Sen. Rick Brattin’s Texas-Style Pro-Life Bill Heard in Committee

JEFFERSON CITY — Pro-life Missouri state Sen. Rick Brattin’s, R-Harrisonville, Texas-style pro-life bill was heard in the Senate Seniors, Families, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee this week.

Senator Brattin’s bill, Senate Bill 778, would prohibit abortions after a “fetal heartbeat” is detected and would also allow private citizens to sue anyone who knowingly performs or aids or abets in an unlawful abortion.

“God created us with a fundamental right to life,” Sen. Brattin said. “Yet, more than 60 million children have lost their lives since Roe v. Wade. These children are human beings, like you and me, and we have moral responsibility to do everything in our power to protect them. That’s what this bill will do.”

Similar to the Texas pro-life bill that passed last year, Sen. Brattin’s bill puts the power of enforcement in the hands of the people. Individual citizens can sue any abortion provider for performing an illegal abortion by as much as $10,000 for each violation.

“Ever since five Supreme Court justices in 1973 decided unborn children didn’t deserve the right to life, unelected judges have stood in the way of voters and sound pro-life laws,” Sen. Brattin said. “This bill takes enforcement power away from those who are abusing it and gives the power to Missourians. I’m going to continue pursuing any and all options until abortion is ended in Missouri.”

Senator Brattin’s bill is Senate Bill 778.

Senator Brattin represents the 31st Senatorial District, covering Barton, Bates, Cass, Henry and Vernon counties. Senator Brattin resides in Harrisonville with his wife, Athena, and their five children.

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