Sen. Sandy Crawford’s Capitol Report for March 28

Last week, Senate Bill 743 was passed by the Missouri Senate. The bill would authorize the cities of Clinton and Lincoln to propose a levy for public safety. It also exempts various other sales taxes. My proposal now heads to the Missouri House of Representatives for similar consideration.

In addition, Senate Bill 654 was voted “do pass” by the Missouri Senate Local Government and Elections Committee, which I chair. This election integrity measure would allow the state to require cyber security testing for vendors, address paper ballots and photo ID, among other provisions. I hope this legislation will soon be considered by the full Missouri Senate and ultimately sent to the governor’s desk for his consideration.

I am honored to serve as your senator in the Missouri Senate. If, at any time, you have questions, concerns or ideas regarding state government, please feel free to contact me at (573) 751-8793 or

Target Bankers Day at the Capitol –
Heritage Bank of the Ozarks, Lebanon
Mariette Kimrey, Sen. Crawford and
Megan Prock

Young Bankers Day at the Capitol
O’Bannon Bank, Buffalo and BTC Bank, Smithton
Josh Fish (BTC), Lea Keith (O’Bannon),
Ashley Shisler (BTC), Sen. Crawford,
Wendy Loges (BTC), Tara Beamer (O’Bannon)
and Cohlby Jones (BTC)

Leadership Buffalo Day at Capitol
John Crawford, Kathy Banks, Duane Hamilton,
Brad Cooksey, Marsha Copeland, Matt Boggs,
Sen. Crawford, Andrew Berhle, Joy Beamer,
Shelby Sechler, Jade Williams, Faith Burgett
and Tracy Strickland (facilitator)

Bob Hladik, County Distributing Co (Pettis
County), Sen. Crawford and Greg Beykirch,
Great Rivers Distributing Co (Howell County)

Samuel Verbovshchuk, a sophomore at
Green Ridge R-VIII, had artwork selected for
the 2022 Art Exhibit at the Missouri State Capitol.
Senator Crawford presented Samuel with a
Senate Resolution.

Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA)
Day at the Capitol – Sedalia 200
Shelley Lutjen, Misty Tow, Stacy Kuehner,
Sen. Crawford, Brittany Smith and
Tammy Eckhoff

Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA)
Day at the Capitol – Cole Camp R-1
Mary Weant, Maria Lytle, Sen. Crawford,
Carrie Homan and Diana Ball

Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA)
Day at the Capitol – Green Ridge
Melissa Zimmerschied, Sen. Crawford,
Melissa Brock and Rhonda Hilt

Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA)
Day at the Capitol – Dresden
Senator Crawford and Kim Welch