Sen. Eric Burlison’s Bill Addressing HOA Solar Panel Restrictions Passes Missouri House of Representatives

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Eric Burlison, R-Battlefield, is proud to announce his Senate Bill 820 passed the Missouri House of Representatives on Wednesday, April 27. This bill prevents homeowner’s associations (HOAs) from establishing regulations or rules that prohibit or limit the installation of solar panels. Under this legislation, HOAs may adopt reasonable rules regarding the placement of solar panels so long as they do not prevent the installation of the device or affect its function, use, cost or efficiency.

“I have heard several stories from constituents about overzealous HOAs restricting the installation of solar panels on that member’s personal property,” Sen. Burlison said. “I understand most HOAs are good-intentioned, but these solar panel regulations range from superficial to downright ridiculous. Homeowners should have the right to install solar panels on their property to reduce their energy costs and manage their property as they see fit.”

The Missouri House added several amendments to SB 820 during debate. The legislation now returns to the Senate for further consideration.

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