The Committee on Appropriations shall consider and report upon all bills and matters referred to it pertaining to general appropriations and disbursement of public money.

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FY 2024 Flexibility
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FY 2024 Conference Sheets - Language
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Senator Lincoln
Hough, Chair, 30th
Senator Tony
Luetkemeyer, Vice-Chair, 34th
Senator Lauren
Arthur, 17th
Senator Jason
Bean, 25th
Senator Rusty
Black, 12th
Senator Justin
Brown, 16th
Senator Mike
Cierpiot, 8th
Senator Sandy
Crawford, 28th
Senator Karla
Eslinger, 33rd
Senator Denny
Hoskins, 21st
Senator Karla
May, 4th
Senator Holly
Thompson Rehder, 27th
Senator Barbara
Washington, 9th
Senator Brian
Williams, 14th