Missouri State Senate
Senate Bills - 2000 Session

SB 0528 - (Schneider) - Interest shall be calculated by actuarial method on prepayment of loans
SB 0529 - (Schneider) - Requires condemnors who abandon proceedings to pay the land owner's costs and expenses
SB 0530 - (Schneider) - Modifies various provisions relating to crimes and punishment
SB 0531 - (Wiggins) - Authorizes state tax credit for contributions to authorized scholarship charities
SB 0532 - (Wiggins) - Bans assault weapons
SB 0533 - (Wiggins) - Modifies procedures for initiating a civil action on certain discriminatory practices
SB 0534 - (Wiggins) - Reauthorizes the Joint Committee on Health Care Policy and Planning
SB 0535 - (Wiggins) - Requires the addition of fire sprinklers in certain buildings
SB 0536 - (Wiggins) - Modifies the licensure requirements of persons dealing with lead-bearing substances
SB 0537 - (Russell) - Authorizes the creation of law enforcement districts
SB 0538 - (Russell) - Closes personal records held by the Division of Motor Vehicles and Driver's Licensing
SB 0539 - (Russell) - Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to provide $80 per pupil for driver's education
SB 0540 - (Mathewson) - Creates the State Fair Fee Fund
SB 0541 - (Mathewson) - Allows school bus exhaust tailpipes to extend two inches beyond of the perimeter of the body or bumper
SB 0542 - (Mathewson) - Changes the compensation of public administrators
SB 0543 - (Staples) - Adds one associate circuit judge in St. Francois County
SB 0544 - (Staples) - Creates a commission to study highway projects and economic development
SB 0545 - (Staples) - Allows Native Americans to acquire specialized license plates
SB 0546 - (Goode) - Creates crime of aggravated driving with excessive blood alcohol content
SB 0547 - (Goode) - Establishes good faith employee negotiations for certain public employees
SB 0548 - (Goode) - Establishes Missouri Tobacco Settlement Trust Fund
SB 0549 - (Quick) - Establishes Missouri Tobacco Settlement Trust Fund
SB 0550 - (Flotron) - Revises burden of proof requirements in state tax cases
SB 0551 - (Flotron) - Limits restrictions of religious exercise to cases where a compelling government interest is shown
SB 0552 - (Flotron) - Revises law governing Missouri Certified Capital Companies and repeals Qualified Research Tax Credits
SB 0553 - (Singleton) - Requires boxing promoters to file proof of health insurance of $100,000 for each boxer they promote
SB 0554 - (Singleton) - Increases penalties for possession of child pornography
SB 0555 - (Singleton) - Authorizes DNR acquisition of the Newtonia Battlefield
SB 0556 - (Mueller) - Amends MO Not for Profit Act by allowing a church to amend its bylaws by approval of 2/3 votes cast by church's members
SB 0557 - (Mueller) - Authorizes a 6th commissioner for certain municipal housing authorities to meet certain federal guidelines
SB 0558 - (Howard) - Revises the composition of the Soil and Water Conservation Commission and modifies district marketing provisions
SB 0559 - (Howard) - Creates the Agribusiness Development Authority
SB 0560 - (Howard) - Permits the Mental Health Commission to employ three persons in addition to the Director
SB 0561 - (Johnson) - Creates grants for diversification of communities with economies dependent on tobacco production
SB 0562 - (Johnson) - Includes charter school student performance in school district review
SB 0563 - (Johnson) - Modifies provisions regarding basic life insurance and holidays for state employees
SB 0564 - (Rohrbach) - Prohibits future private prisons or jails
SB 0565 - (Rohrbach) - Prohibits the bulk disclosure of motor vehicle records by the Department of Revenue
SB 0566 - (Rohrbach) - State employees' home addresses and phone numbers are to be confidential
SB 0567 - (Clay) - Creates right of compensation for wrongful imprisonment
SB 0568 - (Clay) - Requires that motor vehicle license plate renewal stickers be placed in the windshield and rear window
SB 0569 - (Clay) - Prohibits non-compete clauses in employment contracts within the broadcast industry
SB 0570 - (Ehlmann) - Allows excursion gambling boats to offer licensed child care services to employees only
SB 0571 - (Ehlmann) - Positive drug test constitutes misconduct connected with work for unemployment compensation benefit eligibility
SB 0572 - (Ehlmann) - Allows individuals a tax credit on taxes paid on residential property
SB 0573 - (House) - Revises repayment of state school aid overpayment for certain districts
SB 0574 - (House) - Requires health plans to cover all services provided or ordered by registered nurse first assistants
SB 0575 - (Maxwell) - Authorizes state income tax credit equal to 20% of federal earned income credit
SB 0576 - (Maxwell) - Prohibits financial exploitation of the elderly and the disabled
SB 0577 - (Maxwell) - Establishes program for drycleaning solvent management
SB 0578 - (Westfall) - Lowers blood alcohol content to .08% for drunk driving arrests
SB 0579 - (Westfall) - Prohibits passengers from consuming or possessing open alcoholic beverages in a motor vehicle
SB 0580 - (Westfall) - Theft or attempted theft of anhydrous ammonia or liquid nitrogen is a Class D felony
SB 0581 - (Kenney) - Phases in full deductibility of federal income taxes paid by individuals
SB 0582 - (Kenney) - Phases in full deductibility of federal income taxes for corporations
SB 0583 - (Kenney) - Regulates Internet access for minors in public libraries and schools
SB 0584 - (Bentley) - Makes numerous changes to education law and creates several new programs.
