Sen. Mike Moon Continues to Oppose New Congressional Map

For Immediate Release: March 30, 2022

Contact: Sen. Mike Moon, 573-751-1480

Senator Mike Moon Continues to Oppose New Congressional Map

JEFFERSON CITY – State Sen. Mike Moon, R-Ash Grove, has repeatedly vocalized his opposition to the congressional redistricting maps proposed by both legislative chambers. On Thursday, March 24, Sen. Moon voted “no” on House Bill 2117 following a lengthy discussion in the Senate.

“I voted against the map because it does not represent the 7-1 or a 6-1-1 map supported by my constituents,” explained Sen. Moon. “Missourians want to send representatives to the U.S. Congress who will stand for the unborn, the right to keep and bear arms, less taxation and the reduction of burdensome regulations on the American people, and I believe the map passed by the Senate does not send enough of these types of lawmakers to Washington, D.C.”

Senator Moon offered an amendment to establish a 6-1-1 map, which would create six strong conservative districts, one left-leaning district and one competitive district. The amendment failed by a vote of 7-22.

“Over the course of the past year, I believe other states have enacted new congressional maps that intentionally send more liberals to Congress. To counteract these actions, we must do everything we can to ensure Missouri’s representatives in Washington, D.C. reflect our state’s conservative values.”

An advertisement criticizing the Missouri Senate Conservative Caucus’ work on the Senate version of the Congressional redistricting map was recently circulated in the Webster County Citizen. Senator Moon responded to the ad saying, “These baseless attacks from a former state senator unfairly criticize the Conservative Caucus and the efforts made by its members to ensure Missouri continues to send conservative lawmakers to Congress. When it comes to rumors surrounding the congressional map, I encourage all Missourians to take an objective look at the underlying facts, including the voting records of past senators.”

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