Sen. Rick Brattin’s Legislation Protecting Children from Pornography in Schools Passes

JEFFERSON CITY — Conservative state Sen. Rick Brattin’s, R-Harrisonville, legislation protecting students from pornographic materials in schools passed the Missouri Legislature on May 12. Senator Brattin originally filed the language in Senate Bill 1224 and then added the language in an amendment to another bill, Senate Bill 775.

“In schools all across the country, we’ve seen this disgusting and inappropriate content making its way into our classrooms,” Sen. Brattin said. “Instead of recognizing this as the threat it is, some schools are actually fighting parents to protect this filth. The last place our children should be seeing pornography is in our schools.”

Senator Brattin’s legislation creates the offense of providing explicit sexual material to a student, and any school employee or individual affiliated with a school that violates the law could be charged with a Class A misdemeanor.

“There’s no question that in some places this content is not only celebrated but actively being pushed on our children,” Sen. Brattin said. “We have to put our foot down and say ‘no, our children are too important to us and our future to allow this to happen.’ Our children are a precious gift from God, and it’s our job to raise them to respect themselves and the opposite sex the way God intended.”

Senator Brattin was elected to the Missouri Senate in 2020 after previously serving four terms in the Missouri House of Representatives and two years as Cass County Auditor. He serves as vice-chair of the Education Committee and also serves on General Laws; Local Government and Elections; the Joint Committee on Government Accountability; and Seniors, Families, Veterans and Military Affairs. Senator Brattin lives in Harrisonville with his wife, Athena, and five children. They are members of Abundant Life Church in Lee’s Summit.

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