Sen. Rick Brattin Files Bill to Fight Jackson County COVID Tyranny

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Rick Brattin, R-Harrisonville, filed legislation this week fighting back against an effort in the Jackson County Legislature to circumvent state law and allow Jackson County to impose COVID mandates and shut downs with no oversight or approval of voters.

Senator Brattin’s bill, Senate Bill 1047, would prevent Jackson County from imposing unlawful COVID restrictions by reserving all lawmaking authority on COVID policies to the Missouri state Legislature.

“Jackson County’s unconstitutional push to impose new COVID tyranny policies is about fear and control,” Sen. Brattin said. “This ‘pandemic’ has been going on for two years and it has been one emergency law or policy after another shutting down people’s businesses or telling kids they can’t go to school. Enough is enough. It’s time to trust the people to make their own decisions about to deal with COVID.”

The ordinance under consideration in Jackson County would give the county complete control of all public health regulations and enforcement, up to and including shutting down schools and even breaking up private gatherings.

“If the Jackson County Legislature gets its way with this COVID bill, it won’t stop there,” Sen. Brattin said. “What other rights and liberties are they going to take away under the guise of an ‘emergency?’ They will continue to chip away at every last bit of our freedom unless we stop them.”

Senator Brattin’s bill is SB 1047.

Senator Brattin represents the 31st Senatorial District, covering Barton, Bates, Cass, Henry and Vernon counties. Senator Brattin resides in Harrisonville with his wife, Athena, and their five children.

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