB 0273 - Prohibits political subdivisions from submitting the same question to the voters more than one time per year
SB 0301 - Revises Outstanding Schools Waivers
SB 0364 - Establishes POW/MIA Recognition Day
SB 0365 - Revises requirements on student participation in statewide assessment tests
SB 0462 - Creates civil recovery for false or fraudulent monetary claims made to the state
SB 0463 - Authorizes ambulance districts and fire districts to provide insurance and other benefits to their volunteer members
SB 0464 - Establishes the procedures for distribution of the Tort Victims' Compensation Fund
SB 0465 - Adds one circuit judge to St. Charles County to be elected in 2000
SB 0477 - Allows disclosure of a person's HIV status to peace officers and prosecuting attorneys in certain situations
SB 0488 - Revises funding to public community colleges
SB 0489 - Allows city and co. assessors to appeal decisions of local boards of equalization when appeal involves issue of law
SB 0497 - Creates state income tax credit for donations to scholarship charitable organizations
SCR 003 - Relating to the Federal Clean Air Act
SCR 007 - Tobacco settlement proceeds shall be included in total state revenue
SCR 018 - Relating to 2000 decennial census
SJR 013 - Revises Missouri Constitution to prohibit laws to establish or limit free exercise of religion
SR 0359 - Proposed Rule Change (Rule 52)
SREM 01 - Remonstrance against the Board of Education of St. Louis Public Schools

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