Sen. Eric Burlison’s Article V Convention Commissioners Bill Passes Committee

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Eric Burlison, R-Battlefield, is proud to announce the Senate Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics Committee passed his Senate Bill 1040, which creates procedures for the appointment of commissioners to an Article V convention. This legislation creates a joint legislative committee that will be charged with submitting names to the General Assembly to be considered for appointment to the Article V convention. The General Assembly will then have the ability to appoint commissioners based off of those submitted by the committee. Missouri would send eight commissioners to the convention, one to represent each of our state’s eight congressional districts. Senator Burlison also filed Senate Concurrent Resolution 25 this year, which calls for an Article V convention of the states to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

“If two-thirds of state legislatures agree to call an Article V convention, Missouri needs to be ready. That is why we must have a procedure in place to appoint commissioners to the convention,” Sen. Burlison said. “My intent with SCR 25 is to give states an avenue to impose term limits on members of Congress and require a balanced budget at the federal level, but other amendments could be proposed if a convention convenes. At the end of the day, an Article V convention gives states the ability to reclaim some of their power that has been taken from them by the federal government.”

The last day of the 2022 legislative session is May 13, 2022.

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