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SB 579-Rehder
    Modifies provisions relating to fee office contracts awarded by the Department of Revenue

SB 580-Rehder
    Enacts provisions authorizing the use of a remote system for the performance of transportation functions by the Department of Revenue

SB 581-Eslinger
    Modifies provisions relating to workers' compensation administrative law judges

SB 582-Eslinger
    Modifies provisions relating to wages paid by sheltered workshops

SB 583-Eslinger
    Creates provisions allowing the division of seven-director school districts and urban school districts into subdistricts

SB 584-Eslinger
    Modifies provisions related to advance practice registered nurses

SB 585-Eslinger
    Creates provisions relating to funding allocations for institutions of higher education

SB 586-Brattin
    Creates provisions related to curricula and instruction in public schools

SB 587-Brattin
    Modifies provisions relating to voter registration

SB 588-Brattin
    Authorizes the General Assembly and the Attorney General to review and prohibit implementation of certain federal actions in this state

SB 589-Brattin
    Replaces "Lincoln Day" with "Good Friday" as a state holiday

SB 590-Brattin
    Creates provisions requiring video cameras on certain elementary and secondary school buses

SB 591-Roberts
    Establishes provisions relating to alternative dispute resolution processes

SB 592-Roberts
    Modifies provisions relating to a senior citizens' services fund

SB 593-Roberts
    Modifies provisions relating to terms of probation

SB 594-Moon
    Modifies provisions relating to the sale of property to satisfy liens on stored property

SB 595-Moon
    Provides a cause of action against a public body that causes economic detriment to a person

SB 596-Moon
    Modifies provisions relating to searches and seizures

SB 597-Moon
    Modifies income tax brackets and rates

SB 598-O'Laughlin
    Modifies eligibility of retirement benefits resulting from membership in multiple defined benefit plans established by a state or local retirement system

SB 599-O'Laughlin
    Authorizes the conveyance of certain state property in the city of Kirksville

SB 600-O'Laughlin
    Authorizes the conveyance of certain state property located in Pike County

SB 601-O'Laughlin
    Modifies provisions limiting tuition rate increases at institutions of higher education

SB 602-O'Laughlin
    Modifies provisions relating to the requirement to dissolve a candidate committee

SB 603-Koenig
    Enacts provisions extending the laws of Missouri relating to abortion to certain conduct occurring outside the state

SB 604-Koenig
    Modifies provisions relating to earnings tax

SB 605-Koenig
    Creates new reporting requirements for the state auditor relating to state lending and credit support programs

SB 606-Burlison
    Modifies provisions relating to outdoor advertising

SB 607-Williams
    Modifies the Ticket to Work Health Assurance Program

SB 608-Razer
    Modifies provisions related to the Public School Retirement System and Public Education Employee Retirement System

SB 609-Razer
    Establishes the Joint Task Force on School Bus Safety

SB 610-May
    Designates every March 26th as "Pioneering Black Women's Day"

SB 611-May
    Modifies provisions relating to the regulation of internet protocol-enabled services

SB 612-May
    Modifies provisions relating to the license collector of St. Louis City

SB 613-Crawford
    Modifies provisions relating to insurance coverage for health care services performed by athletic trainers or physical therapists

SB 614-Crawford
    Creates provisions relating to electronic monitoring service providers

SB 615-Eigel
    Eliminates the bottom two income tax brackets

SB 616-Eigel
    Modifies provisions regarding the offense of sexual exploitation by a clergyperson

SB 617-Eigel
    Modifies provisions relating to MO HealthNet

SB 618-Bernskoetter
    Modifies terms of active employee members of the Board of Trustees of Missouri Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol Employees' Retirement System

SB 619-Bernskoetter
    Modifies provisions relating to the offense of tampering with electronic monitoring equipment

SB 620-Bernskoetter
    Modifies provisions relating to the reimbursement to counties for change of venue costs

SB 621-Bernskoetter
    Modifies the compensation of jurors for certain counties

SB 622-Bernskoetter
    Modifies the duration of unemployment benefits based on the unemployment rate

SB 623-Hough
    Authorizes a tax credit to offset taxation on utilities

SB 624-Hough
    Creates provisions requiring a professional license for radiologic imaging and radiation therapy

SB 625-Hough
    Modifies a provision relating to a sales tax credit for the replacement of certain vehicles

