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HB 0361 - Landlord-Tenant: Eviction; Drugs and Courts
HB 0509 - Establishes Grandparents as Foster Parents Program in Division of Family Services
HJR 009 - Would Authorize Increase in School Tax Levy
SB 0023 - Designates How Missouri Will Respond to The Personal Responsibility & Work Opportunity Act of 1996-Welfare Reform
SB 0024 - Requires Health Insurers to Offer Coverage for Diabetes Treatment
SB 0025 - Insurers Are Subrogated to the Insured's Right to Recover Damages From a Liable Party
SB 0086 - Allows the Forfeiture of Vehicles Used for Dumping Solid Waste Illegally
SB 0087 - Tenants May Repair Premises and Deduct the Cost From the Rent
SB 0088 - Landlords and Tenants: Eviction; Rights. Duties; Court Procedures
SB 0093 - Court Costs Need Not Be Paid by Indigent Persons Represented by Legal Aid Society
SB 0094 - Cities May Assess Fees Against Deficient, Vacant Housing
SB 0095 - Cities May Use Tax Increment Financing For Affordable Housing
SB 0096 - Requires Insurers to Invest a Minimum Percentage of Premiums in Low Income Communities
SB 0111 - Only the Owners of Record Shall Be Named As Defendants in Abandoned Property Proceedings
SB 0112 - Associations May Appeal Decisions By Boards of Zoning Adjustment
SB 0113 - Prohibits Delinquent Real Estate Owners From Bidding on Sheriff's Land Sales
SB 0115 - Community Investment By Banks to be Considered Prior to Deposit of State Funds
SB 0116 - Land Trusts May Sell Land For Housing Purposes With Less Than 2/3 Vote
SB 0117 - Appropriations May Be Made For Housing Purposes
SB 0118 - Prohibits Retaliation For the Filing of Housing Complaints by Tenants
SB 0172 - The Dept. of Insurance May Regulate Certain Stop-Loss Insurance Policies
SB 0250 - Limits An Exemption From Insurance Regulation Relating to Nonprofit Entities
SB 0251 - Allows Expungement of Criminal Records
SB 0252 - Requires Licensing of Bounty Hunters
SB 0348 - Reduces Minimum Age For Juror to Eighteen
SB 0349 - Allows Insurers to Invest Funds In Investment Pools
SB 0351 - Broadens Recording Fee For Housing Trust Fund
SB 0352 - Redevelopment Authorities: May Clean Up Hazardous Waste & Officer Liability Limited
SJR 012 - Revises Approval of Certain Tax Rates By School Districts & Setting of Tax Rates For Districts Affected By Court Order

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