SB 0585 - (Sims) - Exempts social security income from taxation
SB 0586 - (Sims) - Provides a homestead exemption from property taxes for totally disabled veterans
SB 0587 - (Childers) - Creates a Legislative Academy within the General Assembly
SB 0588 - (Childers) - Requires Department of Economic Development to establish six rural housing development programs
SB 0589 - (Childers) - Allows certain political subdivisions to become exempt from the state prevailing wage
SB 0590 - (Yeckel) - Creates crime of trespass of a school bus
SB 0591 - (Yeckel) - Establishes Year 2000 Classroom Fund with gaming proceeds
SB 0592 - (Yeckel) - Authorizes state income tax credit for cash contributions to school tuition organizations
SB 0593 - (Bland) - Establishes the "Missouri Universal Health Assurance Program" to provide health care benefits to all MO citizens
SB 0594 - (Bland) - Establishes the Tobacco Settlement Fund Commission
SB 0595 - (Bland) - Establishes tax credits for persons paying for or providing child care
SB 0596 - (Steelman) - Allows tourism tax for New Madrid, New Madrid Co., Stoddard Co., Bloomfield, Caruthersville and St. James
SB 0597 - (Steelman) - Creates the "Adoption Awareness Law" to promote adoption as an alternative parenting option
SB 0598 - (Steelman) - Modifies the reporting and investigation of abuse and neglect of in-home services clients
SB 0599 - (Schneider) - Authorizes state income tax deduction for school tuition, attendance fees, supplies and transportation costs
SB 0600 - (Schneider) - Establishes good faith employee negotiations for state employees
SB 0601 - (Schneider) - Reclassifies five associate circuit judges as circuit judges in St. Louis County
SB 0602 - (Wiggins) - Requires the Division of Family Services to make child abuse investigation records available to two additional groups
SB 0603 - (Wiggins) - Creates Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
SB 0604 - (Wiggins) - Substantially revises Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code concerning secured transactions
SB 0605 - (Wiggins) - Allows cities and counties to enact homestead exemption for certain senior citizens
SB 0606 - (Russell) - Mandates insurance coverage for innocent coinsured for losses arising from domestic violence
SB 0607 - (Russell) - Exempts certain members of the armed services from paying registration fees on one motor vehicle
SB 0608 - (Russell) - Exempts from state income tax social security benefits included in federal gross income
SB 0609 - (Staples) - Increases authorization for county law enforcement sales tax from one-half of one percent to one percent
SB 0610 - (Staples) - Requires that all persons under 21 years of age wear motorcycle helmets
SB 0611 - (Goode) - Revises Criminal Activity Forfeiture Act
SB 0612 - (Goode) - Requires sellers of energy services to certify with the Public Service Commission to collect and remit taxes
SB 0613 - (Goode) - Revises law regarding graduated driver's licensing and requirements of filing high-risk insurance
SB 0614 - (Singleton) - Requires a standardized form to be used by health carriers for explanation of benefits and referrals
SB 0615 - (Howard) - Requires used automobile dealers to attend an educational seminar annually before receiving their dealer's license
SB 0616 - (Johnson) - Revises Local Government Employee Retirement provisions
SB 0617 - (Johnson) - Modifies Missouri's Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
SB 0618 - (Rohrbach) - Revises contracting for telephone service for inmates
SB 0619 - (Rohrbach) - Revises requirements and bonded indebtedness for Neighborhood Improvement Districts
SB 0620 - (Rohrbach) - Repeals boat sales tax exemption and creates Water Safety Fund
SB 0621 - (Clay) - Modifies procedures for initiating a civil action on certain discriminatory practices
SB 0622 - (Clay) - Prohibits discrimination based on a person's sexual orientation
SB 0623 - (Clay) - Establishes tax credit for donation of high technology equipment to schools
SB 0624 - (Ehlmann) - Changes operational control of the St. Louis International Airport
SB 0625 - (Ehlmann) - Revises Outstanding Schools Waivers
SB 0626 - (Ehlmann) - Revises funding to public community colleges
SB 0627 - (Maxwell) - Modifies the retirement annuity of certain Public School Retirement System members
SB 0628 - (Westfall) - Allows license plates relating to a civil war battlefield park
SB 0629 - (Westfall) - Exempts driver's license applicants with religious beliefs from providing their social security numbers
SB 0630 - (Kenney) - Requires DESE to provide statewide assessment tests to districts without charge
SB 0631 - (Kenney) - Requires those who engage in profession of housemoving to become licensed and obtain permits for moves
SB 0632 - (Childers) - Provides civil immunity to certain crime victims for injuries to perpetrator
SB 0633 - (Childers) - Exempts truck-tractors equipped with short freight compartments from certain length restrictions
SB 0634 - (Childers) - Requires statutory authorization for federal acquisition of land for certain uses
SB 0635 - (Yeckel) - Freezes residential property valuation for senior citizens
SB 0636 - (Bland) - Preserves Walt Disney film studio as historic site
SB 0637 - (Bland) - Authorizes a two-year tax free zone in Kansas City
SB 0638 - (Bland) - Authorizes state income tax credit for purchase of goods or services from qualified minority business enterprise
SB 0639 - (Steelman) - Creates a pharmaceutical assistance program for qualified senior citizens
SB 0640 - (Steelman) - Waives sovereign immunity for the Division of Family Services and the Division of Aging
SB 0641 - (Schneider) - Modifies certain provisions of the Second Injury Fund
SB 0642 - (Schneider) - Increases retirement compensation to judges retired prior to August 28, 1995
SB 0643 - (Schneider) - Modifies law regarding the amending of a condominium association's bylaws and declaration
SB 0644 - (Wiggins) - Exempts from sales/use tax sales of coffins, caskets, burial cases and burial vaults
SB 0645 - (Wiggins) - Creates new sections relating to the protection of health care consumers
SB 0646 - (Wiggins) - Modifies Missouri's Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
SB 0647 - (Russell) - Exempts retired members of the armed services from paying personalized license plate fee
SB 0648 - (Russell) - Non-attorneys may represent corporations in certain state proceedings
SB 0649 - (Russell) - Exempts all pension income from taxation
SB 0650 - (Goode) - Allows all counties to establish homeless programs and increases fees on recorded instruments to $5
SB 0651 - (Goode) - Specifies that article used in trade-in to offset sales tax must have had tax paid or been exempted from tax
SB 0652 - (Goode) - Reduces speed limit by five mph for trucks on certain highways, expressways and interstates of this state
SB 0653 - (Clay) - Transfers control over St. Louis City's police board and election board from the governor to the mayor
SB 0654 - (Ehlmann) - Adds CPI adjustment to "hold harmless" school districts' school aid
SB 0655 - (Ehlmann) - Attorney General must defend the constitutionality of statutes
SB 0656 - (Ehlmann) - Creates state income tax credit for donations to scholarship charitable organizations
SB 0657 - (Childers) - Modifies provisions relating to the hunting or release of wildlife
SB 0658 - (Childers) - Allows deduction of Federal Insurance Contribution Act payments when calculating Missouri personal income taxes
SB 0659 - (Childers) - Requires state-sponsored professional development events to occur on scheduled days
SB 0660 - (Bland) - Establishes Pilot Program of Urban Early Compulsory School Attendance
SB 0661 - (Bland) - Prohibits HMOs from changing coinsurance, co-payment or deductible terms for prescrip. drugs during contract period
SB 0662 - (Bland) - Authorizes an appropriation to the MO Housing Development Commission for grants to local housing development groups
SB 0663 - (Schneider) - Revises standards for licensure of psychologists and physician assistants
