Senator Jacob
Bills Sponsored

HB 0257 - Expands waiver of personal appearance by those in custody if appearance is made by two-way audio-visual communications
HB 0516 - Increases income tax personal exemption amount for individuals from $1,200 to $2,100
HB 0599 - Revises receivership law by exempting commercial property and casualty policies from certain regulations
HB 0607 - Requires the addition of an HIV testing site in central Missouri
HB 0796 - Requires that county hospital assets be allocated in certain ways
HB 0903 - Includes health service corporations and HMOs in the requirements for union or employer health policies
HB 0926 - Eliminates the requirement of a policy summary for life insurance policies marketed with an illustration
SB 0173 - Establishes a public education program about hepatitis C
SB 0212 - Requires sheriffs to be certified peace officers before elected to office
SB 0238 - Student representative may attend all curators/regents board meetings
SB 0239 - Describes the powers of the board of hospital trustees
SB 0259 - Lowers the age for jury service from 21 to 18
SB 0265 - Changes representation on governing bodies of public colleges and universities
SB 0318 - Increases state income tax personal exemptions by $900
SB 0329 - Allows a judge to order counseling for children involved in divorce proceedings
SB 0420 - Authorizes state income tax deduction for self-employed individual's health ins. costs if not deductible federally
SB 0429 - Certain underinsured motorist policies
SB 0443 - Starts Missouri College Guarantee Program in fall 1999 term
SB 0449 - Establishes public campaign financing
SJR 024 - Reduces from 2 years to 6 months time during which bingo volunteer must be member of licensed organization

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