Sen. Elaine Gannon’s Capitol Report for March 25, 2022

Senator Elaine Gannon’s Capitol Report for March 25, 2022

Living by our Motto

Our state’s motto, Salus populi suprema lex esto, a Latin phrase which translates to “Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law,” can be found engraved on the front of the State Capitol, embossed in gold in the center of the Capitol Rotunda, on the Great Seal of Missouri and on our state flag. This motto was one of the driving forces behind my decision to run for office in 2011, and it guides the legislation I sponsor.

One of my proposals that I think has the potential to make a difference in the lives of our state’s most vulnerable is Senate Bill 1167. This act exempts homeless children and unoccupied youth from paying licensing fees, adds them to the definition of “emancipated minor” and allows a verified letter from a homeless-serving agency to serve as documentation of their status. Homeless children face enough struggles and trauma without having to chase down paperwork or pay for identification, so I hope this legislation will remove one road block for these kids.

Another bill I am handling will help women with the cost of breast cancer screenings. Senate Bill 1166 requires health benefit plans to cover diagnostic examinations for breast cancer the same as low-dose mammography screenings. Many women cannot afford these procedures so they put-off or don’t have regular exams. By reigning in the costs and expanding coverage, I hope more women have access to these lifesaving, preventive measures.

Changes to the 3rd Senatorial District

The Judicial Redistricting Commission submitted its Senate redistricting maps to the secretary of state on March 15. The boundary lines for the 3rd Senatorial District have a few notable changes and will now consist of southern Jefferson, Crawford, Washington, St. Francois and Ste. Genevieve counties. The maps shift Iron and Reynolds counties to the 27th Senatorial District and moves Crawford County from the 16th Senatorial District to mine. While I will miss the acquaintances I’ve met in Iron and Reynolds, I’m looking forward to visiting Crawford County and welcoming its residents into our community.

Young Artists Recognized

Since 2014, the Missouri Alliance for Arts Education and the Missouri Art Education Association have hosted a statewide contest for aspiring student artists. The winners’ artwork will be on display from March 2022 through March 2023 in the Senate Art Exhibit at the Capitol. Congratulations are in order for Katie Deevers, a senior at Jefferson R-VII School District in Festus, whose artwork was selected to represent the 3rd Senatorial District in the exhibit. I will certainly beam with pride when I pass her masterpiece on the way to my Capitol office.

Senator Gannon congratulates Katie Deevers on her beautiful artwork.

Missouri Farm Bureau Hosts Legislative Day

As a proud country girl from the small town of Bismarck, I always welcome the chance to meet our hardworking farmers, both in district and at the Capitol. I enjoyed visiting with members of the Missouri Farm Bureau while they were in Jefferson City.

Tony and Jan Harbison, Sen. Gannon, Katie Fennewald, Leon and Kathy Michel and Emily LeRoy discuss agriculture-related issues during their visit to the Capitol.