SB 0664 - (Schneider) - Authorizes the Commission on Judicial Resources to reallocate judgeships
SB 0665 - (Schneider) - Changes interest calculation method for withheld health insurance reimbursements
SB 0666 - (Russell) - Allows non-attorneys to represent themselves before certain state agencies
SB 0667 - (Russell) - Requires affidavit that applicants are single or divorced as a condition to obtaining a marriage license
SB 0668 - (Russell) - Exempts capital gains from state income taxes
SB 0669 - (Goode) - Vetoed bills become effective 90 days after successful vote to override the veto
SB 0670 - (Ehlmann) - Creates the Community Partnership Program Pilot Project to address poverty issues and promote local volunteerism
SB 0671 - (Ehlmann) - Amends felony stealing limit
SB 0672 - (Childers) - Makes West Plains Campus of Southwest MO State University an eligible school for all student aid established by state la
SB 0673 - (Childers) - Exempts watercraft liveries from liability for the inherent risks arising from paddlesport activities
SB 0674 - (Childers) - Classifies llamas as livestock
SB 0675 - (Bland) - Lowers the age for jury service from 21 to 18 and excuses certain students
SB 0676 - (Bland) - Expands scope of documents to be charged a fee
SB 0677 - (Bland) - Prohibits an insurer from refusing to insure an eligible person's interest in certain residential property
SB 0678 - (Schneider) - Makes several changes to court procedures; authorizes payments from Tort Victims' Fund
SB 0679 - (Schneider) - Transfers control of certain court employees in St. Louis from the clerk to the court
SB 0680 - (Russell) - Revises speedy trial provisions
SB 0681 - (Russell) - Requires the Div. of Family Services to check the attendance records of children whose families are receiving TANF
SB 0682 - (Russell) - Exempts volunteers in civic activities from civil liability for ordinary negligence
SB 0683 - (Childers) - Imposes an additional fine for speeding in a construction or work zone
SB 0684 - (Childers) - Modifies joint and several liability, the collateral sources rule and punitive damages
SB 0685 - (Bland) - Requires placement of warning signs in establishments licensed to sell or serve alcoholic beverages
SB 0686 - (Bland) - Requires health insurance policies to provide coverage for twenty-four hours of inpatient care following surgery
SB 0687 - (Bland) - Establishes the General Assembly Scholarship Program funded by a nonresident earnings tax
SB 0688 - (Bland) - Allows a waiver of bidding procedures for mental health services in certain situations
SB 0689 - (Bland) - Requires state colleges and universities to admit certain high school graduates
SB 0690 - (Bland) - School districts may create after-school and summer educational programs for at-risk youth
SB 0691 - (Bland) - Restricts a landlord from entering a lessee's premises without a reasonable business purpose and notice
SB 0692 - (Kinder) - Requires veterans' homes to ensure that the spiritual needs of veterans are met
SB 0693 - (Maxwell) - Regulates telemarketing practices
SB 0694 - (Maxwell) - Authorizes state income tax deduction for contributions of qualified commodities to charitable organizations
SB 0695 - (Sims) - Restores full federal income tax deductibility for individuals
SB 0696 - (Sims) - Restores full federal income tax deductibility for corporations
SB 0697 - (Schneider) - Changes process for separating recorders and circuit clerks and process to make circuit clerk appointed
SB 0698 - (Bland) - Requires charter schools to meet all accreditation standards and requirements
SB 0699 - (Bland) - Creates protections for health care consumers
SB 0700 - (Caskey) - Renames certain facilities of Central Missouri State University
SB 0701 - (Wiggins) - Creates the Missouri Alternatives to Abortion Support Fund and allows drivers to obtain "Respect Life" license plates
SB 0702 - (Clay) - Revises election process for school board in St. Louis City
SB 0703 - (Steelman) - Expands list of donees for state surplus property
SB 0704 - (Kinder) - Prohibits political subdivisions from suing firearms manufacturers for sale or marketing to public
SB 0705 - (Maxwell) - Eliminates fees for inspection of certain measuring devices
SB 0706 - (Schneider) - Repeals statute of limitations for procedural challenges to legislative enactments
SB 0707 - (Singleton) - Creates crime of evading law enforcement officer
SB 0708 - (DePasco) - Increases penalty for littering
SB 0709 - (DePasco) - Establishes a memorial for workers killed or injured on the job
SB 0710 - (DePasco) - Exempts from sales and use tax sales of coffins, caskets, burial cases and burial vaults
SB 0711 - (DePasco) - Prohibits the recreational use of two-stroke carbureted marine engines upon Missouri waters
SB 0712 - (DePasco) - Changes the current two-year cycle of reassessment to a four-year cycle
SB 0713 - (Schneider) - Modifies authority of Associate Circuit Judge
SB 0714 - (Schneider) - Changes interest calculations for workers' compensation payments
SB 0715 - (Schneider) - Modifies the authority of traffic court judges in St. Louis County
SB 0716 - (Bentley) - Establishes penalty for failure to report video sales tax revenue
SB 0717 - (Schneider) - The electronic campaign finance reporting system shall be maintained by the Office of Administration
SB 0718 - (Schneider) - Modifies provisions relating to the Missouri Ethics Commission
SB 0719 - (Wiggins) - Changes the Kansas and Missouri Metropolitan Culture Dist. to allow funding of sports activities and facilities
SB 0720 - (Caskey) - Prohibits "grey market" cigarettes
SB 0721 - (Caskey) - Establishes statewide telecomunications equipment program for disabled persons
SB 0722 - (Caskey) - Family access motions may be used to enforce all custody and visitation orders
SB 0723 - (Goode) - Creates Invasive Species Council
SB 0724 - (Rohrbach) - Authorizes a tourism tax for Hickory County
SB 0725 - (Graves) - Allows the Department of Transportation to contract with private individuals to mow the rights-of-way
SB 0726 - (Clay) - Establishes good faith employee negotiations for public school employees
SB 0727 - (Goode) - Revises sunset on closure of certain municipal utility records
SB 0728 - (Flotron) - Allows members of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine of North America to apply for a specialized license plate
SB 0729 - (House) - Revises charter school laws
SB 0730 - (Graves) - Authorizes work camps for qualified corrections inmates
SB 0731 - (Bentley) - Allows Purple Heart recipients to receive free registration and specialized license plates
SB 0732 - (Schneider) - Creates civil recovery for false or fraudulent monetary claims made to the state
SB 0733 - (Maxwell) - Increases property tax withholdings for collection costs; reduces state aid deduction for school tax
SB 0734 - (Stoll) - Revises child labor laws regarding youth sporting events
SB 0735 - (Singleton) - Regulates unsolicited telephone sales calls
SB 0736 - (Sims) - Creates a tax credit and modifies provisions in the law relating to hepatitis A and hepatitis A vaccination
SB 0737 - (House) - Requires that 100% time served for any felony committed with the aid of a weapon
SB 0738 - (Maxwell) - Allows prisons to provide laundry or linen services only to state departments and employees
SB 0739 - (Maxwell) - Revises premium tax for Fire Education Fund
SB 0740 - (Wiggins) - Allows State to withhold moneys due to political subdivisions for audits unreimbursed
SB 0741 - (Maxwell) - Authorizes bonds for water pollution and stormwater control
SB 0742 - (Klarich) - Creates procedure for Tort Victims' Compensation Fund
SB 0743 - (Klarich) - The Dept. of Revenue shall advise taxpayers that they are eligible for the pharmacy tax credit
SB 0744 - (Klarich) - State policy is to recognize marriage only between a male and a female
SB 0745 - (Goode) - Increases penalties for violations of utility laws
SB 0746 - (Johnson) - Expands the grant of immunity for the donation of fire equipment