SB 626-Hough
    Modifies provisions relating to vehicle sales tax

SB 627-Hough
    Reduces the top rate of income tax by 0.5%

SB 628-Brattin
    Modifies provisions relating to county auditors

SB 629-Hoskins
    Modifies provisions relating to a tax deduction for certain military retirement benefits

SB 630-Hoskins
    Establishes provisions relating to liability for removing a domestic animal from a motor vehicle

SJR 28-Hegeman
    Prohibits any increase in compensation for certain statewide elected officials, members of the General Assembly, and judges beyond the two-year period in which a schedule issued by the Missouri Citizens' Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials is effective

SJR 29-Burlison
    Modifies the process for voter approval of initiative petitions to amend the constitution


HCS for HBs 85 & 310
    Creates additional protections to the right to bear arms

HCS for HB 350
    Creates the "Kratom Consumer Protection Act"

HB 153-Rone
    Requires the Department of Revenue to establish a system in which persons who own multiple farm vehicles can elect to have the vehicles placed on the same registration renewal schedule

HCS for HB 574
    Restricts the inspection of grounds or facilities used for certain agricultural purposes

HB 476-Grier
    Modifies provisions relating to license reciprocity to include military occupational specialties

HCS for HB 271
    Creates the "Missouri Local Government Expenditure Database"

HCS for HB 362
    Modifies provisions relating to the Missouri Sunshine Law

HCS for HB 59
    Establishes provisions to protect personal information of active and retired first responders

HCS for HBs 547 & 752
    Modifies provisions relating to intoxicating liquors

HCS for HB 334
    Modifies provisions relating to elections

HB 345-DeGroot
    Modifies provisions relating to the enforcement of arbitration awards and intervention in court proceedings for insurance companies

HCS for HB 527
    Modifies provisions relating to the construction of electric transmission lines and the use of eminent domain for utility purposes

HCS for HB 349
    Establishes the "Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program."

HCS for HB 548
    Creates provisions relating to admissible evidence in court

HB 139-Hudson
    Modifies provisions relating to lodging establishments

HB 670-Houx
    Repeals the Missouri State Archives-St. Louis Trust Fund

HB 657-Trent
    Modifies provisions relating to the Missouri Sunshine Law


1. SS for SCS for SB 152-Hoskins (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Modifies provisions related to education

2. SB 330-Burlison
    Adopts the Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact

3. SS for SCS for SB 43-White (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Enacts provisions relating to hearing aids covered by health benefit plans


1. SB 24-Eigel
    Reduces the personal property assessment rate from 33.3% to 0.001% over five years

2. SB 47-Hough
    Modifies provisions relating to local taxation

3. SB 86-Hegeman
    Creates new provisions prohibiting the use of public funds to influence elections

4. SB 100-Koenig, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to certain property tax liabilities

5. SB 258-White
    Classifies Missouri National Guard members as state employees for certain purposes

6. SB 63-Rehder
    Modifies provisions relating to the monitoring of certain controlled substances

7. SB 262-Schatz, with SCS
    Enacts an additional tax on motor fuel and provides for an exemption and refund process for the additional tax

8. SBs 53 & 60-Luetkemeyer, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to law enforcement officers

9. SB 179-Luetkemeyer
    Modifies provisions relating to the enforcement of arbitration awards and intervention in court proceedings for insurance companies

10. SB 128-Brown
    Modifies provisions relating to the operation of canteens and commissaries by correctional centers

11. SB 6-Wieland
    Enacts provisions relating to credit for reinsurance as an asset or reduction from liability of an insurer

12. SB 106-Crawford, with SCS
    Modifies various provisions relating to financial institutions

13. SB 4-Wieland, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to motor vehicle financial responsibility

14. SB 9-Riddle
    Modifies provisions relating to prisoner complaints against a psychologist's license

15. SBs 153 & 97-Koenig, with SCS
    Modifies several provisions relating to taxation

16. SB 91-Riddle, with SCS
    Prohibits certain offenders of sex crimes from being near certain properties

17. SB 283-Hoskins
    Modifies provisions relating to liquor sales

18. SB 119-Burlison, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to telecommunication practices

19. SB 149-Onder
    Modifies the initiative petition process

20. SJR 2-Onder, with SCS
    Modifies the process for getting an initiative petition on the ballot

21. SB 137-Brattin
    Modifies the procedure for the maintenance of voter registration records

22. SB 108-Cierpiot, with SCS
    Allows two or more municipalities to form a broadband infrastructure improvement district for the delivery of broadband internet service to the residents of such municipalities

