102nd General Assembly
Second Regular Session


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SB 1393-O'Laughlin
Changes the deadline for school districts to submit proposals to operate recovery high schools

SB 1394-O'Laughlin
Establishes provisions relating to teacher certification

SB 1395-Brown (16)
Modifies provisions relating to fireworks protections

SB 1396-Fitzwater
Creates provisions relating to covenants not to compete involving physicians

SB 1397-Brattin
Creates provisions relating to firearms discrimination

SB 1398-Brown (26)
Modifies provisions relating to the protection of children and vulnerable persons

SB 1399-Brown (26)
Modifies provisions relating to property tax assessments

SB 1400-Brown (26)
Modifies provisions relating to the offense of posting unlawful information

SB 1401-Black
Provides that the Commissioner of Administration shall request a certain amount of the Missouri State Employees' Retirement System employer contribution rate for certain state colleges and universities

SB 1402-Eigel
Provides that students enrolled in the Reserve Officer Training Corps at a state college or university shall be eligible for in-state tuition fees

SB 1403-Mosley
Establishes the Cancer Patients' Bill of Rights

SB 1404-Roberts
Allows the Board of Trustees of the Firemen's Retirement System of St. Louis to act as trustees and adminster other pension plans

SB 1405-Roberts
Modifies provisions relating to compensation for assisting or advising in veteran benefits matters

SB 1406-Eslinger
Creates provisions relating to hospitals with emergency departments

SB 1407-McCreery
Repeals an age limit on the requirement for health insurance to cover low protein modified food products for certain conditions

SB 1408-McCreery
Creates provisions relating to certain customer classes approved by the Public Service Commission

SB 1409-Trent
Requires candidates for Representative in the United States House of Representatives to be a resident of the district they wish to represent

SB 1410-Fitzwater
Creates the position of a dementia services coordinator within the Department of Health and Senior Services

SB 1411-May
Extends the expiration date of the Uniform Small Wireless Facility Deployment Act

SB 1412-May
Creates the "Ebony Alert System" for abducted or missing Black youth

SB 1413-May
Modifies provisions relating to the operation of certain law enforcement agencies

SB 1414-May
Modifies provisions relating to the operation of municipal law enforcement agencies

SB 1415-Black
Modifies provisions relating to election judges

SB 1416-Brown (16)
Creates a provision relating to pesticide labeling requirements

SB 1417-Washington
Designates every February 20th as John Donaldson Day in Missouri

SB 1418-Brown (26)
Modifies the Municipal Telecommunications Business License Tax Simplification Act

SB 1419-Beck
Repeals and creates new provisions relating to the members of the Clean Water Commission

SB 1420-Brattin
Allows for vehicles to be registered permanently

SB 1421-Black
Modifies the total cost of living adjustments for members of the Public School Retirement System and the Public Education Employee Retirement System

SB 1422-Black
Modifies certain provisions relating to deferrals by electrical corporations

SB 1423-Fitzwater
Creates provisions relating to a plan to reduce statewide carbon emissions

SB 1424-Fitzwater
Establishes provisions relating to the civil and criminal liability of disclosure of intimate digital depictions

SB 1425-Washington
Includes "Class EA - esthetics and manicuring" as a new classification of licensure for cosmetologists

SB 1426-Trent
Modifies provisions relating to minimum prison terms

SB 1427-Trent
Modifies provisions relating to the offense of hazing

SB 1428-Carter
Modifies provisions relating to criminal offenses

SB 1429-Carter
Requires blood banks to test donated blood for COVID-19 or other mRNA vaccines

SB 1430-Bernskoetter
Creates provisions regulating the manufacture of ice

SB 1431-Bernskoetter
Establishes entertainment districts for certain counties

SB 1432-Mosley
Establishes the Black History Education and Awareness Act and designates the first week in February as Black History Week

SB 1433-Eslinger
Modifies definition of "farm products" as it applies to secured transactions under the Uniform Commercial Code

SB 1434-Thompson Rehder
Modifies provisions relating to the destribution of revenue from mineral mining on federal land

