Sen. Steven Roberts Secures $5 Million for Refugee Resettlement in a Historic First

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Steven Roberts, D-St. Louis, has secured $5 million in grant funding to be used for Missouri’s refugee resettlement efforts. In 1998, Missouri created the program to fund organizations engaged in the resettlement of refugees. However, this year marks the first time since the law’s passage the program will receive funding from the state and that organizations will be able to apply for grants. Senator Roberts believes this is particularly important due to concerns the state is unprepared for the expected surge of refugees in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“There are over 5 million Ukrainian refugees pouring into neighboring countries at a rate of 100 people per minute,” Sen. Roberts said. “The President’s administration has announced the United States will accept 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, and many will undoubtedly come to St. Louis and across Missouri. We must do all we can to ensure we are prepared to warmly and effectively welcome our new neighbors. Funding this program is a great start.”

Missouri has historically served as a refuge for those escaping conflict. The City of St. Louis is home to the country’s largest Bosnian diaspora, as a result of a 1990s conflict that also saw Europe’s first genocide since World War II. Since August 2021, at least 2,000 Afghan refugees have been resettled in the state.

For more information, please contact Sen. Steven Roberts’ office at (573) 751-4415.