SB 0747 - (Singleton) - Requires certain insurance companies to authorize or deny coverage for surgical procedures within specific time limits
SB 0748 - (Johnson) - Revises minimum salaries for public school teachers
SB 0749 - (Rohrbach) - Any proposed county building code shall be submitted only to voters in the area governed by the code
SB 0750 - (Rohrbach) - Certain DNR rules may be no stricter than federal regulations with exceptions
SB 0751 - (Clay) - Birth and adoption Unemployment Compensation Program
SB 0752 - (Clay) - Revises election process for school board in St. Louis City
SB 0753 - (DePasco) - Kansas City may enact ordinances against dumping and littering
SB 0754 - (Graves) - Revises allowed uses of County School Fund revenues
SB 0755 - (Stoll) - Modification to the Public School Retirement System
SB 0756 - (Caskey) - Revises certain fees and provisions of the Animal Care Facilities Act
SB 0757 - (Maxwell) - Revises various child protection laws
SB 0758 - (Maxwell) - Revises laws relating to computer crimes
SB 0759 - (Klarich) - Requires all public office spaces not utilized by state employees to be leased to the highest bidder
SB 0760 - (Klarich) - Makes the St. Louis County auditor an elected official
SB 0761 - (Schneider) - Creates procedure for Tort Victims' Compensation Fund claims
SB 0762 - (Russell) - Creates property tax exemption for makers of stamp and die cast products and clarifies liens in such products
SB 0763 - (Howard) - Regulates unsolicited telephone sales calls
SB 0764 - (Kenney) - Limits or freezes assessed valuation of residential property for certain senior citizens
SB 0765 - (Kenney) - Allows individuals to obtain POW/MIA specialized license plates
SB 0766 - (Sims) - Revises alternative school laws
SB 0767 - (Scott) - Compensation for St. Louis City police officers
SB 0768 - (Stoll) - Clarifies restriction on financial contributions to bond elections by interested parties
SB 0769 - (DePasco) - Changes the administrative hearing process within the Kansas City Police Department
SB 0770 - (DePasco) - Limits sound amplification in motor vehicles
SB 0771 - (DePasco) - Authorizes owners of self-storage facilities to charge a lessee a late fee for failing to pay rent on time
SB 0772 - (Goode) - Allows use of a single contract to design and build state facilities
SB 0773 - (Caskey) - Allows certain individuals to carry concealed weapons
SB 0774 - (Caskey) - Creates Drug Courts Coordinating Commission
SB 0775 - (Mueller) - Revises the statute of limitations and damages for home improvements
SB 0776 - (Mueller) - Requires affidavits in civil suits against certain professionals
SB 0777 - (Steelman) - Creates MO Engineering and Science Academy and summer program for science teachers
SB 0778 - (Staples) - Reimburses callers for long-distance calls who have reached a state agency's voice mail system
SB 0779 - (Mathewson) - Requiring the wholesaler to repurchase certain parts and equipment when the dealership dissolves
SB 0780 - (Mathewson) - Clarifies law on small loans and changes bonding of mortgage brokers
SB 0781 - (Goode) - Establishes retail electric customer choice
SB 0782 - (Westfall) - Revises provisions regarding repeat alcohol-related traffic offenders
SB 0783 - (Sims) - Creating additional enforcement mechanisms for the Director of Revenue to quantify and collect the video rental tax
SB 0784 - (Sims) - Requires the state auditor to review the deposit and disbursement of state funds
SB 0785 - (Stoll) - Makes "recalculated levy" for school districts permanent and revises Line 14 categorical
SB 0786 - (Clay) - Places certain restrictions and limitations on lenders who provide high-cost home loans
SB 0787 - (Childers) - Establishes an ambulance district fund and revises the current funding mechanism for the fire education fund
SB 0788 - (Johnson) - Amends the "whistleblower" statute governing state employees
SB 0789 - (Mathewson) - Authorizes a sales tax to fund Jail Districts
SB 0790 - (Caskey) - Transfers State Library and Wolfner Library to Coordinating Board for Higher Education
SB 0791 - (Goode) - Revises motor vehicle emissions inspections for certain areas
SB 0792 - (Sims) - Reduces speed limit from 70 mph to 65 mph on rural interstates and freeways
SB 0793 - (Staples) - Allows suspension of a person's driver's license for theft of gas from a gas station
SB 0794 - (Singleton) - Health carriers shall accept any willing provider if the provider meets selection criteria
SB 0795 - (Singleton) - Requires consumer reporting agencies to provide consumer reports to consumers when it provides them to creditors
SB 0796 - (Jacob) - Establishes faculty representatives to governing boards of state colleges and universities
SB 0797 - (Ehlmann) - Prohibits political subdivisions from submitting the same question to the voters more than one time per year
SB 0798 - (Ehlmann) - Requires the State to award additional vacation time to state employees who mentor children
SB 0799 - (Ehlmann) - Creates the offense of aggressive driving
SB 0800 - (Ehlmann) - Authorizes penalties for filing an incorrect campaign finance disclosure report with gross negligence
SB 0801 - (Mathewson) - Redefines an existing sales tax credit for certain food processors
SB 0802 - (Goode) - Revises criteria used to evaluate redevelopment projects funded by tax increment financing
SB 0803 - (Goode) - Revises various utility taxes and authorizes replacement taxes
SB 0804 - (Yeckel) - Allows mortgage insurance for up to 100% of the market value of the property
SB 0805 - (Yeckel) - Allows a tax deduction for those who contribute to medical savings accounts
SB 0806 - (Jacob) - Requires elected sheriffs to be certified peace officers
SB 0807 - (Jacob) - Allows insurers to carry forward premium tax credits if those credits were not used in the year accrued
SB 0808 - (Jacob) - Sets the reserves that an ins. co. must maintain to ensure that it has the resources to pay future life ins. claims
SB 0809 - (Schneider) - Allows a tax credit for persons who contribute to unplanned pregnancy resource centers
SB 0810 - (Goode) - Extends the hospital federal reimbursement allowance to September 30, 2001
SB 0811 - (Singleton) - Increases parental liability for certain acts of children
SB 0812 - (Westfall) - Limits farm product sales by Soil and Water Conservation Districts
SB 0813 - (House) - Modifies public safety, peace officer, and peace officer employee rights
SB 0814 - (House) - Allows traffic stops for violation of the seatbelt law
SB 0815 - (Flotron) - Increases membership of MO Dental Board and establishes the Advisory Commission for Dental Hygienists
SB 0816 - (Stoll) - Raises Maximum Benefit in Public School Retirement System
SB 0817 - (Stoll) - Revises Non-Teachers Retirement System
SB 0818 - (Maxwell) - Prisons shall provide laundry or linen services only to state departments and employees
SB 0819 - (Maxwell) - Establishes retail electric customer choice
SB 0820 - (Maxwell) - Makes several changes to individual and small employer health insurance laws
SB 0821 - (Caskey) - Prohibits certain retirement benefits from certain claims
SB 0822 - (Clay) - Requires the addition of fire sprinklers in certain buildings
SB 0823 - (Clay) - Establishes the Missouri Works Program to help welfare recipients prepare for permanent employment
SB 0824 - (Wiggins) - Lowers the age for jury service from 21 to 18
SB 0825 - (Jacob) - Governing boards of state colleges and universities: Revises non-voting representative and confidentiality provisions
SB 0826 - (Jacob) - Revises the motor vehicle franchise law
SB 0827 - (Scott) - Creates Downtown Revitalization Act for St. Louis
SB 0828 - (DePasco) - It is a Class D felony to make a material false statement to the Gaming Commission
SB 0829 - (Singleton) - Creates procedures for physicians to engage in negotiations with HMOs and certain other insurance companies
SB 0830 - (Caskey) - Allows Division of Youth Services to issue arrest warrants for certain offenders
