Sen. Doug Beck’s Legislation Added to Bills Signed into Law

For Immediate Release: July 15, 2021

Contact: Lisa Etter — (573) 751-0220

Senator Doug Beck’s Legislation Added to Bills Signed into Law

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Doug Beck, D-St. Louis, announces provisions from his sponsored legislation are now a part of two new Missouri laws. Senate Bill 76 requires school districts to provide accommodations for lactating employees, teachers and students to nurse their baby or attend to related matters. This language was amended on to the now signed House Bill 432, an omnibus measure designed to help our state’s most vulnerable. Components of his Senate Bill 78 were added to Senate Bill 120 to grant qualified members of the Missouri National Guard interviews for state jobs.

“It is rewarding to watch good ideas transpire into beneficial policies,” said Sen. Beck. “I’m grateful for my colleagues and the stakeholders involved who helped turn these ideas into realities for our deserving National Guard members and nursing mothers.”

Senator Beck and other legislators watch the governor sign SB 120 into law.

Both of these measures were signed by the governor on July 14 and will go into effect Aug. 28.

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