Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer Presents Anti-Doxing Bill to Judiciary Committee

JEFFERSON CITY — Legislation to protect law enforcement officers from unwelcome disclosure of their personal information was presented to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senate Bill 129, sponsored by State Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer, R-Parkville, elevates “doxing” of law enforcement officers to a felony offense.

Senator Tony Luetkemeyer presents Senate Bill 129 to the Judiciary Committee.

Doxing, the practice of exposing personal information online, has become a common tactic of political activists and protesters to encourage harassing phone calls or texts and, in extreme cases, protests or physical attacks against law enforcement officers and their families. Recently, a protestor outside the Kansas City Police Department headquarters threatened to disclose information that endangered the children of police officers unless demands were met.

“Police officers sign up for a dangerous job, but they should not have to endure harassment by individuals who threaten their personal security and their families’ safety by posting private information online,” Sen. Luetkemeyer said. “At the end of their shifts, brave police officers should not have to worry about protesters showing up at their home or confronting family members.”

The Judiciary Committee, which Sen. Luetkemeyer chairs, heard testimony in support of the legislation from a number of organizations representing police officers in Missouri.

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