Audio: Sen. Holly Rehder Discusses Legislation Heard in Committee This Week

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Holly Rehder, R-Scott City, discusses some of the legislation to receive committee hearings this week.


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Rehder-Podcast-012121  (3:18)  Q: of the Senate.

  1. Senator Rehder says Senate Bill 10 seeks to modify provisions relating to illegal gambling.
    Rehder-1-012121  (:29)  Q: quickly and fast.
  2. Senator Rehder adds Senate Bill 39 would create additional protections to the right to bear arms.
    Rehder-2-012121  (:36)  Q: important to pass.
  3. Senator Rehder also says Senate Bill 51 is a measure that would establish provisions relating to civil actions arising from COVID-19.
    Rehder-3-012121  (:29)  Q: of the Senate.