Audio: Sen. Rick Brattin’s Podcast for April 7


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Brattin-Podcast-040121  (2:39)  Q: stop to it.

  1. Senator Brattin says there is growing concern over what are known as “vaccination passports.”
    Brattin-1-040121  (:20)  Q: in my opinion.
  2. Senator Brattin adds he believes the concept of vaccination passports is concerning.
    Brattin-2-040121  (:28)  Q: go about this.
  3. Senator Brattin also says Senate Bill 46 contains protections against vaccination passports in Missouri.
    Brattin-3-040121  (:30)  Q: what they wish.
  4. Senator Brattin says he believes it comes down to states’ rights.
    Brattin-4-040121  (:20  Q: stop to it.