Sen. Mike Bernskoetter’s Legislative Column for Nov. 3, 2022

Honoring Those Who Serve

Every year, Nov. 11 marks Veterans Day throughout our country. Observed on the anniversary of the end of World War I, Veterans Day honors those who have bravely and honorably served in our nation’s armed forces. These men and women are our heroes, and each of us owe them a debt of gratitude. It doesn’t matter if a veteran served during a time of war or peace, each of them did their part to keep our country safe. Whether they fought during the Gulf War era, the Korean War, Vietnam or any other conflict, each of them served in their own unique way, and I could not be more grateful for their service and sacrifice to our country.

According to the Missouri Veterans Commission, there are more than 410,000 veterans currently living in Missouri. In addition, the Show-Me State is home to more than 13,000 active duty military members. While these men and women play a vital role in the defense of our county and its citizens, they also have an incredible impact on Missouri’s economy. A study submitted to the Office of the Missouri Military Advocate found in Fiscal Year 2018, the military had a nearly $30 billion economic impact on our state. The same report indicated the military supports more than 180,000 direct and indirect jobs throughout Missouri, representing more than 6 percent of our state’s workforce. However, our state’s military community is more than just a handful of bases and veterans’ organizations, these men and women are our neighbors, family members and more. We see them on the sidelines of our kid’s sporting events, at church on Sunday mornings and at the grocery stores throughout the week. Their service didn’t stop when they took off the uniform — they are pillars in our community who represent the best of us.

Veterans Day provides each of us with an opportunity to show our appreciation to the men and women who have bravely served our country. Many of the freedoms we enjoy as Americans are due to the sacrifices of those willing to be a part of our nation’s armed services. Missouri is stronger because of the veterans and active duty military men and women who call it home. As I said earlier, every veteran is a hero, and I am so incredibly thankful for everything they have done to protect our great nation. God bless the troops, and all those who have honorably served.

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