SB 0734 Revises child labor laws regarding youth sporting events
LR Number:2608S.01P Fiscal Note:2608-01
Committee:Labor and Industrial Relations
Last Action:05/03/00 - Reported Do Pass H Labor Committee Journal page:H1265
Effective Date:Emergency Clause
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Current Bill Summary

SB 734 - This act revises child labor law pertaining to sporting events.

Current law defines the term "employ" for the purpose of limiting child labor, and that definition includes an exception which allows any child 12 years of age and older to participate, in various ways, in a youth sporting event for compensation. This provision only applies to events where all of the players are under 18 years of age and the event is sponsored or supervised by a public body or not-for-profit entity.

The act removes compensation as a "player" from the list of activities which children aged 12 years or more may engage in under this exemption from "employ", thereby subjecting any child age 12 years or more who receives compensation for playing youth sports to the child labor restrictions of Chapter 294, RSMo.

This act is contained in the Truly Agreed To version of HB 1428.