Sen. Denny Hoskins Seeks State Regulation of Video Lottery Terminals

JEFFERSON CITY — Under legislation filed by State Sen. Denny Hoskins, R-Warrensburg, illegal gaming devices currently in use throughout the state would be replaced with regulated and transparent video lottery terminals (VLTs) overseen by the Missouri Lottery Commission.

Senator Hoskins’ legislation would mandate transparency and oversight from state regulators. The legislation also requires 36% of the gross receipts from VLTs go into funding Missouri’s education system.

“We can’t be certain just how much money is being generated by illegal devices, but I am confident it is in the multiple millions,” Sen. Hoskins said. “Other states have adopted legislation similar to what I am proposing, and their experience has produced a solid revenue stream and has eliminated fraud and tax evasion.”

The legislation requires a central communication system to oversee the placement and movement of VLTs in the state. The system will also maintain a transparent accounting of operation, play, funds-in, payouts and revenue. Further, the legislation calls for VLTs to be tested by an independent entity.

“Currently, Missouri is the Wild West of illegal gaming devices. Nobody knows if taxes are being paid, nobody knows what the payouts are and nobody knows if the consumer is protected,” Sen. Hoskins said. “If this legislation passes, all of those problems with the current state of affairs will be addressed and solved.”

“Missourians have a right, if they chose, to be entertained by playing legal devices,” Sen. Hoskins said. “As lawmakers, we have a responsibility to ensure they are not taken advantage of and that our schools are receiving the funding they are entitled to receive.”

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