Sen. Andrew Koenig’s Capitol Report for Dec. 13, 2021

Eradicating Unlawful Mask Mandates in Schools

Last week, the Missouri attorney general sent letters to public health authorities and school districts demanding they follow a Cole County Circuit Court judge’s decision concerning pandemic-related public health mandates and stop enforcing mask mandates, quarantine orders and any other public health rules considered void under the judge’s ruling.

As a result of these letters, the attorney general is now asking parents for their help in identifying school districts that continue to violate this court order. Concerned parents may submit photos, videos, documents and other supporting information to, and a representative from the attorney general’s office will review the information and investigate further if necessary.

I am in full support of the attorney general’s actions. If school districts continue to enforce mask mandates on our students, they must be ready to face the full legal consequences for violating this court order. For far too long, public health authorities and school districts have imposed mask mandates and quarantine orders without any legal authority to do so. It is frustrating to see school districts continue to force our students to wear masks after this court order, but not surprising given their actions over the past year and a half. Parents, it is time to take a stand and regain your freedom to make the best medical choices for your family. I fully support you, and my office is available to help in any way we can.