Sen. Mike Bernskoetter’s Legislative Column for June 29, 2022

Securing Our State

Each legislative session, the General Assembly faces the challenge of addressing any number of important issues facing our state. While the issues often vary, at the heart of the work we do in the Legislature is the desire to secure a strong and prosperous future for our state. With that in mind, I’m pleased to report on two issues we’re working to address this year to secure our state’s future.

On June 29, the governor signed into law House Bill 1878, an election integrity bill lawmakers passed earlier this year. Under HB 1878, voters are required to show a valid, photo ID at the polling place in order to cast their ballot. This measure will ensure the people voting are who they say they are and reduce the risk of voter fraud. Further strengthening our elections, the legislation also allows the secretary of state to audit the voter rolls of any municipality to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date. In addition, HB 1878 eliminates the use of drop boxes to collect absentee ballot and prohibits private money from being used in the administration of an election, among other provisions. Ultimately, I believe this legislation will make the necessary changes to ensure our state’s elections are as safe and secure as possible.

Another issue the General Assembly is working to address is illegal immigration. While some may wonder how our country’s southern border impacts us in the heart of the nation, it’s quite simple. Illegal immigration impacts us all. It takes jobs away from hardworking Americans, and allows some to skirt our state’s labor laws and get away with not paying taxes. That’s why the Interim Committee on Illegal Immigration was established. I’m a member of this committee, and together with my fellow senators, we will study and make recommendations on how best to combat illegal immigration in our state. The committee held its first meeting on June 29, and I look forward to diving deeper into this issue over the coming months.

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