SB 0831 - (Childers) - Allows any person replacing stolen license plates to receive at no cost up to two license plates per year
SB 0832 - (Childers) - Allows owners of different classes of motor vehicles to apply for Korean War Veteran license plates
SB 0833 - (Childers) - Forbids insurers from charging higher auto insurance rates to those who had no prior coverage due to military service
SB 0834 - (Kenney) - Allows members of the nobles of the Mystic Shrine of North America to apply for a specialized license plate
SB 0835 - (Staples) - Permits police officers to enforce seatbelt law if the violation is clearly visible to the officer
SB 0836 - (Mueller) - Clarifies a not-for-profit statute that limits corporate distributions
SB 0837 - (Wiggins) - Requires limited liability companies' articles of organization to reflect certain management information
SB 0838 - (Bland) - Creates commission to study death penalty; imposes two year moratorium on executions
SB 0839 - (Jacob) - Creates commission to invest tobacco money for health and education
SB 0840 - (Jacob) - Allows insurers to take a tax credit on the taxes they pay on net premiums under the workers' compensation statute
SB 0841 - (Jacob) - Restricts trucks to 65 mph on rural interstates and freeways and restricts trucks to the right hand lane
SB 0842 - (Flotron) - Changes how fire districts can contract with cities within St. Louis County
SB 0843 - (DePasco) - Allows local governments to eliminate the sales tax on food
SB 0844 - (Kinder) - Allows community notification regarding registered sex offenders, based on assessment of danger
SB 0845 - (Rohrbach) - Residential mortgage brokers who post sufficient bond not required to provide annual certified audits
SB 0846 - (House) - Provides income tax credit for up to $1000 for residents of long term care facilities and home health care
SB 0847 - (House) - Allows a credit of up to $200 against income tax liability for property taxes paid
SB 0848 - (Stoll) - Enacts Missouri Retail Customer and Worker Protection Act
SB 0849 - (Stoll) - Exempts used manufactured homes and certain used modular units from complying with manufactured housing codes
SB 0850 - (Scott) - Expands those who are not liable for information reported to the State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts
SB 0851 - (Wiggins) - Revises Criminal Activity Forfeiture Act
SB 0852 - (Flotron) - Exempts capital gains from state income taxes
SB 0853 - (Flotron) - Establishes the "Department of Revenue Oversight Board" within the Office of Administration
SB 0854 - (Sims) - Terminates the Certificate of Need process for long-term care facilities
SB 0855 - (Kinder) - Adds additional eligible sponsors for charter schools
SB 0856 - (Maxwell) - Makes various changes to the managed care statutes
SB 0857 - (Maxwell) - Prohibits discrimination in livestock purchasing and creates registration for stockyards
SB 0858 - (Maxwell) - Revises the standard of proof for violations of the Sunshine Law
SB 0859 - (Jacob) - Beneficiary designations made on or after August 28, 1989 shall be presumed revoked upon divorce
SB 0860 - (Jacob) - Prohibits health carriers from retracting their health care services unless their coverage is secondary
SB 0861 - (Jacob) - Requires assets not exclusively controlled by an insurer to be held by approved financial institutions
SB 0862 - (Jacob) - Modifies amount of bond broker must maintain in order to obtain surplus lines license
SB 0863 - (Caskey) - Provides uniformed conservation agents and retirees with an additional 33.3% retirement benefit
SB 0864 - (Caskey) - Exempts township governments from certain penalties under the employment security law
SB 0865 - (Goode) - Creates the "Community Comeback Act" for eradication of blight and neighborhood revitalization in St. Louis County
SB 0866 - (Klarich) - Provides a centralized filing system in the records of the Division of Finance
SB 0867 - (Maxwell) - Makes several changes in the law relating to Certified Capital Companies
SB 0868 - (Stoll) - Allows Board of Trustees to be responsible for certain county sewer districts
SB 0869 - (Schneider) - Mandates review of state contracts by the Attorney General
SB 0870 - (Schneider) - Certain commissioner positions are eliminated and adds certain judgeships in their place
SB 0871 - (Flotron) - Allows taxpayers to claim a tax credit for the cost of lead abatement
SB 0872 - (Flotron) - Allows certain convicted felons to obtain post-conviction DNA testing
SB 0873 - (Flotron) - Provides for administrative review of agency rules which affect small business
SB 0874 - (Caskey) - Modifies the regulation and supervision of physician assistants
SB 0875 - (Kinder) - State Supported colleges and universities shall ensure that instructors are fluent in English
SB 0876 - (Clay) - Names a portion of Interstate Highway 55 located in St. Louis County the "Rosa Parks Highway"
SB 0877 - (Sims) - Governor shall declare February as Missouri Lifelong Learning Month
SB 0878 - (Schneider) - Modifies certain provisions of the Second Injury Fund and interest payments in workers' claims
SB 0879 - (Bland) - Modifies the licensure requirements of persons dealing with lead-bearing substances
SB 0880 - (Bland) - Reauthorizes the Joint Committee on Health Care, Policy and Planning
SB 0881 - (Wiggins) - Allows funding for motor pool operations by the Public Mass Transportation Fund.
SB 0882 - (Flotron) - Establishes a framework for restructuring and deregulating electric utilities
SB 0883 - (Rohrbach) - A license may not be issued to a Physical Therapy Assistant who has failed the test three times after August 28, 2000
SB 0884 - (Mathewson) - The Revenue Department shall notify senior citizens of their eligibility for the pharmaceutical tax credit
SB 0885 - (Mathewson) - Modifies Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan; changes provisions for continuation of coverage
SB 0886 - (Ehlmann) - Requires that redistricting for Congress and the General Assembly be based upon actual population counts
SB 0887 - (Ehlmann) - Requires contractors to report differences between minority business bids and lowest bidders
SB 0888 - (Ehlmann) - Places restrictions on gaming boat licensees
SB 0889 - (Howard) - Allows registered professional nurses who are registered nurse anesthetists to dispense controlled substances
SB 0890 - (Howard) - Provides a one-time tax credit to eligible veterans of World War II
SB 0891 - (Howard) - Raises the dollar amount of resources exempted from consideration when determining Medicaid eligibility
SB 0892 - (Quick) - State to pay counties for health care costs of state prisoners
SB 0893 - (Quick) - Financial institutions are exempt from payments for real property taxes being first applied to back taxes
SB 0894 - (Quick) - Creates a City land Trust and a County Land Trust for the disposition of property
SB 0895 - (Staples) - Changes law regarding car window tinting
SB 0896 - (Klarich) - Changes provisions regarding the winding up of LLC's, LLP's and corporations
SB 0897 - (Jacob) - Increases "Bright Flight" scholarship amount
SB 0898 - (Bland) - Allows cities and counties to enact homestead exemption for certain senior citizens
SB 0899 - (Wiggins) - Provides certain consumer protections for home owners regarding construction, home improvements and solicitors
SB 0900 - (Wiggins) - Creates felony of intimidation of an athletic coach, manager or sports official
SB 0901 - (Flotron) - Raises dollar amount of resources exempted from consideration when determining Medicaid eligibility
SB 0902 - (Mathewson) - Changes certain licensing and enforcement procedures for excursion gambling boats
SB 0903 - (Flotron) - Establishes the "Missouri Veterans' Business Council" within the Department of Economic Development
SB 0904 - (Johnson) - Creates the separate office of Recorder of Deeds in third class counties
SB 0905 - (House) - Allows parents to object to required immunizations for their children based on philosophical beliefs
