Conservative Senators Ask Governor to Put Life Ahead of Hospital Tax

JEFFERSON CITY — A coalition of seven conservative, pro-life members of the Missouri Senate has sent a letter asking the governor to call the General Assembly into session to pass legislation ensuring taxpayer dollars will not be used to fund abortion services. The passage of legislation protecting the unborn will clear the way for the senators to support renewal of the Federal Reimbursement Allowance (FRA) program with no stipulations, the letter said.

In the letter, the seven senators declared common ground with the governor and expressed support for the FRA program, which leverages state tax funds to access federal money to pay for hospitals and Medicaid services. Renewal of the FRA hit an impasse during the 2021 legislative session over concerns about taxpayer money being used to fund abortion services.

The seven senators assured the governor that once their pro-life concerns were addressed, they could vote for renewal of the FRA. “A compromise to pass both protections for the unborn and the FRA would enable us to protect the most vulnerable in our state. As we all agree that time is of the essence, we urge you to call us into Extraordinary Session immediately,” the letter said.

Seven Missouri senators signed the letter to the governor:

Sen. Rick Brattin

Sen. Eric Burlison

Sen. William Eigel

Sen. Denny Hoskins

Sen. Andrew Koenig

Sen. Mike Moon

Sen. Bob Onder