SB 0205 Makes numerous changes to existing billboard law, including spacing and size requirements
LR Number:S1004.01P Fiscal Note:1004-01
Last Action:04/13/99 - Hearing Conducted H Local Government & Related Journal page:
Matters Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 1999
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Current Bill Summary

SB 205 - This act makes numerous changes to the existing billboard law. It modifies the definition of primary system to include federal-aid primary highways and those highways designated as part of the National Highway System. This act also reduces the maximum size for billboards from 1,200 square feet to 800 square feet, increases the minimum spacing between signs outside the city limits from 300 feet to 500 feet, and increases the minimum spacing between signs within city limits from 100 feet to 500 feet.

The act prohibits the stacking of sign structures after August 28, 1999. Billboards existing before August 28, 1999, shall not be deemed nonconforming provided that they comply with other statutory requirements and city and county regulations. Individuals issued a permit to erect a billboard have two years to erect the structure; otherwise, the individual must obtain a new permit. The act encourages the Highway Commission to allow the use of new technologies in outdoor advertising. A portion of this act is contained in CCS/HCS/SCS/SB 61.