SB 0906 - (Singleton) - Protects health care employees who report abuses by health care facilities
SB 0907 - (Caskey) - Amends motor vehicle tinted window prohibition
SB 0908 - (Kenney) - Individuals sixty-five or older eligible for a tax credit up to $1000 for offsetting costs of medication
SB 0909 - (Bland) - Exempts food local sales tax and reduces federal income tax deduction, subject to referendum
SB 0910 - (Stoll) - Revises local match funding provisions for public community colleges
SB 0911 - (Stoll) - Establishes The Professional Educators' Standards and Practices Board
SB 0912 - (Jacob) - Requires the Department of Insurance to adopt regulations governing the valuation of life insurance policies
SB 0913 - (Ehlmann) - Regulates resale of tickets to certain sporting events and concerts
SB 0914 - (Schneider) - Changes procedures used by the Administrative Hearing Commission
SB 0915 - (Clay) - A political subdivision may take ownership of an abandoned cemetery and convey it to a civic association
SB 0916 - (Singleton) - Revises peace officer training and certification laws
SB 0917 - (Maxwell) - Regulates business opportunities
SB 0918 - (Ehlmann) - Creates a reading assessment program
SB 0919 - (House) - Revises obsolete education provisions
SB 0920 - (Flotron) - Repeals estate tax and creates income tax credit for federal estate taxes paid
SB 0921 - (Scott) - Clarifies who may be appointed to the State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts
SB 0922 - (Scott) - Increases minumum retirement compensation for firemen and firemens' widows
SB 0923 - (Quick) - Requires specific amounts of training before a person may perform spinal manipulation or adjustment
SB 0924 - (Maxwell) - Authorizes Kirksville to impose a sales tax for economic development to fund a transportation corporation
SB 0925 - (Caskey) - Creates the Missouri Production Agricultural Advocates Office and the Missouri Multicultural Center and Program
SB 0926 - (Stoll) - Revises state school aid to certain districts
SB 0927 - (Stoll) - Establishes education program for parents of children with disabilities
SB 0928 - (Stoll) - Changes several Provisions of governmental retirement systems
SB 0929 - (Jacob) - Repeals sunset clause on law allowing estimation of contingent liab. claims in certain receivership proceedings
SB 0930 - (Jacob) - Closes portions of hospital records and meetings in certain situations
SB 0931 - (Kinder) - Provides additional state aid to school districts educating certain disabled students
SB 0932 - (Sims) - Authorizes an obesity awareness program and permits medicaid coverage for anti-obesity drugs
SB 0933 - (Sims) - Establishes State Public Charter School Board
SB 0934 - (Caskey) - Revises laws regarding intoxication-related traffic offenses
SB 0935 - (Caskey) - Establishes assistive technology programs for disabled persons
SB 0936 - (Childers) - Significant changes to tax, economic development and community development law
SB 0937 - (Staples) - Changes the compensation of the advisory committee of acupuncturists
SB 0938 - (Mueller) - Plaintiff shall obtain second opinion when filing an action against an architect, engineer or/and surveyor
SB 0939 - (Clay) - Allows law enforcement personnel to form unions and enter into collective bargaining agreements
SB 0940 - (Mathewson) - Modifies trade practices for distributors and wholesalers of non-alcoholic beer and intoxicating liquor
SB 0941 - (DePasco) - Revises certain sexual offenses involving children
SB 0942 - (Rohrbach) - Requires assessment to be filed with petition for civil commitment of sexually violent predators
SB 0943 - (Yeckel) - Requires disclosure to the Department of Health of the transfer of human fetal parts for research purposes
SB 0944 - (Caskey) - Revises prohibitions on drugs and weapons on school premises
SB 0945 - (Staples) - Exempts subdivisions with lots of 5 acres or more in unincorporated areas from subdivision regulations
SB 0946 - (Johnson) - Changes required format and fees for items handled by the Recorder of Deeds
SB 0947 - (Sims) - Revises the licensure of home health care agencies under the Department of Health
SB 0948 - (Howard) - Requires National Guard to establish pilot public school program to teach military discipline
SB 0949 - (Howard) - Allows psychologists to administer, order, and prescribe medications after obtaining specific tranining
SB 0950 - (Schneider) - Government shall not have sovereign immunity when engaged in proprietary functions
SB 0951 - (Scott) - Raises compulsory school attendance age to 17 years
SB 0952 - (Stoll) - The Attorney General may investigate the abuse and neglect of residents of long term care facilities
SB 0953 - (Johnson) - Removes prohibition on collection of "tuition" by the University of Missouri
SB 0954 - (Bentley) - Creates a grant program for cultural tourism
SB 0955 - (Mathewson) - Creates the Department of Health and Aging and transfers the duties of the Division of Aging to the new department
SB 0956 - (Flotron) - Classifies a department or agency of Missouri as an exempt entity for sales tax purposes
SB 0957 - (Johnson) - Expands ability of Boards to fund sheltered workshops and other services for persons with developmental disabilities
SB 0958 - (Sims) - Authorizes a tax credit for research and development
SB 0959 - (Howard) - Modifies the reporting of elder abuse and neglect and the delivery of in-home services for the elderly
SB 0960 - (Howard) - Creates new provisions relating to trespassing
SB 0961 - (Stoll) - Revises National Guard Scholarship Program
SB 0962 - (Bentley) - Limits title lenders from charging a fee more than 5% of the principal loan amount to defray operational expenses
SB 0963 - (Kenney) - Restrictions on telemarketing and establishes a data base for individuals who object to telephone solicitation
SB 0964 - (Jacob) - Creates one license for any person who engages in the selling, negotiating and soliciting of insurance
SB 0965 - (Childers) - Creates "County Technology Fund" for purchase of computer hardware and software
SB 0966 - (Kinder) - Mandates ethanol phase-in in certain metropolitan areas and allows other areas to adopt ethanol phase-in programs
SB 0967 - (Maxwell) - Requires public hearing to determine necessity of proposed state rule
SB 0968 - (Maxwell) - Revises the Missouri Title Insurance Act
SB 0969 - (Wiggins) - Exempts special passenger trains from certain liability insurance requirements
SB 0970 - (Flotron) - Replaces all state administrative institutions hearings with a new Office of Administrative Hearings
SB 0971 - (Jacob) - Establishes public campaign financing for legislative and statewide elected officials
SB 0972 - (Bland) - Outlines minimum staffing requirements for skilled nursing facilities
SB 0973 - (Schneider) - Creates a civil cause of action when there is a claim of malpractice for treatment of work-related injuries
SB 0974 - (Bentley) - Allows the establishment of a donated dental services program for certain eligible persons
SB 0975 - (DePasco) - Modifies the Kansas City Public School Retirement System
SB 0976 - (Sims) - Establishes the Office on Women's Health within the Department of Health
SB 0977 - (Kinder) - Limits state agency contracts for legal services
SB 0978 - (House) - Allows political subdivisions to pay for health insurance for the dependents of retired or deceased employees
SB 0979 - (Kenney) - Modifies domestic violence law
SB 0980 - (Jacob) - Extends domestic violence and criminal reporting laws
SB 0981 - (Jacob) - Creates the "Video Gaming Machine Network" to generate Revenue for higher education
SB 0982 - (Westfall) - The Department of Conservation is responsible for damage caused by wild elk
SB 0983 - (Goode) - Establishes a fee structure for fees collected for waste water treatment
SB 0984 - (Maxwell) - Makes it an unfair trade practice for an insurer to require providers to participate in all plans offered by the insurer
SB 0985 - (Maxwell) - Authorizes the conveyance of a small part of the property of the Mexico Veterans home
