SB 0470 Allows long-term care facilities to expand their capacity and transfer beds, within certain situations
LR Number:L1837.01I Fiscal Note:1837-01
Committee:Aging, Families and Mental Health
Last Action:03/02/99 - Hearing Conducted S Aging, Families & Mental Health Journal page:
Effective Date:August 28, 1999
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Current Bill Summary

SB 470 - This act revises the certificate of need law. It extends the certificate of need moratorium on additional or new beds until December 31, 2001. In addition, it allows the Missouri Health Services Review Committee to allow a facility to expand up to twenty-five percent of its licensed capacity, not to exceed thirty new beds, if that facility has had over ninety percent occupancy for the last year.

In addition, the Health Services Review Committee may allow the transfer of beds within any level of service from a facility with less than eighty percent occupancy for the last year to a facility with over ninety percent occupancy for the last year. Transfers may only be done within a particular geographic area and the facility that transferred beds may not add any beds for the next five years.