Sen. Eric Burlison Shares His Goals for the 2021 Legislative Session

Wednesday, Jan. 6 marked the first day of the First Regular Session of the 101st General Assembly. To begin this session, I wanted to talk about my goals for this year and how I will approach the upcoming legislative session.

Increased Fiscal Responsibility

First, I want to see increased fiscal responsibility from our government. During last year’s legislative session, we saw a significant decrease in the state’s revenue due to the pandemic. Essentially, we had to start at square one and prepare a new budget to accommodate those losses. While we had a limited amount of time to rewrite the state’s FY 2021 budget due to the coronavirus pandemic, I did not think the budget approved by lawmakers used state resources in a fiscally prudent manner. As a result, I voted against most of the appropriations bills. As my colleagues and I begin working on the FY 2022 budget, I am hopeful we can craft a budget that uses taxpayer dollars in a fiscally conservative and responsible manner.

Constitutional and Conservative Legislation

I am committed to sponsoring and supporting legislation that will protect our constitutional rights and promote conservative ideals. I will continue to fight for our constitutional right to bear arms and protect unborn children and their right to life. I believe now more than ever, we must ensure the legislation we pass protects our constitutional rights.

Fewer Regulatory Hurdles

Finally, I want to remove unnecessary regulatory hurdles for people trying to find work. In my opinion, certain regulations seem to exist to deter individuals from pursing meaningful employment. Last year, the governor signed my Expanded Workforce Access Act of 2020 into law. I plan to build on that progress by providing more opportunities for employment in Missouri. Numerous Missourians lost their job because of the virus’s effect on our economy, and I hope we can get Missourians back to work this year.

I am excited for what this legislative session will bring, and I am ready to fight for your rights and be your voice in the Missouri Senate.

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