Statement from Sen. John Rizzo on Release of Kevin Strickland

Statement from Senator John Rizzo on Release of Kevin Strickland

Jefferson City — State Sen. John Rizzo, D – Independence, issued the following statement relating to the release of Kevin Strickland:

For 42 years, Kevin Strickland has been innocent. Now, for the first time, he will be free. When we sat down with prosecutors and advocates to write the Motion to Vacate provision of Senate Bills 53 & 60, we did so to fix a broken system and set innocent people free.

“Today, Kevin Strickland will walk out of jail a free man to be reunited with his family and friends because of this bill.

“I want to thank The Midwest Innocence Project for their tireless efforts.

“Without a doubt, there is more to do to fix our broken judicial system, but today is a monumental step forward for justice in Missouri.”