Senator Westfall
Bills Sponsored

HB 0248 - Creates the crime of assault and/or killing of a police animal
SB 0049 - Lowers maximum legal blood alcohol content for drivers to .08%
SB 0050 - Creates felonies of killing and assault of police animals
SB 0051 - Allows license plates relating to Wilson Creek Battlefield Park
SB 0167 - Modifies law pertaining to alcohol related traffic offenses
SB 0182 - Describes procedure for issuing license plates and placards for the physically disabled
SB 0205 - Makes numerous changes to existing billboard law, including spacing and size requirements
SB 0361 - Limits the ability of soil and water districts to sell merchandise
SB 0362 - Amends various provisions regarding licensure of massage therapists
SB 0422 - Revises state school aid formula, reduces minimum levy to $1.25, increases income tax and sales tax
SB 0423 - Modifies definition of grain dealers
SB 0424 - Revises licensing of veterinarians and related workers
SB 0471 - Transaction of business at meetings of electric cooperatives
SB 0486 - Exempts certain charitable organizations from prevailing wage laws
SB 0500 - Authorizes highway patrol to conduct an inspection on a homemade trailer
SB 0501 - Modifies law regarding disclosure and display of a social security number on a driver's license
SJR 026 - Reduces maximum amount school levy without voter approval to $1.25 per $100 assessed value

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