Sen. Doug Beck’s Health Care Legislation to Help Children with Epilepsy Signed into Law

For Immediate Release: June 30, 2022

Contact: Lillian A. Williams, 573-751-0220

Senator Doug Beck’s Health Care Legislation to Help Children with Epilepsy Signed into Law

Jefferson City — More Missouri children with epilepsy and seizure disorders will get the care they need in an emergency under legislation signed into law by the governor on June 30.

State Sen. Doug Beck’s Senate Bill 710 establishes Will’s Law, ensuring school nurses have health care plans in place to respond to students with epilepsy and other seizure disorders and requiring school personnel to complete seizure-response training every two years.

“This new law could save a kid’s life. Epilepsy and seizure disorders in children are more common than people realize, and making sure students get the care they need in an emergency could make all the difference,” Sen. Beck said. “This new law is a good reminder of the positive impact we can make in Missouri when people work together and do what’s best for children and families.”

Epilepsy and seizure disorders are some of the most common disorders of the nervous system affecting children. These disorders encompass a wide array of symptoms that require different types of responses, depending on the child’s specific condition.

Additionally, SB 710 allows school bus drivers with the proper training to administer an epinephrine auto syringe (EpiPen) to a student having a life-threatening allergic reaction. Also contained within SB 710 are several other health care provisions, including extending the Missouri RX Plan until 2029 to help Medicare beneficiaries afford life-saving medications; establishing Sickle Cell Awareness Week and Black Maternal Health Week; and enacting the Compassionate Care Visitation Act to ensure health care facilities allow compassionate care visits to meet the physical or mental needs of the patient.

For more information about Sen. Beck and his legislation, please visit his Senate website.