SB 0986 - (Kenney) - Creates spinal cord injury research grants, administered by a new advisory board created for that purpose
SB 0987 - (Ehlmann) - Revises school operations
SB 0988 - (Westfall) - Requires drivers to take certain actions when emergency vehicle approaching
SB 0989 - (Westfall) - Revises state school aid formula, reduces minimum levy to $1.25, increases income tax and sales tax
SB 0990 - (Howard) - A private property owner may seek compensation from the government for "regulatory taking"
SB 0991 - (Wiggins) - Provides added assistance for compulsive gamblers
SB 0992 - (Sims) - Pension exemption applies only when included in federal adjusted gross income
SB 0993 - (Maxwell) - Creates Child Support Assurance Program
SB 0994 - (Flotron) - Allows citizens to register their vehicles, pay taxes and access various agency services via the Internet
SB 0995 - (Goode) - Allows for suspension of motor vehicle emissions inspection program
SB 0996 - (DePasco) - Modifies the handling costs the prosecuting attorneys may charge a person for passing a bad check
SB 0997 - (Caskey) - Allows exemplary damages in probate cases where property has been improperly transferred from estate
SB 0998 - (Flotron) - Authorizes the establishment of Business and Industrial Development Companies
SB 0999 - (Kenney) - Establishes a small business advocate within the Lieutenant Governor's Office
SB 1000 - (Rohrbach) - Changes method of providing state grants to libraries
SRB 1001 - (Wiggins) - Repeals provisions of law that are not in effect
SRB 1002 - (Wiggins) - Transfers sections relating to court costs from various chapters to Chapter 488, RSMo
SB 1003 - (Wiggins) - Regulation of on-site sewage treatment systems
SB 1004 - (Schneider) - Invalidates MO Supreme Court administrative rules that conflict with statutes; voids Rule 6.05
SB 1005 - (Schneider) - Increases the minimum motor vehicle liability amounts from $25,000 to $50,000
SB 1006 - (Yeckel) - Revises child custory relocation
SB 1007 - (Scott) - Removes the sunset clause on the transportation sales tax in St. Louis City and the County of St. Louis
SB 1008 - (Scott) - Tax relief in distressed communities
SB 1009 - (Bentley) - Protects geographic information systems created by certain cities and counties
SB 1010 - (Childers) - Establishes a blindness education and awareness program and fund
SB 1011 - (Singleton) - Requires physicians to disclose affiliations with health care providers in referral situations
SB 1012 - (Singleton) - Prohibits the use of non-competition clauses in certain physician contracts
SB 1013 - (Stoll) - Provides joint rule-making authority to school retirement systems
SB 1014 - (Stoll) - Exempts from sales/use tax sales of coke, coke breeze and reagents which become ingredients of steel and lead products
SB 1015 - (Wiggins) - Revises certain Kansas City Police Retirement provisions
SB 1016 - (Jacob) - Exempts clothing purchased between August 12, 2000 through August 20, 2000 from state and local sales and use taxation
SB 1017 - (Mathewson) - Authorizes the issuance of $2 billion in bonds to finance highway construction and maintenance
SB 1018 - (Bentley) - Authorizes Southwest Missouri State University to convey certain property
SB 1019 - (Rohrbach) - Revises the powers and duties of the rehabilitator and liquidator in insurance company insolvency proceedings
SB 1020 - (Bentley) - Designates a portion of Interstate 44 as the "Payne Stewart Highway"
SB 1021 - (Rohrbach) - Requires charitable organizations conducting raffles with prizes over $5,000 per year to be licensed
SB 1022 - (Scott) - Abolishes the state public employees deferred compensation commission
SB 1023 - (Yeckel) - Limits the total amount of tax credits available for qualified investments in Missouri small business
SB 1024 - (Yeckel) - The Naturopathic Certification Act
SB 1025 - (Clay) - Prohibits non-compete clauses in employment contracts within the broadcast industry
SB 1026 - (Wiggins) - Revises placement of Proposition C sales tax revenue from motor vehicles
SB 1027 - (Sims) - Allows additional health care professionals to provide certain dental treatments to children
SB 1028 - (Ehlmann) - Establishes standard for vicarious liability of employer for harassment of employee by supervisor
SB 1029 - (Schneider) - Modifies civil actions that may be heard by associate circuit judges
SB 1030 - (Bland) - Outlines minimum staffing requirements for skilled nursing facilities
SB 1031 - (Sims) - Revises and creates crimes regarding theft of merchandise
SB 1032 - (Sims) - Regulates sale of unused property (flea markets)
SB 1033 - (Steelman) - Grants and scholarships shall contain a notice that they are provided by the taxpayers of Missouri
SB 1034 - (Steelman) - Allows the release of birth and death records after a certain length of time
SB 1035 - (Westfall) - Authorizes a municipality to use condemnation to acquire natural gas service
SB 1036 - (Johnson) - Authorizes governor and MO Western State College to transfer land to St. Joseph and the Department of Transportation
SB 1037 - (Bentley) - Authorizes removal of property from the Springfield Community Improvement District
SB 1038 - (Caskey) - Clarifies procedure for instructions regarding lesser included offenses
SB 1039 - (Westfall) - Modifies health insurance provisions for small employers with respect to rates/renewability/preexisting conditions
SB 1040 - (Caskey) - Revises state school aid formula
SB 1041 - (Flotron) - Makes various changes to the Office of Administration regarding purchasing products and services
SB 1042 - (Flotron) - Exempts bullion and investment coins from state and local use tax
SB 1043 - (Mathewson) - Creates crime of theft of service; revises stealing felony limit
SB 1044 - (Goode) - Limits the use of genetic information by insurance companies, employers and genetic testing laboratories
SB 1045 - (Caskey) - Adds a judge to 17th Circuit (Cass and Johnson Counties)
SB 1046 - (Sims) - Recorder shall not issue marriage license to person less than 17 to anyone 21 or older
SB 1047 - (Rohrbach) - Mentally retarded persons may not receive death penalty; provides hearing procedure
SB 1048 - (Mathewson) - Revises state economic development programs
SB 1049 - (Caskey) - Prohibits water companies from charging one service area for plant costs in another area
SB 1050 - (House) - Allows specified compensation of members of ambulance district boards
SB 1051 - (Staples) - Exempts owners of inoperable motor vehicles or vehicles being stored from maintaining insurance
SB 1052 - (Goode) - Creates the "Live Near Your Work" program to facilitate neighborhood redevelopment
SB 1053 - (Goode) - Requires law enforcement agencies to prohibit racial profiling practices and report statistics
SB 1054 - (Clay) - Requires the Secretary of State to assess records pertaining to the Underground Railroad in Missouri
SB 1055 - (Kenney) - Requires sales representatives to disclose certain information regarding security brokers
SB 1056 - (Howard) - Members of political party committees may be replaced for non attendance
SB 1057 - (Rohrbach) - Expands the number of counties that may dissolve a road district by popular vote
SB 1058 - (Singleton) - Repeals automatic 2% length of service pay increase for highway patrol members
SB 1059 - (Westfall) - Authorizes conveyance of a small portion of Nevada State Hospital to the City of Nevada
SB 1060 - (Yeckel) - Eliminates portion of certain appeal bonds
SB 1061 - (DePasco) - Repeals tax exemption on jet fuel and creates tax exemption for certain airlines
SB 1062 - (Howard) - Revises PSRS and NTRS disability benefits for Social Security purposes
SB 1063 - (Maxwell) - Creates the Family and Community Investment Trust in order to strengthen community support systems for MO's families
SB 1064 - (Maxwell) - Revises fees on hazardous waste, solid waste and commercial vehicles
SB 1065 - (Goode) - Directs Department of Revenue to work with other states to streamline tax collection and administration
