Senator Stoll
Bills Sponsored

HB 1076 - Raises minimum teacher salaries, creates a grant program, modifies school testing, affects school financing
HB 1376 - Allows the tour of state facilities by new members of the General Assembly to be any time of the year
HB 1486 - Allows community colleges to share cost of certain expenses which currently the state must pay
HCR 027 - Urges the United States Congress to provide lifetime health insurance benefits to military retirees over the age of
SB 0734 - Revises child labor laws regarding youth sporting events
SB 0755 - Modification to the Public School Retirement System
SB 0768 - Clarifies restriction on financial contributions to bond elections by interested parties
SB 0785 - Makes "recalculated levy" for school districts permanent and revises Line 14 categorical
SB 0816 - Raises Maximum Benefit in Public School Retirement System
SB 0817 - Revises Non-Teachers Retirement System
SB 0848 - Enacts Missouri Retail Customer and Worker Protection Act
SB 0849 - Exempts used manufactured homes and certain used modular units from complying with manufactured housing codes
SB 0868 - Allows Board of Trustees to be responsible for certain county sewer districts
SB 0910 - Revises local match funding provisions for public community colleges
SB 0911 - Establishes The Professional Educators' Standards and Practices Board
SB 0926 - Revises state school aid to certain districts
SB 0927 - Establishes education program for parents of children with disabilities
SB 0928 - Changes several Provisions of governmental retirement systems
SB 0952 - The Attorney General may investigate the abuse and neglect of residents of long term care facilities
SB 0961 - Revises National Guard Scholarship Program, recognition of veterans
SB 1013 - Provides joint rule-making authority to school retirement systems
SB 1014 - Exempts from sales/use tax sales of coke, coke breeze and reagents which become ingredients of steel and lead products
SB 1069 - Prohibits use of non-OEM aftermarket crash parts in repair of insured's vehicle during the warranty period
SJR 050 - Revises requirements to be met by those involved in the management of bingo

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