Senator House
Bills Sponsored

HB 0162 - Modifies unemployment benefit insurance
HB 0321 - Changes representation on governing bodies of public colleges and universities
HB 0352 - Allows municipalities with voter approval, to contract for fire protection services
HB 0427 - Creates Class A felony of infanticide
HB 0472 - Court shall not waive criminal background for adoption of a child
HB 0542 - Authorizes contributions of cash and marketable securities for maternity home/domestic violence tax credits
SB 0159 - Authorizes contributions of cash and marketable securities for maternity home tax credit
SB 0163 - Public school sexual education shall emphasize abstinence
SB 0188 - Removes old citation to federal Servicemen's Readjustment Act
SB 0189 - Repeals outdated or superceded sections relating to children and minors
SB 0190 - Reduces all individual state income tax rates
SB 0191 - The state shall not set certification by a school-to-work program as a condition of employment
SB 0198 - Creates civil liability for pornography
SB 0208 - Higher education: Revises scholarship limits and approval of programs
SB 0221 - Expands the obligation of the Property and Casualty Guaranty Fund for insolvent insurer claims
SB 0274 - Creates the crime of infanticide with an exception for preserving the life of the child or mother
SB 0290 - Encourages public colleges and universities to enroll new students
SB 0319 - Allows sheltered workshops to provide services to certain persons with developmental disabilities
SB 0332 - Revises surface mining and land reclamation permit requirements
SB 0347 - Line 14 "At-Risk" moneys may be used for early grade foreign language instruction
SB 0366 - Authorizes income tax credit of 10% property tax paid
SB 0430 - Establishes that director must set an equal amount for pay claims and redefines term insurance policy administrator
SB 0431 - Modifies compensation and benefits of Administrative Law Judges in the Division of Transportation
SB 0460 - Revises MOSTARS Higher Education Savings Program
SB 0461 - Revises school district debt limit and allowed investments
SB 0472 - Makes technical revisions to education law
SB 0524 - Exempts from state income tax amounts received as reparation amounts for victims of Nazi persecution
SJR 014 - Eliminates personal property tax; imposes replacement tax on residential and commercial/utility property

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