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HS for HCS for HB 306
    Modifies provisions related to elementary, secondary, and higher education

HCS for HB 1236
    Creates various new funds in the state treasury and restricts the creation of new funds not authorized by law

HCS for HB 744
    Modifies provisions relating to protection orders, including protection orders for household pets

HB 604-Gregory (51)
    Modifies provisions relating to the regulation of insurance

HJR 6-Schnelting
    Creates the state Department of Defense

HB 678-Eggleston
    Specifies the areas in a courthouse where a judge or county commission may establish rules

HB 299-Wallingford
    Modifies provisions relating to child custody arrangements

HCS for HB 1242
    Modifies provisions relating to juvenile court proceedings

HB 167-Hardwick
    Designates the Missouri National Guard Armory in Joplin as the "Sergeant Robert Wayne Crow Jr. Memorial Armory"

HB 391-Griffith
    Provides that Missouri National Guard members be treated as state employees for certain purposes

HCS for HB 252
    Modifies provisions relating to transient guest taxes

HB 563-Owen
    Authorizes the city of Springfield to create a land bank agency

HB 60-Schnelting
    Creates the state department of defense


1. SS for SB 212-White (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Modifies provisions relating to the Department of Corrections, the Division of Probation and Parole, and the Parole Board

2. SB 5-Wieland
    Modifies provisions relating to certain infrastructure improvement districts


1. SB 57-May, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to incentives for economic development

2. SB 354-Hoskins, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to tax credits

3. SB 126-Brown, with SCS
    Extends the hours for the sale of intoxicating liquor

4. SB 287-Crawford
    Modifies provisions relating to use taxes

5. SB 282-Hegeman, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to elections

6. SB 202-Cierpiot, with SCS
    Creates provisions allowing electrical corporations to issue bonds to finance energy transition costs

7. SB 44-White
    Establishes provisions related to water and sewer infrastructure

8. SB 71-Gannon, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to protection orders, including protective orders for household pets

9. SB 254-Riddle, with SCS
    Restricts the inspection of grounds or facilities used for certain agricultural purposes

10. SB 94-Onder
    Creates new provisions relating to joint employers

11. SB 206-Arthur
    Modifies provisions relating to child care benefits

12. SB 138-Brattin, with SCS
    Modifies the law relating to work requirements for participants in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

13. SB 78-Beck
    Modifies the process for hiring state employees

14. SB 74-Bean, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to hate crimes against law enforcement officers and first responders

15. SB 343-Brown
    Modifies provisions relating to terms of imprisonment

16. SB 95-Onder, with SCS
    Modifies provisions related to the virtual school program

17. SB 30-Cierpiot
    Establishes the "Show Me a Brighter Future Scholarship Act"

18. SB 134-O'Laughlin and Cierpiot
    Permits recording certain meetings by a student's parent or legal guardian

19. SB 98-Hoskins, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to gaming

20. SB 360-Wieland, with SCS
    Modifies the supplemental surcharge collected by the director of the division of workers' compensation

21. SB 45-Hough
    Creates new provisions relating to certain firefighters who contracted certain types of cancer as a result of employment as a firefighter

22. SB 65-Rehder, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to persons knowingly infected with communicable diseases

23. SB 253-Hegeman
    Establishes a tax credit for certain alternative fuel refueling properties

24. SJR 12-Luetkemeyer
    Allows the growth in assessed values to be limited by law

25. SB 131-Luetkemeyer
    Places a limit on the growth in assessments of residential real property

26. SB 291-Brown
    Modifies provisions relating to the right of sepulcher and the death registration process

27. SB 306-Bernskoetter, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to liability of a landowners

28. SB 255-Riddle
    Modifies provisions relating to Missouri Local Government Employees' Retirement System to provide for coverage of certain employee classes

29. SB 404-Riddle
    Provides that sheriffs shall collect up to $100 for service of court orders in eviction proceedings