SB 1435-Rowden
Modifies provisions relating to election judges

SB 1436-Schroer
Exempts certain income from the earnings tax

SB 1437-Schroer
Modifies provisions relating to the offense of drug trafficking

SB 1438-May
Modifies provisions relating to the sheriff of St. Louis City

SB 1439-Roberts
Modifies provisions relating to detached catalytic converters

SB 1440-Coleman
Prohibits public and private schools and school districts from being members of any statewide athletic activities association that allows students to take testosterone or any other performance-enhancing drugs

SB 1441-Trent
Modifies provisions relating to offenses involving the judiciary

SB 1442-McCreery
Creates provisions relating to terms and conditions by public utilities

SB 1443-McCreery
Modifies MO HealthNet coverage of hearing instruments

SB 1444-McCreery
Creates provisions relating to digitally altered media

SB 1445-McCreery
Modifies provisions relating to expedited partner therapy

SB 1446-Williams
Requires the State Board of Education to convene a work group to develop a curriculum framework of instruction on the dehumanization of marginalized groups

SB 1447-Williams
Authorizes a sales tax for early childhood educational services

SB 1448-Razer
Modifies the offense of unlawful possession of a firearm

SB 1449-Razer
Creates provisions relating to the transfer of a firearm

SJR 88-Washington
Modifies the statutes of limitations for civil actions based on certain sexual offenses

SJR 89-Eigel
Modifies provisions relating to the state budget


HCS for HB 1989
Allows the enrollment of nonresident students in public school districts

HB 1488-Shields
Authorizes tax credits for child care

HCS for HB 1511
Creates provisions regulating requirements for electric vehicle charging stations

HB 1960-Riley
Establishes the Regulatory Sandbox Act

HCS for HB 1720
Authorizes certain local governments to close public records that contain individually identifiable information of minors that are seventeen years of age or under

HB 2062-Brown, C. (16)
Prohibits local governments from imposing or enforcing eviction proceeding moratoriums

HCS for HB 1659
Modifies provisions relating to criminal laws

HB 1803-Thompson
Increases the limit on investments in linked deposits by the State Treasurer

HB 1495-Griffith
Tasks the Missouri veterans commission with expanding its efforts to prevent veteran suicide

HB 1909-Taylor (48)
Modifies the meeting requirements for county political party committees

HCS for HB 1749
Modifies provisions for initiative petitions and referendums


1.     SB 742-Arthur
    Authorizes tax credits for child care



SB 727-Koenig, with SCS
Modifies provisions of the Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program and authorizes charter schools to operate in Boone County, St. Charles County, and St. Louis County

SB 739-Cierpiot
Modifies provisions relating to solid waste disposal area permits

SB 745-Bernskoetter, with SS & SA 1 (pending)
Modifies the duration of unemployment benefits based on the unemployment rate

SB 748-Hough
Modifies provisions relating to reimbursement allowance taxes

SBs 754, 746, 788, 765, 841, 887 & 861-Luetkemeyer, with SCS
Modifies provisions relating to public safety

SB 799-Fitzwater and Eigel, with SCS & SS for SCS (pending)
Modifies provisions relating to motor vehicle assessments

SB 802-Trent
Establishes the Missouri Rural Access to Capital Act

SBs 1168 & 810-Coleman, with SCS, SS for SCS, SA 2, SA 1 to SA 2 & point of order (pending)
Modifies provisions relating to public funding of abortion facilities and affiliates and provisions relating to MO HealthNet providers


SR 557-Eigel
Modifies Senate Rules 50 and 60 regarding the report by the Committee on Appropriations for new appropriations of general revenue

SR 558-Eigel
Modifies Senate Rule 60 regarding the amendment process for appropriations bills

SR 561-Moon
Modifies Senate Rule 50 to provide that every senate bill that is pre-filed before the opening day of a regular session shall be referred to a committee within thirty calendar days

SR 562-Moon
Modifies Senate Rule 50 to allow each chair of a standing committee to report no more than three bills, with certain exceptions, when the Senate is on the order of business of reports of standing committees

SR 563-Moon
Modifies Senate Rule 96 to provide that, no later than March 1, 2024, the Senate shall provide an audio and video feed of its proceedings on the website of the Senate

SR 631-May
Modifies Senate Rules 29 and 44 regarding seniority

SR 647-Coleman
Modifies Senate Rule 8 regarding the absence of a quorum

To be Referred

SCR 33-Washington
Designates every February 20th as "John Donaldson Day" in Missouri