Sen. Brian Williams Releases Statement About Committee Rejection of SB 666


JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Brian Williams, D-University City, released the following statement on the Senate Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety Committee’s rejection of Senate Bill 666 on Feb. 10:

“Senate Bill 666 was a terrible piece of legislation that would have legalized murder and made it harder for authorities to conduct investigations. For two months after Ahmaud Arbery’s death, no arrests were made because the killers claimed self-defense even though Arbery was an innocent man minding his own business while out on a jog. Thankfully, after public outcry and national attention, justice was eventually served and his murderers were arrested and convicted of their crimes. Senate Bill 666 would have allowed Ahmaud Arbery’s killers to walk free, forever.  In Missouri, this legislation would have provided a license to murder if it became law, but I am thankful that will not be the case now that it has been defeated.”

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