30. SB 334-Bernskoetter
    Modifies provisions relating to service territories of retail electric service providers

31. SB 96-Hoskins, with SCS
    Establishes a minimum biodiesel fuel content mandate for diesel fuel sold or offered for sale in Missouri

32. SB 183-O'Laughlin
    Modifies definition of "wages" under employment security law to exclude termination and severance pay

33. SB 459-Brattin, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to child custody arrangements

34. SB 198-Eigel, with SCS
    Creates the Department of Military Forces

35. SJR 7-Eigel
    Creates the Department of Military Force

36. SB 114-Bernskoetter
    Modifies provisions relating to the reorganization and renaming of certain state agencies

37. SB 316-Hough
    Modifies provisions governing the payment of salaries out of the state treasury

38. SB 372-Riddle
    Modifies provisions relating to qualifications for agents of liquor control

39. SB 195-Koenig
    Modifies provisions relating to administrative fees charged by dealers licensed by the Department of Revenue

40. SB 295-Crawford, with SCS
    Establishes the Missouri Statutory Thresholds for Settlements Involving Minors Act

41. SB 169-Burlison
    Provides that a food or merchandise container shall not be deemed to be misleading, misbranded, or unfairly marketed if the container is filled to less than its capacity if certain criteria are present

42. SB 139-Bean
    Establishes the Workforce Diploma Program to assist students in obtaining a high school diploma and in developing employability and career and technical skills

43. SB 204-Cierpiot, with SCS
    Modifies provisions related to computer science courses offered in elementary and secondary schools

44. SB 369-White
    Modifies provisions relating to the valuation of insured property

45. SB 105-Crawford, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to property assessment contracts for energy efficiency

46. SB 473-Brown
    Authorizes discipline against real estate licensees related to advertisement

47. SB 168-Burlison
    Establishes the "Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act"

48. SB 434-Washington
    Establishes the "Cronkite New Voices Act" to protect the freedom of press in school-sponsored media

49. SB 465-Hoskins, with SCS
    Establishes the Missouri Rural Workforce Development Act

50. SB 174-Hough, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to certain infrastructure improvement districts

51. SB 227-Arthur
    Allows, rather than requires, the Department of Economic Development to recapture certain tax incentives

52. SJR 4-Koenig
    Modifies provisions relating to taxation

53. SB 318-May, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to scrap metals

54. SB 408-Wieland
    Modifies legal notice requirements relating to unclaimed property

55. SB 399-Eigel
    Modifies process for challenging ballot titles for proposed ballot measures prepared by the General Assembly

56. SB 547-Hoskins, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to political subdivisions

57. SB 236-Hough, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to feral swine

58. SJR 16-Eslinger
    Amends the Constitution to assert the right to hunt and fish

59. SB 182-O'Laughlin
    Modifies provisions relating to the removal of a tenant from a commercial property

60. SB 361-Wieland
    Modifies provisions relating to workers' compensation

61. SB 481-Hough, et al
    Creates new provisions relating to the recovery of overpaid unemployment benefits

62. SB 370-Brown
    Modifies provisions relating to motor vehicles

63. SB 54-O'Laughlin, with SCS
    Modifies provisions related to literacy and reading instruction

64. SB 390-Luetkemeyer
    Modifies the boundaries of certain community college districts

65. SB 400-Onder, with SCS
    Modifies provisions related to the accreditation of public schools, school districts, and charter schools

66. SB 437-Hoskins
    Repeals provisions authorizing regional economic development districts

67. SB 466-Hoskins, with SCS
    Modifies the membership of the Missouri Housing Development Commission and Missouri Development Finance Board

68. SB 604-Koenig, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to earnings tax

69. SB 313-Eigel
    Reduces the top rate of income tax

70. SB 529-Cierpiot
    Authorizes the retention of sales tax for the sales of admission tickets to certain events

71. SB 577-Riddle, with SCS
    Authorizes the conveyance of certain state property

72. SB 62-Williams, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to bonds of county recorders of deeds

73. SB 383-Moon
    Repeals the Missouri State Archives-St. Louis Trust Fund

74. SB 272-Mosley, with SCS
    Prohibits the publishing of identifying information of lottery winners

75. SB 244-Onder
    Modifies provisions governing the authorization of the deduction of moneys from the paychecks of public employees for the benefit of public labor organizations