23. SB 141-Bean
    Requires the Public Service Commission to create a renewable natural gas program

24. SB 163-Cierpiot
    Modifies provisions relating to communications services offered in political subdivisions

25. SB 40-Burlison, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to the Department of Natural Resources

26. SB 301-Bernskoetter, with SCS
    Establishes the Prescribed Burning Act which protects a landowner from liability for a prescribed burning

27. SB 333-Burlison
    Modifies provisions relating to charitable organizations

28. SB 120-White, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to military affairs

29. SB 327-Koenig
    Modifies provisions relating to termination of parental rights and adoption

30. SB 289-Brown, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to peace officer licensure

31. SB 176-Hough
    Enacts provisions relating to personal delivery devices

32. SB 46-Hough
    Exempts new motor vehicles from certain inspection requirements

33. SB 3-Hegeman
    Modifies the statute of limitations for personal injury claims from five years to two years

34. SB 212-White
    Modifies provisions relating to the Department of Corrections, the Division of Probation and Parole, and the Parole Board

35. SB 5-Wieland, with SCS
    Extends the authorization of AIM Zones until 2030

36. SB 36-Bernskoetter
    Establishes the Capitol Complex Tax Credit Act

37. SB 57-May, with SCS
    Establishes the Economic Distress Zone Fund

38. SB 354-Hoskins, with SCS
    Extends the sunset of tax credits for agricultural production

39. SB 126-Brown, with SCS
    Extends the hours for the sale of intoxicating liquor

40. SB 287-Crawford
    Modifies provisions relating to use taxes

41. SB 282-Hegeman, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to elections

42. SB 202-Cierpiot, with SCS
    Creates the Missouri Electricity Bill Reduction Assistance Act

43. SB 44-White
    Establishes provisions related to water and sewer infrastructure

44. SB 71-Gannon, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to protection orders, including protective orders for household pets

45. SB 254-Riddle, with SCS
    Restricts the inspection of grounds or facilities used for certain agricultural purposes

46. SB 94-Onder
    Creates new provisions relating to joint employers

47. SB 206-Arthur
    Modifies provisions relating to child care benefits

48. SB 138-Brattin, with SCS
    Modifies the law relating to work requirements for participants in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

49. SB 78-Beck
    Modifies the process for hiring state employees

50. SB 74-Bean, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to hate crimes against law enforcement officers and first responders

51. SB 343-Brown
    Modifies provisions relating to terms of imprisonment

52. SB 95-Onder, with SCS
    Modifies provisions related to the virtual school program

53. SB 30-Cierpiot
    Establishes the "Show Me a Brighter Future Scholarship Act"

54. SB 134-O'Laughlin and Cierpiot
    Permits recording certain meetings by a student's parent or legal guardian

55. SB 98-Hoskins, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to gaming



SS for SB 64-Rehder
    Modifies provisions of law relating to certain distributors of hypodermic needles


SB 1-Hegeman
    Extends the sunset on certain health care provider federal reimbursement allowances

SB 7-Riddle, with SS & SA 1 (pending)
    Provides that a person who is injured by a product has fifteen years after the sale or lease of the product to bring a suit for damages

SB 10-Schatz, with SS (pending)
    Modifies provisions relating to illegal gambling

SB 11-Schatz
    Establishes the Missouri Statewide Mechanical Contractor Licensing Act

SBs 12, 20, 21, 31, 56, 67 & 68-Onder, with SCS, SS for SCS & SA 5 (pending)
    Modifies provisions relating to public health

SBs 55, 23 & 25-O'Laughlin, et al, with SCS & SS for SCS (pending)
    Modifies provisions related to elementary and secondary education

SB 123-Hough, with SS & SA 2 (pending)
    Modifies provisions relating to local sales taxes


Senate Bills

Reported 3/4

SB 226-Koenig
    Modifies the filing periods for the remittance of sales taxes

SB 377-Eslinger
    Modifies provisions relating to liability of a landowner of property used for recreational purposes in compliance with a wildlife management program


Reported from Committee

SCR 3-Roberts and Moon, with SCS
    Condemns the Missouri Supreme Court's Dred Scott decision

SCR 7-Hegeman
    Urges support of state funding for a North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission project