Senator Wiggins
Bills Sponsored

HB 0346 - Extends Kansas City transportation sales tax until December 31, 2001
HB 0399 - Changes due date of consumer use tax returns from January 31 to April 15
HB 0548 - Clarifies definition of food for purposes of reduced sales tax rate
HB 0988 - Revises cap on biennial transfer of DNR Revolving Services Fund
HCR 030 - Joint Committee on Legislative Research to prepare and print all acts of the first session of the 90th General Assembly
SB 0004 - Extends Kansas City transportation sales tax until December 31, 2001
SB 0005 - Terminates Chapter 147 corporation franchise tax after January 1, 2000
SB 0006 - Authorizes taxpayers to subtract amount of social security benefits in determining state income tax
SB 0073 - Lowers the age for jury service from 21 to 18
SB 0074 - Authorizes state income tax deduction for school tuition, attendance fees, supplies and transportation costs
SB 0075 - Exempts from sales and use tax purchase of broadcast equipment made by reason of federal mandate
SB 0113 - Adds athletic trainers to Good Samaritan Law
SB 0192 - Excludes from sales tax food sold constituting over 80% of gross receipts
SB 0193 - Authorizes Kansas City to put to vote up to 1/2 cent sales tax to fund flood relief projects
SB 0203 - Modifies procedures for initiating a civil action on certain discriminatory practices
SB 0216 - Extends licensure for distribution of controlled substances from one to three years
SB 0217 - Establishes Missouri Respect Life Commission and Missouri Alternatives to Abortion Support Fund
SB 0296 - Allows individuals to get "Respect Life" license plates and establishes the Missouri Respect Life Commission
SB 0305 - Allows the continuation of a deceased or incapacitated dentist's practice
SB 0306 - Authorizes appropriations to state departments for grant purposes
SB 0311 - Adds new protection for health care consumers
SB 0348 - Authorizes increases in the maximum property tax levys for certain purposes
SB 0382 - Preserves Walt Disney film studio as historic site
SB 0383 - Modifies the regulation of securities
SB 0408 - Expands the availability of services to the blind and visually impaired
SB 0409 - Allows health practitioners to hold liens on a patient's negligence claims
SB 0453 - Revises the certificate of need law to address health care services rather than health care facilities
SB 0469 - Treats other states tax credits for charitable contributions as taxes paid in those states
SB 0470 - Allows long-term care facilities to expand their capacity and transfer beds, within certain situations
SB 0496 - Enacts provisions of Revised Uniform Partnership Act
SB 0498 - Modifies procedures for issuing license plates with the Childrens Trust Fund logo
SB 0505 - Creates Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
SB 0506 - Substantially revises Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code concerning secured transactions
SCR 019 - Relating to naming a portion of Interstate 70 in Kansas City "The George Brett Super Highway"
SJR 018 - Revises budget requests and budget reports of University of Missouri

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