Sen. Rick Brattin Files Legislation Combatting Illegal Immigration

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Rick Brattin, R-Harrisonville, filed legislation this week to fight illegal immigration and protect Missourians from the ongoing crisis at the southern border.

Senator Brattin’s bill, Senate Bill 1227, would strengthen Missouri’s sanctuary city law with daily fines of $25,500 for any city or county illegally harboring criminals.

“These ‘sanctuary’ cities and counties are intentionally breaking the law and putting our communities in danger,” said Sen. Brattin. “We cannot and will not tolerate it any longer. My bill would give our sanctuary law teeth and put an end to a policy that supports criminals over law-abiding Missourians.”

Senator Brattin’s bill would also expand the E-Verify program public employers are required to use to verify employees can legally work to include all employers in Missouri. The bill expands the current offense of transportation of an illegal alien to include concealment and inducement as well.

“It’s clear the president and his administration are not going to do their job and secure our border,” said Sen. Brattin. “We need to step up in Missouri and do our part. That means protecting Missouri businesses and the jobs of hardworking Missourians, and ensuring our law enforcement and prosecutors have the tools they need to go after illegal aliens and human traffickers. My bill would give Missouri some of the strongest immigration laws in the country.”

Senator Brattin’s bill comes at a time when illegal border crossings have skyrocketed in the last year and as construction of a wall along the southern border was halted by the current president and his administration.

Senator Brattin represents the 31st Senatorial District, covering Barton, Bates, Cass, Henry and Vernon counties. Senator Brattin resides in Harrisonville with his wife, Athena, and their five children.

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