Senator Denny Hoskins Pre-files Priority Legislation for 2023 Session

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Denny Hoskins, R-Warrensburg, has pre-filed bills addressing three of his top legislative priorities for the 2023 session, which begins Jan. 4. The three bills relate to sports wagering and video lottery terminals, freeing businesses from burdensome regulations and prohibiting unfair competition in interscholastic and intramural sports.

Honoring Missouri Veterans and Supporting Missouri Education Act — Senator Hoskins’ legislation would authorize sports wagering in Missouri and allow a system of video lottery terminals (VLT) to be placed in fraternal and veteran organization facilities, truck stops and bars. The bill would allow wagering on sporting events at established casinos and online by persons physically located in the state. Revenues from these activities would help fund elementary and secondary education, institutions of higher learning and capital improvements at Missouri veterans homes and cemeteries. These programs currently receive money through the Missouri Lottery, though the Legislature appropriated an additional $50 million from general revenue to fund veterans homes in 2022.

“Passage of this legislation would bring much needed revenue to Missouri schools and veterans homes,” Sen. Hoskins said. “My sportsbook legislation could generate more than $10 million each year, while video lottery terminals would generate over $250 million in new state revenue, which more than makes up the $50 million funding shortfall our veterans homes and cemeteries experienced this year.  We must honor our commitment to our veterans and VLTs provides a consistent revenue stream to do that.”

Regulatory Sandbox Act — This legislation creates a Regulatory Relief Office within the Department of Economic Development. Businesses would be allowed to apply for waivers from certain state laws or regulations for the purpose of demonstrating an innovative product or offering to consumers.

Save Women’s Sports Act —Sen. Hoskins’ legislation would prohibit biological males from participating in interscholastic or intramural sports competitions intended for biological females. The law would shield schools from civil action on behalf of licensing or accrediting organizations and prohibit the appropriation of public funds to schools that allow biological males to compete in female sports.

“These three bills reflect some of my highest priorities for the 2023 legislative session,” Sen. Hoskins said. “Each of these measures has received wide support in previous sessions and it’s my hope we can finally get these bills across the legislative finish line early in 2023.”

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