76. SB 184-Bean, with SCS
    Allows electrical corporations to operate and use broadband infrastructure

77. SB 92-Riddle, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to the assessment of certain public utility property

78. SB 562-Schupp
    Requires the Department of Social Services to apply for a "Farm to Food Bank Project"

79. SB 132-O'Laughlin, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to family child care homes

80. SB 561-Gannon
    Modifies provisions relating to children in the custody of the state

81. SB 582-Eslinger
    Modifies provisions relating to wages paid by sheltered workshops

82. SB 375-Eigel
    Creates new provisions requiring the reimbursement of certain expenses for certain hourly wage employees

83. SB 506-Bean
    Modifies provisions relating to gambling facilities

84. SB 317-May
    Modifies provisions relating to the suspension of licenses for failure to comply with a child support order

85. SB 323-May
    Allows school districts to offer elective social studies courses on the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament

86. SB 218-Luetkemeyer, with SCS
    Modifies the calculation of the amount a school district with one or more pupils attending a charter school shall pay to the charter school


1. HB 345-DeGroot (Luetkemeyer)
    Modifies provisions relating to the enforcement of arbitration awards and intervention in court proceedings for insurance companies



SB 1-Hegeman, with SS (pending)
    Extends the sunset on certain health care provider federal reimbursement allowances

SB 3-Hegeman
    Modifies the statute of limitations for personal injury claims from five years to two years

SB 7-Riddle, with SS & SA 1 (pending)
    Provides that a person who is injured by a product has fifteen years after the sale or lease of the product to bring a suit for damages

SB 10-Schatz, with SS (pending)
    Modifies provisions relating to illegal gambling

SB 11-Schatz
    Establishes the Missouri Statewide Mechanical Contractor Licensing Act

SB 24-Eigel, with SS#2 (pending)
    Reduces the personal property assessment rate from 33.3% to 0.001% over five years

SB 36-Bernskoetter, with SS (pending)
    Establishes the Capitol Complex Tax Credit Act

SB 47-Hough
    Modifies provisions relating to local taxation

SBs 55, 23 & 25-O'Laughlin, et al, with SCS & SS for SCS (pending)
    Modifies provisions related to elementary and secondary education

SB 100-Koenig, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to certain property tax liabilities

SB 123-Hough, with SS & SA 2 (pending)
    Modifies provisions relating to local sales taxes

SB 137-Brattin
    Modifies the procedure for the maintenance of voter registration records

SB 149-Onder
    Modifies the initiative petition process

SB 163-Cierpiot
    Modifies provisions relating to communications services offered in political subdivisions

SB 179-Luetkemeyer
    Modifies provisions relating to the enforcement of arbitration awards and intervention in court proceedings for insurance companies

SB 301-Bernskoetter, with SCS & SA 1 (pending)
    Establishes the Prescribed Burning Act which protects a landowner from liability for a prescribed burning

SJR 2-Onder, with SCS
    Modifies the process for getting an initiative petition on the ballot


Reported from Committee

SCR 6-Moon
    Urges the United States Congress to resist any attempt to increase the number of Justices on the United States Supreme Court

SCR 15-Bernskoetter
    Establishes June as "Scoliosis Awareness Month" in Missouri

SCR 16-Schatz
    Urges President Joe Biden and administration officials to approve the TC Energy Keystone XL pipeline

To be Referred

SCR 20-Brattin
    Urges the U.S. Congress to end Major League Baseball's federal antitrust law exemption

SR 222-Schupp
    Commemorates Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day, known in Israel as Yom HaShoah, remembers and honors all of those persons who died in the Holocaust, and condemns all acts of intolerance against any person