Sen. Eric Burlison’s Election Integrity Bill Receives Senate Committee Hearing

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Eric Burlison, R-Battlefield, presented Senate Bill 668 to the Missouri Senate Local Government and Elections Committee on Wednesday, March 23. This legislation removes unnecessary requirements for election judges to give more individuals the opportunity to serve, requires a government-issued photo ID to vote, bans ballot drop boxes and requires paper ballots as the standard and strengthens cyber security measures by ensuring that no election tabulation machines are connected to the Internet.

During the 2020 election, there were reports of various election authorities around the country receiving private donations that were referred to as “Zuckerbucks,” and there were concerns that these donations could have undue influence on the outcome of elections. This bill addresses that concern by also banning private donations to election authorities.

“After the chaos and uncertainty of the 2020 election, I knew Missouri must takes steps to further secure the voting process and safeguard the integrity of election results,” Sen. Burlison said. “This legislation achieves that goal by strengthening cyber security and using paper ballots, requiring a photo ID to vote and banning the use of private funds, such as “Zuckerbucks,” to potentially influence an election’s outcome. The right to vote for our elected officials is one of the most important parts of our democracy, and if we cannot trust that process, our entire political system could collapse. It is imperative to tighten election laws in our state and gain back the trust of Missourians.”

The Senate Local Government and Elections Committee must pass SB 668 before it can be brought before the full Senate for debate.

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