SB 1066 - (Bland) - State colleges and universities to establish telecommunity centers
SB 1067 - (Bland) - Requires manufacturers to install trigger locking device on certain firearms
SB 1068 - (Singleton) - Courts may fine public employee up to $5000 for failure to enforce rights of crime victims
SB 1069 - (Stoll) - Prohibits use of non-OEM aftermarket crash parts in repair of insured's vehicle during the warranty period
SB 1070 - (Kenney) - Revises medical record copying fees and repeals section 191.233
SB 1071 - (Sims) - Modifies employee disqualification provisions and payment of penalties related to nursing home violations
SB 1072 - (Wiggins) - Creates Commission on the Death Penalty
SB 1073 - (Wiggins) - Revises method in which the commissioners of the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority are appointed
SB 1074 - (Wiggins) - Requires the Department of Economic Development to compile an annual report and analysis of all incentive programs
SB 1075 - (Jacob) - Denies benefits to anyone unemployed due to a listing on a state disqualification registry
SB 1076 - (Ehlmann) - Makes numerous changes in laws affecting the City of St. Louis
SB 1077 - (Clay) - Prohibits institutions of higher education from providing certain student information to parents
SB 1078 - (Graves) - Establishes the Hardin C. Cox Missouri Information Center
SB 1079 - (Graves) - Mandates that commercial motor vehicles be equipped with brakes which do not create excessive noise when in use
SB 1080 - (Graves) - Repeals the biennial inspection of motor vehicles
SB 1081 - (Howard) - Modifies employee disqualification provisions and various nursing home violations
SB 1082 - (Bland) - Requires law enforcement agencies to prohibit racial profiling practices and report statistics
SB 1083 - (Bland) - Establishes a Needle Exchange Program within the Department of Health
SCR 021 - (Clay) - Renaming the St. Louis Central Office of the Division of Workforce Development to honor Nathaniel J. "Nat" Rivers
SCR 022 - (Staples) - Naming a section of Route 32 in St. Francois County in honor of former State Representative Bob Ward
SCR 023 - (Klarich) - Relating to directing Dept. of Nat. Res. to assess extent of contamination of ground & surface water in St. Louis
SCR 024 - (Bentley) - Encourages flexible working hours for employees
SCR 025 - (DePasco) - Relating to littering signs along the highways of the state
SCR 026 - (Howard) - Relating to establishing third Saturday in September as "Children's Day"
SCR 027 - (Maxwell) - Relating to agriculture issues in Federal Law
SCR 028 - (Westfall) - Relating to the outdoor advertising industry
SCR 029 - (Goode) - Relating to streamlining and simplifying sales and use tax imposition and collection
SCR 030 - (Ehlmann) - Relating to highway and transportation bonds
SCR 031 - (Clay) - Renames a portion of I-55 as the "Rosa Parks Highway"
SCR 032 - (Maxwell) - Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment
SCR 033 - (Kinder) - Requests Congress to reduce the federal excise tax on gasoline by 4.3 cents per gallon
SCR 034 - (Bland) - Renames a portion of I-70 as the "Derrick Thomas Memorial Highway"
SCR 035 - (Graves) - Designates the tourist information center on Hwy 29 as the "Hardin C. Cox Missouri Information Center"
SCR 036 - (Sims) - Creates the Joint Interim Committee on the Transfer of the Division of Aging"
SCR 037 - (Howard) - Authorizes the creation of the Missouri-Mississippi River Delta Authority
SCR 038 - (Caskey) - Governor's Commission for the Review & Formulation of Building Code Implementation
SCR 039 - (Wiggins) - Relating to printing the session laws
SCR 040 - (House) - Relating to the state lottery commission's plan
SCR 041 - (Scott) - Relating to establishing a Joint Interim Committee on the Revitalization of the City of St. Louis
SCR 042 - (Rohrbach) - EPA - proposed rules regarding the Clean Water Act
SCR 043 - (Maxwell) - Establishes the Joint Interim Committee on Care Options for the Disabled
SCR 044 - (Quick) - Relating to committee meetings to be held during interim
SJR 030 - (Schneider) - Revises the composition and duties of the Missouri Citizens' Commission on the Compensation for Elected Officials
SJR 031 - (Schneider) - Revises term limits for members of the General Assembly
SJR 032 - (Schneider) - Commission on Judicial Resources may evaluate need for judicial positions
SJR 033 - (Schneider) - Exempts property owned by senior citizens from property tax
SJR 034 - (Staples) - Allows voters by petition to enable an officeholder, otherwise subject to term limits, to become a candidate
SJR 035 - (Goode) - Eliminates the Salary Commission
SJR 036 - (Flotron) - Voters to decide to include tobacco payments in total state revenue or to create trust fund
SJR 037 - (Johnson) - Suspends Hancock refunds and transfers to the Department of Transportation for highways or the 15-year plan
SJR 038 - (Ehlmann) - Revises Missouri Constitution to prohibit laws to establish or limit free exercise of religion
SJR 039 - (Childers) - Requires General Assembly to revise state school aid revenues and distribution
SJR 040 - (Childers) - Establishes an election process for selecting Public Servic Commissioners
SJR 041 - (Yeckel) - Allows approval of school bond issues by simple majority
SJR 042 - (Yeckel) - Revises the Constitution to allow public funding to educational activities controlled by religious entities
SJR 043 - (Bland) - Ratifies Equal Rights Amendment
SJR 044 - (Scott) - Amending the Saint Louis City Charter
SJR 045 - (House) - Allows approval of school bond issues by simple majority
SJR 046 - (Goode) - Authorizes replacement taxes for various utility taxes
SJR 047 - (Quick) - Tobacco settlement funds are not total state revenues; designates uses
SJR 048 - (Goode) - Criminal activity forfeiture proceeds shall be divided between schools and law enforcement
SJR 049 - (Jacob) - Tobacco proceeds deposited into permanent trust or refunded to people
SJR 050 - (Stoll) - Revises requirements to be met by those involved in the management of bingo
SJR 051 - (Flotron) - Creates Tobacco Settlement Trust Fund and Alternatives to Abortion Fund
SJR 052 - (Johnson) - Revises term limits to exclude certain partial terms of service in the General Assembly
SJR 053 - (Quick) - Reduces number of members of House of Representatives to 105
SJR 054 - (Westfall) - Reduces maximum amount school levy without voter approval to $1.25 per $100 assessed value
SJR 055 - (Goode) - Exempts certain fees paid to the Dept. of Natural Resources from the calculation of total state revenue
SR 1034 - (Schneider) - Federal funding for special education programs
SR 1035 - (Steelman) - Congressional support of legislation to improve the lives of ALS patients
SR 1084 - (Bentley) - Notice of Proposed Rule Change - Rule 95
SR 1087 - (Bentley) - Notice of Proposed Rule Change - Rule 95
SR 1106 - (Flotron) - Relating to contributing funds to help build the National World War II Memorial
SR 1185 - (Schneider) - Proposed Rule Change - Rule 64
SR 1204 - (Goode) - Proposed rule change - Rule 95
SR 1303 - (Klarich) - Relating to social anxiety disorder
SR 1337 - (Schneider) - Notice of Proposed Rule Change - Rule 26
SR 1338 - (Flotron) - Notice of Proposed Rule Change - Rule 47
SR 1373 - (Mathewson) - Proposed rule change - Rule 79
SR 1446 - (Klarich) - Proposed Rule Change-Rules 3 & 101 (Introduction of guests)
SR 1504 - (Flotron) - Notice of Proposed Rule Change - Rule 65
SR 1511 - (Rohrbach) - Use of Senate Chamber for Youth in Government program
SR 1634 - (Graves) - Use of Chamber by the Missouri Jaycees
SR 1723 - (Flotron) - Requests Congress to strongly object to any effor to expel the Holy See from the United Nations
SREM 03 - (Ehlmann) - Against the University of Missouri for failure to consider charter school applications
SREM 04 - (Ehlmann) - Against Governor Carnahan for participating in the federal reformulated gasoline program
SREM 05 - (Flotron) - Remonstrance against State Representative Quincy Troupe